Loggerhead Shrike impales horned lizard – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Loggerhead Shrike impales horned lizard – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[wind] [eerie music] We’re out in the Big Bend
country of the trans-Pecos 26 miles south of Alpine,
about 400 miles west of Austin. [danger music] [wind] Over here we have a very
interesting situation. We have a yucca that has been
utilized by a loggerhead shrike. These horned lizards were
impaled on the yucca by a loggerhead shrike. to either be eaten at that time
or a later date. These are round-tailed horned
lizards, one of the 3 species of horned lizards
we have in Texas. There’s at least 17 on
this plant here. It’s the most I’ve ever seen a
shrike use a particular plant. It’s kind of a gruesome habit
but that’s how they eat. They impale their prey on a
thorn so it will hold it still so they can consume it.

Randy Schultz

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10 thoughts on “Loggerhead Shrike impales horned lizard – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

  1. 2degucitas says:

    awesome, and kinda creepy.

  2. Laurie Hall says:

    Wow…I've found quite a few grasshoppers impaled on barb-wire fences, but nothing that big! I will have to check out the mesquites, yucca and cactus to see what else they are impaling!

  3. Tara Brown says:

    So cool

  4. Snake Buddies says:

    Seventeen?! Impressive.

  5. Margarida Villalonga says:

    I just saw a loggerhead shrike sitting on a sign and it had no fear. So to see this video was so great! Remarkable!

  6. a gatling pea says:

    lizard jerky

  7. typacsk says:

    Do you have these year-round in Texas? I live near the Bighorns in northern Wyoming, and saw the first one of the year around April 6.

  8. ocean man says:

    He looks like hopper

  9. LagiNaLangAko23 says:

    Nope birdie

  10. Kaneki Ken says:

    this bird was an isis/daech member

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