Lizard Introduction Tom Video 01/15/2019

Lizard Introduction Tom Video 01/15/2019

My name is Amy and I would like to introduce to you Tom Shadi
He is the principal developer of Lizard Trading Software Tom Please tell us briefly the main benefits of Lizard Trading Software
Hello Amy, Thank you for the introduction The software is designed for stock market
traders and investors to make money every day in up or down market. In Lizard Trading Software volatility is your
new friend. and trend is your friend as will. Do not take my word for it, take my trade
videos and watch it live yourself. How is that? Does increased in volatility means higher
than normal risk? Lizard trading software is designed to take
advantage of price movement. We will show you real video of trades performed
in variety of market conditions and different times of the day. What is the lead time for signal to alert
trader of the upcoming opportunity to make money? very important question to answer here
With Lizard You will get enough time from 2 to 15 or more minutes to enter your best
successful and profitable trades. This question is also related to how to get
out of a trade. I mean how and when to exit. Traders will get a leading signal before entry
on when to exit. Sound hard to believe. We will show you how easy to do so in the
upcoming videos. Lizard Trading Software ® calculate its signals
based on Volume, Relative Strength, Trend, GAP, Candle Stick Patterns, there are few
others such as Volatility, Average, Momentum, Pivots, Support and Resistance. The software also looks at prior day high
and low, open gap, previous close and more to provide the best calculated signal and
display it on our Preferred one-minute chart. Amy it’s good to mention that We have developed
other new indicators imbedded in the software, such as price direction of the day, trend
indicator, the arrow, volatility in price average, extreme price reversal and end of
trend indicator all displayed in the chart with colored lines for entry and line for
exit. We will explore videos of trades performed
based on Lizard software Such as the ones we display on the screen here to complement
traders’ current trend and trading patterns. Lizard trading software provide a leading
signal and confirmation of entries and exit price on same chart that you trade from. Tom, displaying all these indicators in one
chart may look very confusing. You are hundred percent right. But
Selected indicators were implanted in the calculation of each signal displayed on the
trading chart. However, the technical analysis is not displayed
in the chart. We saved traders the effort of looking at
multiple indicators, making the best interpretation and calculation of risk. What you see in the screen is adapted to fits
your strategy. We will show you trades based on various strategies. Remember, interpretation of signal is more
important than watching it. Lizard Trading Software ® provide consistent
calculation and allow traders to make their best decision. Thank you, tom. When your software will be available commercially? We are going to provide the commercial version
of the software before the end of June 2019. We will keep you informed of the new development
when is ready for traders and investors Thank you, tom. We are looking forward to watching your videos
that you have prepared for us. Thank you for having me

Randy Schultz

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