Lizard Soup

Lizard Soup

Okay class let’s turning your books to page 43 first were going to have a look were we all came from That’s very good Sheldon, but what I mean is where people came from at the beginning You mean when God created Adam and Eve oh no Tony? That’s just a nice story. No. It’s right in the Bible Well the textbook explains it all very scientifically you see first there was this big bang And then from the crematorium soup came this this thing crawled up on the side and spread out these cute little legs a lizard crawed out of the soup sure did in fact it says so right here on page 43 of the textbook but Mrs. Paulsen I thought God created us all Well Tony some people believe there was a God who created all people but that’s just silly why is that silly because Everybody knows we came from monkeys monkeys It sure did a man named Charles Darwin went out to an island and then out there He just figured out the whole thing Mrs. Paulsen how can a lizard turn into a monkey. Let’s check here on page 44 Well it doesn’t say it seems like there is this little lizard He poked out those legs and then he turned into this cute little monkey who ate all his vegetables and bananas and those things need a creator well I read that God gives people a conscience so that we know the difference between right and wrong But lizards and monkeys don’t have a conscience at all do they oh My I’m I’m not exactly sure so what my cousin said that animals can learn to adapt to their environment But they can turn into something totally different huh Well, and my pastor said that God made us to be like him so we could love one another and be creative to invent stuff But how come a monkey never invented well They do Use a little sticks and tools and then they go Yes so we’ve got a pictures, and you look like a monkey are you a monkey? No offense I’m not a monkey and Sheldon that wasn’t very nice why isn’t hat nce that we come from monkeys my grandma say I look like my mom and I that’s nice well That is nice, but Mrs.Pausen How can a monkey turn into a person it just takes a very long time? Then all the monkeys should have turn into human back then and through out I never seen a monkey person before Have you ever seen God before have you ever see wind before That’s silly it’s invisible so is God yes, but we can see the effects of the wind as it moves the trees we can see the effects of God too how can we see that Tony he created you and your right in front of me we just need to stick to the textbook this seems silly to me Mrs.Paulsen Yes, Tony where did the soup come from I think God created it Tony no he didn’t does this mean we’re not monkeys I guess it does

Randy Schultz

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