Löydettiin maailman suurimpia liskoja! Komodo-kansallispuisto Rinca Island

Löydettiin maailman suurimpia liskoja! Komodo-kansallispuisto Rinca Island

We are now here at the Komodo National Park! We are now on our way to find dragons We should have booked this trip yesterday instead of just showing up at the harbour this morning We tought we might get a better deal here at the harbour But actually we got a worse deal If we had booked yesterday the trip would have included lunch But now we have to go without Luckily we have prepared some snacks and water so it’s alright But just a tip for you Here they are – the dragons! We are now at Rinca Island to find the Komodo Dragons And we found some The one right there is coming right for us Usually they don’t eat people but occasionally might attack Usually they eat deer which we have seen here as well In the main the baby is hatchling But the mama back the mama back also But not to protect the baby but to eat the baby ones Because mama is cannibal Very good mama Yeah it’s a very good mama In the forest you can find other animals as well Monkeys, deer, different kinds of birds and buffalos If you liked our video remember to hit the “like” button And if you want to follow us on our journey back to the West to Lombok Island remember to also subscribe to our channel! The saving grace of this village – Happy Banana Healthy hippie food – so freakin’ good The village over there – stay away from it Unless you want to see the Komodo Dragons – they’re pretty cool

Randy Schultz

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  1. Ugly People says:

    What a great place to visit. I love it.

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