LIZARD COPS: ‘Grand Theft Ice-Cream’

LIZARD COPS: ‘Grand Theft Ice-Cream’

Fighting Crime, Fighting Evil, Fighting for the admiration of the people They, are there, Whenever there is danger, So, Beware, ‘cos they’re experts with a taser! Here Come The Lizard Cops! hey guys!
I got something really important to tell you! Today I want to show you how to catch criminals With a little more skill, and finesse I’m on it sir I said SKILL. No… No Zink.
We are going to take this show… On the road. Stanley! its… its… BEAUTIFUL! Uhh.. … what is? Well? Shotgun!
Shotgu- aww… Hop in Boys. You’re going to have to pay for that Stanley. Well.. there goes my gym
subscription. Let’s roll. Wait!
I.. Kinda need to go wee.. *sigh* Go on then. WEEEEE! It’s going to be a long day.. Can I help? *ding* *Explosion* can I can I can I can I can I… NO! Uhm..
You can go and pay. YES!
oooh! Now I get to know the Chief’s REAL name! WOW! The Chief’s real name is…
CHIEF! Wow she’s …
BOO-TE-FOOL! O.K! Time, to strut! Just a moment… Bare with me… Ugh… Err….. Number 2 please? Oh the restroom’s over there Heheh… no I mean the.. number 2 pump station? Oh yeah.. Heh.. I’m kinda new to this job. Oh me too! – Er. But don’t worry! I assure you, I am a fully capable lizard cop!
I am ready for- ANY SITUATION!
ANYTIME there is danger- I WILL BE THERE!
yep nothing catches me unaware- WHAT’S TAKING YOU SO LONG!?
– I surrender! Time we were on our way,
Comon Rookie.. Yeah, I think that’s for the best. Oh my,
It seems the driver’s seat is in danger of getting cold! Can’t have that, Can we? I’ll just,
Keep it warm for him. PUT.
DOWN. -Aww… Zink!
What does the radar say about his speed? Its… over the limit! You’ll never catch me chief! That’s Victor! Why yes,
I AM the Victor here aren’t I? FREEZE! -You Freeze! sir! He’s throwing Ice-cream’s at us! Now Victor, We can do this the easy way,
or the hard way. Hmmm….
Nah, scratch that! Huh? The hard way it is,
Take the wheel Zink! I’ll take it!
Err…. where do I take it? You’re going to look good in stripes. Leapin’ Lizards! hahahahaha!
Well Chief!
Are you ‘Feline’ lucky? Uh oh… Wow,
that was close- What a waste of perfectly good Ice-Cream. Chief! Why!! I never even got the chance to tell him,
I love… His COOL CAR!! -Hands off my cruiser rookie! Y’know?
I was starting to get tired of seeing your wanted poster. WOW! I hope I’m that fit when I’m 80! WHAT!
-Sorry! Of all the annoying things that persistently spawn from that pea rattling around your head that passes for a brain! This one really,
TAKES THE CAKE!! Relax sir,
You’ve always got us covered. No,
you must learn from your mistakes, Become MEN!
LIZARD MEN! Because one day I won’t be here, and the whole town will be relying on
You two to protect them, To uphold justice! and send the message to criminals
That if they break the law, The LIZARD COPS will be there! got any 2’s?
-Go fish *Sigh* Are you quite done? A policeman’s job is never done! which reminds me You can do this…
Aren’t these lovely! Oh and my FAVOURITE flowers too! *Beep*
That’ll be.. 7.98 please? *heart crack and break* *stutters*
Darn it! Oh wow! unbelievable! My dating ad, totally worked! Yes!
Things are looking up! – File this. *Sigh* Here Come The Lizard Cops! And then! And then you would not believe it! Outta nowhere!
An Ice-Cream truck like, FELL ON MY HOUSE!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “LIZARD COPS: ‘Grand Theft Ice-Cream’

  1. Fuzzy Replex says:


  2. CB3474 says:

    Really nice! Though the sound is limited in some parts of the video, it is a good animated episode. 9/10

  3. kubthepanda says:

    Why do ppl always make the cats villians I hate it

  4. Existentialism says:

    Why are le cats always villains

  5. Tracey Muy says:

    I love this XD

  6. Idiotic Toast says:

    I wonder if zink has self esteem…

  7. Anthony Marino says:


  8. Nope says:

    zootopia I mean lizard cops

  9. Banana Protocol says:

    "Want to see Episode 3?"
    Who would say no ?

  10. Tech Issus says:

    Its over 9,000

  11. Le Daverix says:

    really loveley this sereis πŸ˜€

  12. Happyart 123 says:

    Zink reminds me of sponge bob and that's not a insult btw

  13. Brad Masters says:

    8:11 Stanley is a liar, he clearly has a two!

  14. oh no its actually anna says:

    The steering wheel is on the right

  15. TheOnePistol says:

    Over 90.00….I see what you did there. lol

  16. lightsen says:

    Hey everyone, We got LIZARD COPS MERCH now available! πŸ˜€

    By the way, Thank you for all the feedback, it's helped me improve so much over the years, If you really want to go support this series, consider checking out the merch, its super bright and colourful!

  17. spike the yoshi says:

    "where will I take it"

  18. Abigail Woodruff says:

    so cool wut app is it?

  19. shelby shelby says:

    i love this animashon

  20. Saimon says:


  21. Hornetsprite says:

    WOW I just love that gas station explosion.

  22. Th_und _er says:

    When the gastation exploded I almost fell off my bed

  23. Present Panic55 says:

    You da lizard

  24. RaphaΓ«l Khoury says:

    Petrol station lady lol

  25. Aiden Rinker says:

    It's over 9000

  26. Messy Lizard says:

    I wonder what it will be in the next lizard cops episode

  27. NessMain 711 says:


  28. Qutixs YT says:

    I don't know what the flip lizard cops is but, IDK.

  29. Qutixs YT says:

    This should be a show on nickelodeon.

  30. Aymanac7 says:

    I see this as an actual T.V. Show instead of a YouTube series

  31. Mr. Mister says:

    4:46 it's over 90!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Purple Dragon 9 says:

    It's 2017 and No lizard cops?
    this video was made in 2013!! D: dear GOD!!!

  33. Purple Dragon 9 says:

    Green lizard is in the passenger side
    yellow lizard is on the driver's side is he driving NO!

  34. Purple Dragon 9 says:

    Lizard cops 3 plz!

  35. iiBrxndn says:

    That was a nice touch with he's over 9000 this series is great I'd love to see more

  36. Aiden Rinker says:

    lighten I did like your over 9000 joke that was clever

  37. Kolza says:

    I bet that two leaves in the pep talk took another week to animate lol

  38. ProbablyAWitch says:

    New fancy intro -3-

  39. Musical Trash says:

    Anyone know who sings the theme song, he sounds familiar to me

  40. A Derpy Person says:

    OVER 9000!!!!!!

  41. Blizzard Da Snow Owl says:

    lightsen plz make more lizard cops!!!i even made drawings of lizard cops!!!

  42. Definetly Furret says:

    Its been 4 years, wherre is part 3

  43. John Zacharias says:

    Grand Theft Gelato

  44. Kianwood01 says:

    4:44 over 9000

  45. Snowstorm says:


  46. Angelina Wetz says:

    ZINK x pETRoL station LADY πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’”

  47. Ignoramus Online says:

    Stanley you never had a gym subscription

  48. Micah138 says:

    Lighten u are so freaking amazing

  49. FunnyVines YT says:

    i think lizard cops should be a tv show ☺its amazing animation and funny πŸ˜ƒi love it

  50. mohamd mlg90 says:

    8:54 WASETAED

  51. Blurange Boy KM's see says:

    at 4:46 ITS OVER 90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  52. The Notorious Tuna says:

    Over the limit?
    Does that mean it's…

    OVER 9000??????

  53. Player Plays says:

    I need more

  54. DokiDoki Animations says:

    U don't mind if I sub do u thx ^-^

  55. Questionable 98 says:

    Are you from Europe?Is England is your city?

  56. ludmilla roman says:

    good job on the opening its ALOT BETTER

  57. ludmilla roman says:

    sub to meeeeeee pls i subbed to you!
    sooooooooooooooooooo pls
    12345678910 subbed!!!!!!!
    thanks for subbing to me

  58. XxInsanityFurryxX says:

    You know what's weird there big ass crouch and there big ass tail

  59. Laura Barragan says:

    Stanly sounds and acts like stanly from the office

  60. AsthenticCartoona says:

    1:57 me when I try and help with anything

  61. Sideways Studios says:

    Steering wheel on wrong side… B*tch

  62. The red fiery Gamer says:

    It’s so funny when zink literally pulled out the wheels

  63. Blue the Krazy Krak-On Kid says:

    Stanley: "Well, there goes my gym subscription."
    Me: "Like he even goes to the gym!"

  64. Nick S says:

    What a waste of perfectly good ice cream.

  65. Hall Minotaur Pit People says:

    My god

  66. MovieMaximum says:

    in 1:10 he has his glasses on but in the next shot they are gone.

  67. Cornelius Corner says:

    I am new to your channel and just finished binge watching all of your videos. Awesome! I love you'r work^^
    Do you know whats funny? My name is Cornelius, And I share the almost exact same personality as the Cornelius from lizard cops.

  68. Samuel S says:

    I can wait πŸ™

  69. Superb Sports says:

    I just realized they don't wear pants XD

  70. manictiger says:

    Told you reptilian overlords run the world. No one believed me, but here we are, with the evidence staring you right in your faces!

  71. TabalugaDragon says:

    The world deserves a high budget series like this, it's amazing! Also a snake is finally a nice guy.

  72. justus mcpherson says:

    what is this the music's kind cool though

  73. HTONY says:


  74. Tjmcnee says:

    Zink is my favourite character

  75. Random Girl says:

    Over the limit

  76. Skrumpii says:

    please continue this

  77. Brooklyn T guy ! says:

    1:56 when you lost a game of fortnite

  78. Bluemycool 320 says:


  79. Z-anim8or says:

    I love it

  80. Z-anim8or says:

    When is there gonna be more

  81. Rudolf 2305 says:

    LOL funny stuff.

  82. Blossom Tea Leaves says:

    His strut had me dead πŸ˜‚

  83. Vanessa Droz says:

    Y get that meme there it's over 9000

  84. deadlypapercut , says:

    PART 3!!!!!!

  85. Ripper Roo says:

    Still waiting for episode 3

  86. OIL says:

    My favorite part of the episode Was the theme song

  87. Random Kaitoons says:

    i need to go wee


  88. Jennifer Nuernberg says:

    He does have a 2 do have lizards

  89. ToughDoctor says:

    Stan Lee..
    Stan Lee!

    R.I.P Stan Lee.

  90. I have 3 citezenships says:

    1:57 WHO EVEN SAID I NEED ********EARS********

  91. malo240 says:

    Make an episode 3 of lizard cops please

  92. Ivy Fung says:

    Better intro

  93. Axo the Axolotil and ShinomationsTM says:

    Lightsen are you a normal lizard or a gecko ( a.k.a my favorite animal )

  94. Logan Latios says:

    2:21 LOL

  95. Anthony Baumgartner says:

    2:19 Replay awesome love for life music.

  96. epic lol says:

    The yellow lizard is spongebob literally

  97. jenalyn petty says:

    Zink kind of reminds of me of spongebob squarepants lol

  98. william farwell says:

    Dragonball Z

  99. DeaDInsIde PiKaChu says:

    I got that "OVER 9000" meme ref

  100. Chronic Tonic Wizard Cat says:

    6:02 was great

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