Lol Dolls Capture fingerlings Dinosaurs Will Rocker Get Out safe ? Best Toys for Kids tll

Lol Dolls Capture fingerlings Dinosaurs Will Rocker Get Out safe ? Best Toys for Kids tll

twins living life hit that Bell when you
subscribe to get all of our new videos which one of you want to go first to
take we’re almost there these dinosaurs are untamed so stay back and stay home I
have orders to transport these dinosaurs back to Jurassic Park now don’t be
fooled this is an untamed Raptor family these are not the huggy and kissy type
these are untamed dinosaur fingerlings I think you should just have a seat on
the bench oh my sweet lol lol like I said I’m gonna need you to stay calm and
quiet while I get these things in the truck got my tool now it’s time for the
opening this isn’t gonna be pretty but I’ll have them open by the time you
count to three here we go 1 2 3 maybe you should get in the rig in the red
which one of you want to go first ok still it’s me and you
let’s go you’ll be the first one in the rig alright guys we’re gonna show you
stealth I can’t guarantee when he’s gonna talk
or when he’s gonna make some scary noises anyway your finger fits really
tightly in there and if you can see his eyes blink your eyes woah how cool is
that I know they’re meant to look really scary but can’t help to see how cute
they are on the front of the box right here
get out that’s your name and it’ll show you right up there the cute name for you
and on the back which we tore up it’ll show you the things that he does says I
jump and growl I react to your touch I’m alive moving head and eyes there he goes
and even his head and eyes thank you stop that was very cool of you they’re
ferocious fingertip dinos you don’t look that ferocious they shouldn’t have made
you guys so cute and colorful why won’t read the back of all of these but I did
want to give you an idea of some of the things that they do well Owen I think
this one’s ready to put in your rig well hi there razor
this one’s called razor and he’s just as cutest stuff and he’s nice and purple
and green and colorful kisses careful hi chump it also says on
here that there’s 40 plus sounds and they’re a raptor hit spider fingerlings
and they’re made by the wowee company these are pretty cute look at those
little teeth whoa and I think this one’s ready you can go ahead and take razor
and put him in your rig out though all right well I think next one we should
get a theory here he is series the green and orange
one he wasn’t too happy when I just picked him up do you see his eyes his
eyes are blue can you blink your eyes for us he says nope well these are
pretty cute and each one of them fit pretty snug on your fingers their arms
in their legs they don’t really move much but their tail does their tail does
move all the way around and hang him upside down actually it’s kind of cute
that way didn’t know you guys could hang like monkeys aren’t they adorable we’ll
get to you in a second place all right Owen
I think Fury is ready to take in the rig move it that rigs pretty
with three of unit now bye-bye you guys need to stand down behaving the
rig oh my goodness oh and you got one more to put in there let’s go get blaze
Oh blaze why are you everyone’s favorite to me because you’re red and orange that
could have something to do with it a lot of kids love red red is pretty pretty
bright and attractive I just want to show you on the back of their heads
there’s a little switch and you can turn him right off and they can go down for a
nap or you want them to be woken back up and hear all their cool sounds you just
flick that switch back on high blades comment below on who’s your favorite and
this one’s plate and we’ll show you all four of them together right after we’re
done with this one in his eyes I read are you gonna flicker your eyes dressed
okay well maybe another time all right Owen this one’s ready to buy buy blaze
okay well Owens got his off road rescue rig start it and looks like he’s getting
ready to go I don’t think I’d wanted to be driving around these untamed Raptors
these dinosaurs are so cute he’s cut off four of them and good luck they’re
rocker bye bye guys comment below which one was your favorite we’re gonna give
you the names of them one more time well the first one here is fury and the
second one that one is blaze and a silly one upside down that one stealth and on
the end there we have razor razor come in below which one’s your favorite or
which one you have we have all four of them thanks Wylie for making some cool
toys well if you like this video subscribe don’t forget to hit that
notification go here you won’t get any more of a recent videos oh and it’s like
this off-road rescue rig we also have a bit
you on that so check out our twins living lights you know and we’ve got a
lot of cool videos there we’ll bye bye friend

Randy Schultz

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