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  1. Brian Barczyk says:

    Don't forget tonight at 5PM EST WE HAVE A PODCAST! Come join us at www.YouTube.com/Checkingin hope you will join us live! Brian

  2. Anna Esselius says:

    Hi Brian 🙂 I saw 3 big moose today, a moose cow, a calf and a huge bull 🙂

    Have an amazing day Brian 🙂

  3. nischal varada says:

    I just wait for your vlogs daily I really want to visit u i am from India


    Two headed turtles are so awesome and I hope you take special care of them

  5. Pheobe Martin says:

    Hi good morning 🌞🌞!! How have you been?

  6. hex the beast says:

    You should name the new two headers mario and luigi

  7. James Torez says:

    Morning Brian how are you this morning well I'm GNA watch your vlogs now. Have an amazing day love the vlogs every morning thanks

  8. SUnnYY13 says:

    GoodMorning Brian!
    Thos baby sliders are cool! I want one lol

  9. Faiz Raza says:

    Posted the same video two days back

  10. parkour pro says:

    Yes comment number 15 tried to be #1 but keep it up brian me and my son watch every morning before school

  11. Bobbi Stevens says:

    Caught this one the other day when it uploaded by accident or whatever was an awesome video going to watch again! Have a great day!

  12. Arnoldo guerra says:

    good video thanks for all my groin and not very good greeting from Chile

  13. hex the beast says:

    Baby karma looks almost identical to karma

  14. Ryan Harris says:

    Got my first rack today cant wait to start growing my collection thanks for the inspiration keep it up

  15. Michael Echevarria says:

    Good morning like the purchase on the turtles like the turtle expansion 2 can't wait to see the new building up congratulations and everything you had done for yourself living your dream love the big cages to God bless

  16. BOOG says:

    Good morning bro. Have a awesome day 🤙

  17. jane british snek licker ! says:

    Yayyy I just received my 60th subscriber !!! Been in the 50.s for ages I have lol
    I don't post vids or anything
    But u now 2 & half milwion !!! oooosh ..
    Brian i joined u at 25k in 2016 x

  18. Isaac Chung says:

    Good morning Brian those turtles are so cute

  19. Josette Taylor says:

    Midweek early squad…more hardcore than Monday early squad!! 😂👍
    Name the albino Ripley…from Alien.😉

  20. Timothy Wilson says:

    have an amazing day and I will for sure be watching your podcast much love dude

  21. Sargearus says:

    Hello from lebanon again!! ✌🇱🇧 big big fan im hooked to snake because of your video and i'm really thinking of buying my first ball python!! Thank you for the positivity you give us everyday. Hope the expansion work as good as you want!! At wich time of the year ball python start hatching and are ready to be bought as babies? Wish you all the best champ❣✌

  22. Tom Smith says:

    Hi Brian, Do you worry animals won't settle in the double sided glass cages? as visitors are on both sides? Its a brilliant idea though, great to see your dreams coming true

  23. Tina Piazza says:

    🚨🚨12 days til delivery and set up🚨🚨Hi to all the animals so happy to see daddy. Have a great day.

  24. R Miller says:

    Good morning Brian Lori Noah and crew. Another amazing video, love your channel. Always look forward to it every morning. Have an amazing day Brian, see ya tomorrow.

  25. JPs Pet Nation says:

    I bet she is not going to be happy with u getting them with out you letting her know first haha. Watching nwe before I go and edit my new videos. So many pets to feed today too ha

  26. Bethany Scott says:

    Morning Brian hope the build is going well

  27. Jacob & Crowley says:

    You called the 2 headed turtle a little guy, not sure if that's the actual gender but if it's a female I recommend Beth and Summer. 🙂

  28. Lowlife Exotics says:

    Good morning Brian!! Those turtles are so awesome. Your collection is fantastic. Have a great day!

  29. AwesomeRustyRex says:

    Hello Brian Barczyk Just wondering do you guys have a fire suppression system because you have such a big place full of wires running to all these enclosures for heating

  30. Michael Echevarria says:

    You should also bring the big boa next door to

  31. Holly Schweitzer says:

    Those new little peanuts are ADORABLE and are going to make an incredible addition!! Congratulations. Have a great day Brian

  32. Adele Hill says:

    Hey Brian! 🙂

  33. Jeffery Sweet says:

    Good morning Brian hope all is well with you and your family just loved the turtles but wasn’t this already download

  34. Vanessa Vieux says:


  35. Tiffany DeFoe says:

    Good luck on your turtles!! I hope they thrive and get big!

  36. Andrew Ficco says:

    Great turtles you got there keep up the good work

  37. Doms animal channel says:

    Hey Brian

  38. Jacob & Crowley says:

    Doc and Mharti (or Marty to make it easier) is what came before Rick and Morty, maybe that would be a good name? It's also a back to the future reference.

  39. zachary miller says:

    good morning brian and i bought a sony a7rii and it comes february 3rd and i can’t wait to use it soon with the ronin s it’s going to be epic and awesome and i love the vlogs with the build out of the expansion it’s going to be epic and dope.

  40. Vaishali Karanjwadekar says:

    I can't wait to see the Enclosures

  41. Donica Roño says:

    Hey Brian! I am once afraid of snakes but as I watch you through the year now I want have one.

  42. Smalltowncats says:

    Glad you had a good trip and made it back home safely… enjoy your day…

  43. Misty Jordon says:

    Good morning I have been late the last few days but I am here now lol hope y'all have a great day

  44. Kris Kyle says:

    Good morning.. most days I watch your videos with my Berm around my neck.. today I figured I'd change it up. Today I watched with my snapping turtle on my lap..Thanks for the videos 👍👍

  45. Portable Pet Enclosures says:

    I started my own business building enclosures for all types of animals because of your videos I’m only starting out but you got to start somewhere

  46. Lydia Eddins says:

    If you like it, name one of the two headed turtles Ramen and Noodles in honor of Chopsticks!

  47. E K says:

    Name the Snow/Carmel ET.

  48. sultan serangga says:

    good morning Bryan and good morning everyone!

    please give away chameleon hehehe!!!

  49. Joey Rekiel says:

    Name the two headed slider peanut butter and jelly

  50. Leila says:

    What day does the new building open?

  51. 2REAL4UTUBE says:

    Laverne & Shirley! LoL old heads should get it!

  52. Malonie Langthorne says:

    I think for the albino turtle would be “Vanilla” 🙏

  53. Andy Bull says:

    What about naming the new 2 headed turtles tik-tok

  54. loudigity0 says:

    Bee bop and rocksteady!!! Gotta do a ninja turtle reference brotha!!!! I know it's not a reference to your other lil buddies but a great name!

  55. Peter Webster says:

    the albino should be called blizzard and the slider duo bits and bobs

  56. Jtheman says:

    you should call the new two headed turtle Mee and Seeks, and together they are Mr. Meeseeks

  57. Bastiaan Borman says:


  58. Malonie Langthorne says:

    Also I’m just so proud of you guys. You all have the strongest work ethic and deserve so much success. I have wanted to reach out for a while. I was a CEO for years and now a full time business consultant. If you need any help please let me know.

  59. loudigity0 says:

    Snow white

  60. David Silva says:

    Good morning Brian Beautiful turtles love the 2 headed turtles really nice cant wait to see ivy set up in her new cage thanks for sharing have a great day

  61. Tracy Reitenauer says:

    Name the snow Olaf or snowflake

  62. loudigity0 says:

    Awww Mary and eric are amazing they love animals so much!!!

  63. Sharon J.Reeves says:

    🌞Goodmorning Brian 🌞 Do you follow people back on Tiktok?

  64. Maryah Massie says:

    Name suggestion – Chicken and Nugget!!!!!!

  65. jl109 khoward says:

    Snow flakes

  66. Jenny Tillery says:

    Another cow retic? Should I make up a new verse to Old McDonald? Old Brian Barczyk had a cow retic……Here A cow, there a cow……….

  67. SweetXOXOMarci says:

    Everything looks amazing Brian!!! Great job Lori! Are you putting in the textured resin floor? I remember you did a poll? The turtles are so cute!! Cant wait to visit from Mass even more now with the new reptarium ! Lots of love Marci in Mass

  68. Miriam says:

    Hey Brian! I think that maybe you could name the two headed turtle either Beavis and Butt-Head or Spongebob and Patrick.

  69. Johanna Myers says:

    Those baby turtles were so active good job Brian look forward to watching them grow 😁😁

  70. Michael Echevarria says:

    Batman and Robin the two-headed turtle

  71. Kevin P says:

    Betty White for the albino slider lol

  72. Lonnie Willis says:

    dean and jerry from dean martin and jerry lewis

  73. jl109 khoward says:

    Or vanila

  74. Malonie Langthorne says:

    “Bert and Ernie” would be cute for the two headed slider ❤️

  75. Lucky Stone says:

    What would be cool if a video on someone the no eye and one eye pythons. How is Helen? I can't be the only curious one.

  76. craftyhorse101 says:

    Cosmo and Wanda for the polycephaly!!

  77. Lydia Eddins says:

    A name for the carmel albino: Candy Apple (because she is a "carmel")

  78. snake guide says:

    Hi I think you should call the new turtle Mickey Mouse and donald duck or SpongeBob and Patrick

  79. matt steensen says:

    Frender fry and bender for the two headed and snow ball for the albino

  80. Kevin Thomsen says:

    I think you should name the two-handed turtle Ren and Stimpy! I like Spork for the conjoined twin, and for the Snow turtle, Elsa. I love watching your vlogs!

  81. Alex Mader says:

    The snow should be Tina if a girl and Terry if it is a boy like, Tina the turtle or Terry the turtle or Abominable.

  82. Debora Adae says:

    Names for 2 headed

    Summer and Beth
    Scary and Terry
    Mick and Rorty

    Albino Names
    Jon Snow

  83. Misty Jordon says:

    Name ideas Carmel for the albino and sonic and tails for the two headed turtle

  84. cr0bert5 says:

    The little snow turtle name him beeker, he looks like beeker from the muppets

  85. Josh Beil says:

    I think you should name the two headed turtle after the inseparable duo at BHB. Eric and Noah!

  86. Ashlee Hulsey says:


  87. loudigity0 says:

    Honestly brian you such a good person wish there was more people like you in the world! I wish I could come to the United states but when I was younger I got into trouble with police and bc of that they wont let me come to usa. Are you ever going to come to Ontario Canada you should come to toronto!!!! I would love to meet you one day. The podcast is amazing btw really see a different side to everyone!

  88. Deanna Woodworth says:

    You should hold classes at the expansion. Classes on terminology like what window peaks are. How to sex a snake, etc. you could charge for the classes, but would be really cool.

  89. Moz 4213 says:

    I like the names Bert & Ernie for the two-headed snerf and Snowflake for the albino/carmel slider. 🙂

  90. Rio Carroll says:

    Can we see an update on frilled dragons

  91. My little Zoo says:

    Wow i love this channel
    I got one just like it pls chek it out

  92. Gillian Harrison-Gates says:

    I’m so bad at names but spud or pancake. I can’t wait to see the enclosure in. What animal is going into it?

  93. Rich Corbett says:

    Good morning Brian I see you’re already having a great day glad to see you’re home But now you have to go back to Texas and make another Enclosure for your sloth, see you tomorrow

  94. KayLee Dawn says:

    Hope y'all are having a great day!

  95. Angelo DT says:

    Why didn't you get the albino commun snapping turtle… 😞

  96. B Q says:

    Romulus and Remus.

  97. Isaiah Hiscock says:

    Do you sell snakes to anyone or how does it work?

  98. shevleen mala says:

    Good morning Brian
    Have a wonderful day

  99. Coty Clemens says:

    Cherry pie for the albino caramel

  100. Lindsey Steyn says:

    Tweedle Dee and Dum for the twins and Alice for the snow

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