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  1. Dalicia Puente says:

    Liked for lil Kevin he's adorable the lil mastermind❤️

  2. Jeffrey Doucet Vienneau says:

    I LOVE salt and pepper…they are soo cute

  3. Dalicia Puente says:

    Eric and Mary are so adorable ❤️ lol I love how Eric's always talking about Mary. ??

  4. Troy dyckman says:

    How about them cowboys Noah

  5. hellrazar911 says:

    Can I marry your son? ??

  6. Kevin Trappen says:

    Awesome video Brian! Absolutely love the King snakes!

  7. shelley123456677 says:

    Put bubble wrap on the window to keep the heat in for the torts

  8. shelley123456677 says:

    Hook up with Kennan and breed them

  9. Amy Sue West says:

    I'm sorry Laurie ? Maybe it was just a hemorrhoid. ? Amy from Wisconsin. 🙂

  10. Kavon LiLLiL says:

    Y’all can change the name back to muddy now

  11. Janeen says:

    I said 8 trees lol ?

  12. Steven Miller says:

    It looks like a Turtle weenie to me.

  13. Jon Parker says:

    Hey Brian use a cloth to put those light bulbs in, because the oils we have on our hands causes the bulb to burn out much faster.

  14. Pam Linton says:

    Is Matilda transgender, born male but identify as female. LOL

  15. Pamela noirot says:

    Why don't you buy a clicker for pepper it would be easier than clicking your tongue. Instead of Mary being in the dungeon (sometimes i think Kelsey didnt like it) couldnt you eventually put her on the 2nd floor of the new reptarium?

  16. Zach J. says:

    Yeah great idea with a big treat for the big snakes, I think you should try a hole TURKEY?

  17. Amber Nicole Massey says:

    No on the big meal for Lucy she can’t handle them, she tries so hard and hasn’t gotten them down. Isn’t that really hard on her?

  18. Steve Munn says:


  19. leigh wright says:

    The texts for the escaping hatchlings had me dying! Love it !

  20. guitarking1982ray says:

    What's different with today and any other day? Lori's never happy about anything.

  21. horsegirl2310 says:

    The little commentary on the escaping snakes was so funny!

  22. Kattastrulf says:


  23. Ondre Yancey says:

    Were y'all located at

  24. yung550fly says:

    Matila is now Matt??‍♂️

  25. John Lash says:

    Try live turkey my African rock abby loves live chicken and turkeys .. She not crazy about prekilled

  26. Amol Gaitonde says:

    Name him Marty

  27. nicknumber42 says:

    If Matilda is actually a boy, you should rename him Mateo (muh-tay-oh).

  28. Jake t. Snake says:

    #moretreesforlorie ?

  29. Alex Choken says:

    Anyone realize those snakes are trying to escape together

  30. Kaitlyn Burton says:

    I cant wait for the ball python eggs my sisters love the egg cutting!

  31. Jane Abel says:

    I love the T-shirts in your videos. Where did you get them?

  32. Michael Kiefat says:

    Kevin almost made it:-P can't wait for more adventures

  33. Ronni Santos says:

    LMAO Marry looked like she wasn't really paying attention to everything Brian was explaining about breeding snakes.

  34. Alex Choken says:

    Change matilda into Matt Ilda Barczyk

  35. Chris Cavazos says:

    Kelsey is gone? ?

  36. Berta Dozler says:

    Are you keeping salt and pepper

  37. Philip Warren says:

    Call Matilda Martin

  38. Donna jo catlady says:

    I wondered out loud why you were zooming in on a tortoise penis! ???

  39. Guðbjörg Gísladóttir says:

    How conclave is Mathilda´s belly… Boys have those. Not females.

  40. sparky girl says:

    Instead of Matilda, Marvin ???

  41. R Tyler James says:

    Leave his name Matilda

  42. Vanessa Vieux says:


  43. Sharissa B. says:

    Matilda maybe Mateo…

  44. willspiratejack says:

    You should just leave Matilda’s name. The tortoise doesn’t know the difference and you guys like Matilda. No reason to change

  45. sparky girl says:

    Pepper took her food so gentle

  46. PinkyBelle YT says:

    “Anthenthedis” animal right here….


  47. Shawnna Wasylyk says:

    You can call matilda muddy if it is indeed a boy

  48. Cujoflash says:

    I just got a clutch of 29 albino corn snake eggs

  49. Clinton 1978 says:

    Matilda should be named Matteo if he/she turns out to be a boy.

  50. Mercy Cogdill says:


  51. G Gibson says:

    Matilda becomes Mathew lol

  52. Clinton 1978 says:

    Or Ru Paul might be a good name since he-she was appearing female when she was really male.

  53. Linda Goldenbaum says:

    Looks like Matilda is now Milford haha ,,, either way what a great tortoise,, happy thanksgiving to you Brian and family and entire staff ,,, look forward to see what Lucy gets to eat on turkeyday

  54. amber thompson says:

    Don’t change the name it’s different just keep it.???

  55. Angela Ruskowsky says:

    Go Lions Go

  56. MadeYaLookC says:

    I say Matilda identifies as a female! Lmao ? the first ever trann tortoise! ?

  57. Cortney says:

    It looked like ivy was hugging Brian, that was adorable

  58. samasia skipperable says:

    Matilda will e a Matt?

  59. Harlee Hemp says:

    Miltinn or mason if Matilda is a boy

  60. Will Nevertell says:

    milton good name for matilda

  61. yamiryushi says:

    Matilda the magic girl has peformed the greatest magic of all, growing a peen xD

  62. yael goldberg says:

    Well, why not change Matilda to Mateas. Its close enough 🙂

  63. Shyla Good says:

    Matilda is Matteo?

  64. Leah Lovely says:

    The way Ivy snuggled right up to you when you pulled her out of the enclosure! ??

  65. ryaniscold101319 says:

    where is Mario and Luigi

  66. Melody Logan says:

    Of course those babies deserve a thanksgiving meal Lol, hi bryan and Lori, how are you guys?! Lots of love from Shreveport, Louisana!! ?

  67. Sua Beoni93 says:


  68. Paul Robinson says:

    Please don’t misgender that turtle. They could identify as male or female or
    Other. You need to ask that turtle or it’s hate speech. The crazy world we live in . Haha

  69. Amanda Rose says:

    Matilda says trans rights!

  70. Avery Mcgee says:

    Matilda is so big

  71. Hannah Pieplow says:

    I like your Shirt I love Sloths

  72. Jeremy Stillwell says:

    I knew matilda should of kept its original name!!

  73. Hannah Pieplow says:

    l Love all Sloths I have a Plush toy

  74. 1ProudMama Of3Boys says:

    I don't think that Loris ever happy???

  75. Amanda Z says:

    Matilda = Matildo lol

  76. Mash2288 says:

    The caption for the baby snakes killed me XD

  77. Troy Moore says:

    absolutely feed them a big meal. just not quite as big as the turkey you tried to feed lucy. maybe something a bit smaller.

  78. Chubby Koala says:

    I think that sapt and peeper both need a bigger space especially since there growing so fast

  79. Jason Murray says:

    Nooooo! Kelsey is going!?!?! WTH! She will be missed, but I'm sure Marry will be great ?. Best of luck Kelsey and Marry

  80. sidewaysonhighways says:

    When your wife found out about the turtle, you should have said “That’s right. It’s a man baby.”

  81. ꧁꧂Sarah M꧁꧂ says:

    Matilda is now Matt! ?

  82. Jackie Barker says:

    Ivy looked like she was hugging Brian.

  83. Forgotten Pizza says:

    You should do a video on how to train lizards etc! I would love to see that personally (i have a tegu that i want to train and 7 other reptiles)

  84. M. Harvey says:

    Funny how pepper was bigger, but now salt is larger of the two. I have forgotten what sex they are.

  85. Strangekevin16 says:

    I wanna see you feed lucy!!!!!!!

  86. Littlewings - says:

    Oh dear. Has Lori accepted that Matilda is now Matthew? ?

  87. Nick Ramey says:

    Matilda new name is Milton.. Milt for short

  88. Jessica Minturn says:

    Just wanted to say cuz im watching a vet show on disney+ someone that breeds Burmeses breed a 2 headed red tail boa. It has 2 hearts

  89. KY KonstrictorZ and Exotics says:

    So Matilda's name is Matt?

  90. Christina Coleman says:

    Awww she was just laying on you that was so freaking cute

  91. Benjamin Anderson says:

    Ah yes, the three F's. Food, follicles, and copulation

  92. Courtney Lynne says:

    That video is hilarious, I love watching people that come out of dental surgery.

  93. BijooHere says:

    You done killed Mary….She looked like she was about to explode during that explanation lol

  94. Philip Stanley says:

    That bulb exploded because of the grease on your fingers believe it or not

  95. Cheezy Truth Seeker says:

    Lmao! The look on Lori’s face was priceless.

  96. Larissa Thornock says:

    Keep Matilda his name if he is a boy it’s unique

  97. Kat Johnson says:

    Feed Lucy a pig?

  98. Amithist Rock says:

    Matt or Mathew could be something he might still recognise and come to if he comes to Matilda already??

  99. christopherjeffc says:

    I’m dying to get this answered and one of my first videos I seen of you was back when Satan was around with snakebytes
    I love the older videos
    But for the past few days I’ve been rewatching older videos trying to figure this out and seeing if it’s mentioned but can’t find anything

    What happened to Satan, I named my yearling burm that’s a bit bipolar after yours, but never could see what happened to yours..

    Also did you hatch out Satan? Or was that one of the burms you had as a kid?

    Another question when did you get Lucy bc she just showed up in a video and never seen her around b4

    Would love either a comment or something on the vlog answering these

  100. Sophie Creasey says:

    Lori this happened to me! My herman tortoise Harmony… so everything was great and then we thought her insides fell out because you no she was a girl why would anything fall out of her… so we took her to the vets who told us… arr yes that's clearly a p***s.. the look of shock on our face was priceless! Now we have henry ?? I to was the same boys are discusting !

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