LSU safety John Battle’s love for photography sparked by Citrus Bowl swag

LSU safety John Battle’s love for photography sparked by Citrus Bowl swag

my grandfather he was very big on
photography so I this is something that kind of picked up from him but just
mimicking him and just mocking the citrus bowl you know they’re giving out gift
cards for the bowl game and uh I decided to pick up a camera everybody else
decided to give video games headphones candy yeah everybody had candy yeah so I was the oddball out and I decided to pick up a camera
I actually took my grandfather’s lens you know he has no clue about this
he has a 4K lens I think is a 135 millimeter
yeah it has a wide view and he has no clue I took this so you guys are the
first ones that knows about this I’m sorry I took I took your lens I had to
take it you weren’t using it so I decided to take it so it’s pretty good
you know you know the 4K you know it shows the high-definition and it
captures the you know the athletes face you know you get the sweat you know you
can get the scars on their face you know so it’s a lens I really enjoy using
now all the guys want a photo shoot now I was like all right I do when I charge
you five dollars for every picture so so far I haven’t got anybody but you know
when we’re out here on the field you know just having a chill-out weekend you know
I’ll bring my camera out you know I’ll take some pictures of them and I try to
give them to stay still and pose the way I want them to but it’s kind of
frustrating cuz they don’t want they don’t like to listen to kind of hard headed
it there’s kind of just another side hobby something I like to do to get my
mind off football you know now that were not in the season you know it’s the summer you know this is time where I kind of actually like to take a lot of pictures
so it’s kind of fun and I enjoy it you know it actually turns to something you
know pretty big I just want to see how far I can go

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