Lizard Rabies!

Lizard Rabies!

*dog barking* SHUT UP! We could Play a board Game. No. Why not? I think that you need to go into.. anger management or something before i played another board game with you. Oh anger Management? NAME ONE TIME THAT I HAD ANGER PROPLEMS!!! I bet you can’t guess how many water bottles are in here. Uhhh. 24? Pfft! There’s not nearly that many it Says 24 right Here Yeah, well, guess what, you’re wrong! There’s 23! OW!! Grandpa! First One To raise Their Hand wins F***CK!!!! Uhhhhh….. A Banana. Uhhhh. A Pickle. THE CLUE IS A SINGER, AND IT LOOKS LIKE A PIECE OF CRAP!!! Ok but how did- IT’S KESHA!! Ah yeah, well, I was just having a bday. You Mean *Bad Day *? Yeah, whatever. My dog Sparky got ran over that day. I was super pissed. Really. And my house burned down. Right And my pet lizard got diagnosed with Lizard Rabies which made him freak out and get super human strength and he broke out of his cage and then bit me on the neck. So you, had lizard Rabies that day Yes. Fine, you know what? I’ll play your stupid game. Watch Out my lizard got out of his Cage? that’s not a real word. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *chokes* What you have Just Witnessed was the Devastating effects of Lizard Rabies. Lizard Rabies Is an Epidemic that’s Sweeping the Nation and Affects Approximately Four and A Half Lizards Every Year in the US If you have a lizard, please have it tested for lizard rabies Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to take Anthony to the ER. That lizard actually had Rabies. Lizard Rabies Go to to See Ian Freak out About more Games! he’s so silly! Thanks For Buscribing!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Lizard Rabies!

  1. SparklingGarbage UwU says:

    Lmao the lizard

  2. Zeevee 96 says:

    did you know if you throw a hair dryer in a bucket of water it can give you the power to teleport

  3. ReadySetStack says:

    Who else wants the old Amish back.

  4. micheal Jackson killer 13 cool says:

    thanks for buscribeing

  5. Star Gun says:

    Am I the only one that read the title lizard babies

  6. JJH Vlogs says:


  7. jair Goyette says:

    Big fan

  8. jair Goyette says:

    Maybe biggest fan

  9. TV Edh says:

    7,984,991th viewer!!!!!!!

  10. MR Froggy Gaming says:

    Hey remember when smosh was good

  11. Alwand Hussain says:


  12. Alwand Hussain says:


  13. GUINEA PIG ARMY says:

    Lizard babies

  14. zákashí says:


  15. exposed bish says:

    its only a toy

  16. Katherine Robbins says:

    I just saw this Vid and I have a dragon
    It’s called salmonella
    (That lizard is adorable)

  17. Jesse Gallardo says:

    Fuck you ine

  18. Wild potato The 1 says:


  19. Anthony Davis says:

    whare did ian get a suit

  20. Lilia Southward says:


  21. Isaiah Gourneau says:

    that lizard is fake it's just a toy and this is the prank video ever

  22. Mega Gengar 11 says:

    I have that exact lizard toy

  23. 3 Fighter man says:

    Fine I'm not going to subscribe for ian

  24. кое-что по-русски says:

    wait, what?

  25. Santi Trillo says:

    Liar liar pant on fire cus your house got burnd down and you liad hahahahaha but i spelld it wrong i no no stop it or i will not sub and like ok i dont no why but if you do i wilL GO FOR PUBG PLAYER UNNOWN BATTELGROUNDS

  26. Nicole Scheunemann says:

    X: we could play nintendo
    Y: no
    X why not?
    Y: becouse you need to go to anger manegement before i play nintendo with you
    Y: becouse your pokemon and name sucks

  27. Jackson McKeen says:

    1:50 can we just appreciate the fact that this man anthony just did the tablecloth trick with fucking scrabble

  28. My Pham says:

    Lizard Babies

  29. Wayne Liad says:

    Nah it's fake lizard

  30. Not That Toy Bon! says:

    2018 anyone

  31. Sale Kostur says:

    Holyshit! 2010 was 8 years ago

  32. Gachalover1287 Siay says:

    Xbut i thought if you have rabies you will die in 14 days

  33. Jennrock Musik says:


  34. The Super AmazingAlex says:

    Lizards are ravenous.
    and Best of Smosh 2010.

  35. Blue Diamond says:


  36. The Super AmazingAlex says:

    Ian's really hilariously angry.

  37. Skilledkace1234 says:

    LMFAO 0:48 – 1:01

  38. MarTube says:

    Reptiles can't get rabies 😂

  39. Kyr208 says:

    Spidey doesn’t feel so good now.

  40. Yo Bro says:


  41. Diamondbossj4ck JN says:

    No such thing as lizard rabies I have a lizard so shut up

  42. Sree Gnanesh says:


  43. Jason Townsley says:


  44. Black snow MMD says:

    The more you know

  45. IPC For Life says:

    Do more sexy videos

  46. KarmaDot says:

    at first i thought it was lizard babies

  47. 陳楚正Bill Chan says:

    0:26 right now

  48. TeeTee Truong _ Life in Australia says:


  49. Da bois Magic says:

    True dat intro

  50. GamerMom and GamerSon says:

    Wow nice to now about lizard raveys

  51. GamerMom and GamerSon says:

    I mean rabies

  52. Justin Jothen says:

    Stupid people iyn lol😂😂😁

  53. Rhonda Robbins says:

    That's a great video 🐕🐕🐕🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  54. Niall Dodd says:

    Don’t you mean lizard babies

  55. Cartoonking3 says:

    The lizard cam is an actual as seen on TV product!

  56. Miky says:


    You Know I Had To Do It To Em’!
    (pause the video)

  57. Tyler Sharrard says:

    2019 anyone

  58. 2Lyrical says:

    i read the title as “Lizard Babies”

  59. Xavier R says:

    i don't give a danm

  60. WhiteAnt Pinkant says:


  61. Meme Boi says:

    I could never get lizard rabies. I live in canada anyone else?

  62. Quang Minh Dang says:

    It's 4/3/2019 , 21:05 in England right now , Is there anyone still watching smosh like me ? :(((

  63. Camilla Rose says:

    Why did I suddenly remember this video after 9 years

  64. FireMario Productions says:

    1:45. Lets go to the Lizard Cam!

  65. Cayden Lim says:

    Ian said STUPID things

  66. Slyotic says:

    Why's this in my recommend?

  67. OL IVER says:

    do more vid

  68. Khaleesi Mother of Drag says:

    Sandra no

  69. Dandroid the observer block says:

    Lizards are cold bloded witch makes it even funnier 😂

  70. Harresh Ceshava says:

    I have a phobia of lizards

  71. Triple G says:

    I was watching this with my lizard like if you have a lizard

  72. Max Hernandez says:

    That’s a bearded dragon

  73. Dark Diamond says:

    Ian has anger problems

  74. Look Behind You says:

    4 and a half lizards um what

  75. Christopher Castilla says:

    Anger prblem

  76. subscribe to die instantly says:

    Just one bad day that you two kept changing shirts

  77. kiki noir gaming says:

    But I have 7 lizards, 1 turtle and 2 dogs
    I have for crested geckos their names are yin, yang, link, Zelda
    And 2…………um I DONT KNOW THERE uh GREEN AND TINY OK but there names are Ang and tough then I also have a bearded dragon named grim
    And a turtle named katara and a pac-Man frog or a tree frog named doodle AND 2 dogs one is link and one is Leo

    (I don’t know if you can tell but we really like legend of Zelda)

  78. kiki noir gaming says:

    ( and animals

  79. XxDarkDabxX says:

    When Smosh had bad actors and great content.

  80. Subscribe to me for no reason with no content 2003 says:

    I thought they were saying lizard babies 4 the whole vid

  81. Eric Shi says:

    Skinks don’t bite dumb ass hole

  82. Greedo says:

    Anyone 2019? Thank you YouTube for recommending this for me!

  83. PetrusPlays says:


  84. Frederick Cypress says:


  85. K0S Lizard says:

    Got turtles

  86. Clumter Strike says:

    Lizard rabies is probably the reason why the apocalypse in the walking dead exists

  87. osky bug says:

    🤗 hi

    😎 hi

    ☺ sorry I wasn't talking to you

    😡 wat yu just say about my mum huh huh come over here

    Vcvdbfv5r6vr5gyd5v vtgbg

  88. Isaac Siegfried says:


  89. Alexis McKelvey says:

    Stupid lol ha ha

  90. Nixyph V says:

    0:01 me everyday

  91. Brenda McNally says:

    One time I went in got something to snack on and this lizard freak me out

  92. Ian the Destroyer says:

    You know Ian's lizard species is the same as mine in my house pretty sure lizard rabies

  93. Thr3e Youngs says:

    A flying burrito vs poison lizard

  94. WHOOOSH XD says:

    Science is 50% wrong lizard rabies is real and I just got bit 🦎

  95. RealMarioTDM says:

    0:00 when your dog won't shut up

  96. James Mamone says:

    I like Kesha though….

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