LIZARDS make for great SUBJECT matter in The Chobe

LIZARDS make for great SUBJECT matter in The Chobe

Good morning! I am Charl from Pangolin
Photo Safaris. I am here this morning on the Chobe River. I am shooting with the Canon EOS 80D | Sigma 150-600mm, and we just found a water monitor lizard basking on
a tree stump. I am going to quickly show you a couple of ways how we can photograph the lizard. First of all I am going to try and capture the whole monitor lizard, so I am going to try and place him on the rule of thirds. Place the lizard on the bottom so I have more background – higher background – in the back. I will move my focus point more to the bottom – rule of thirds –
and I will take a couple of shots here. I see that my “blinkies” is on. Highlights
alerts is on. I will now under-expose by two thirds, just to get a little
bit of contrast and the details back into my image. There we go! Perfect. Another way of looking into the image. Maybe look at the small details of the lizard. I see that the back claw is really beautiful in the sun. I am going to
zoom full on it and just focus on the back claw. Beautiful! There
we go… Also while we are zooming in, we can capture the stomach to get that beautiful texture of the skin of the water
monitor lizard. While I am shooting, I will also share the you the readings that I have. In this shot, the water monitor lizard is not really moving, so I’m very happy to shoot on a 1000 shutter speed. I am
also shooting on an f/8 – on this specific lens. I don’t really need depth-of-field. F/8 is also on this lens the sweet spot – very nice and sharp. That is why I’m using it in this specific situation. I see behind my water monitor lizard is a nice dark shadow. I am going to stand-up – just to change my angle a little bit – so that I can shoot downwards to get a beautiful dark background. I’m also going to have to
under-expose a bit more. I am going to -2, so while
I’m shooting here – framed beautifully – just the head and the front claw. There we go. Beautiful! You can see clearly the background is completely black with light falling on the monitor lizard just beautifully. Thank you for
joining us. Please don’t forget to subscribe by clicking the bell icon on the bottom right. Thank you and see you soon on the Chobe River. you

Randy Schultz

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4 thoughts on “LIZARDS make for great SUBJECT matter in The Chobe

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  2. Cheryl Moody nee Longhurst says:

    Great idea to utilise that dark background, great result.

  3. Eduardo Kostetzer says:

    Really liked the idea of the clack background.

  4. Adrian Alford Photography says:

    Really enjoyed watching this video.  Thanks heaps for sharing.

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