Liza Koshy Takes On Ellen’s Burning Questions

Liza Koshy Takes On Ellen’s Burning Questions

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I’m Youtuber and Chipotle
enthusiast Liza Koshy. And I’m about to answer
Ellen’s Burning Questions. A yoga pose inspired by you
would be called The Burrito. And it would look
something like– Your most embarrassing
moment in high school. Oh, I mooned my best
friend and her mom. I was trying to show
them my brown buns. And then, they ended up
all seeing my brown buns. But it was cool. It was a white family. They were very
educated after that. It was great. The funniest pickup line ever
used on you was how you doing. That was my favorite
pick up line. It tends to get most ladies. An ice cream flavor called
Koshy would taste like curry. A video you posted
that you regret. Oh, I can’t talk about it. I really regret it. The last thing you Googled. Can’t talk about it. I really regret it. The most famous person
who has recognized you. Barack Obama. He’s so good looking. The most irrational
thing you’re afraid of. Losing my eyebrows, which
I just did on that button. I did it again. I’m sorry. Song title that best
describes your love life. “Wheels on a Bus Go
Round and Round.” Reality competition
show you’d win. Any show that has a button. What do you say when someone
cuts you off in traffic? Mother [BEEP]. The last movie
that made you cry. Beauty and the Beast. Beast. My all favorite
time Youtuber is– can I say myself or
this narcissistic? Ellen DeGeneres. There’s no reason for me to
touch this red button anymore. But I’m going to do it anyways. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Liza Koshy Takes On Ellen’s Burning Questions

  1. Jessica Stan says:

    soooooo cringy

  2. mohammed mohd says:

    Do people really find her funny ? So sad

  3. Maneha Yasir says:

    Ellen and Liza are older versions of me.

  4. tea time with kermit says:

    Love Liza ??

  5. oh no says:

    She's trying too hard. Its a little cringy. No one was laughing anymore.

  6. Narmada Senarath says:

    She is trying too hard to be funny. So cringey!!!!

  7. tommy a smith says:


  8. MidnightRose 19 says:

    Liza is only funny when you watch her videos , and you only understand her when you watch her videos

  9. LibLob Lollipop says:

    Liza? Hilarious
    Hilarious? Liza
    Hotel? Trivago


  10. Fiker217 Luv says:


  11. Heidi Smith says:

    she really thinks she’s funny huh?

  12. Hannah Sophia says:


  13. Lia Swaine says:

    Sis calm down omg

  14. Collin Cooper says:

    She needs her own talk show

  15. Gabi Jones says:

    You are literally the definition of adorable

  16. Emmasha Medonza13 says:

    YouTuber and Chipotle enthusiast

  17. Sham Bourjas says:

    If she’s not the most hilarious person on earth then I don’t know who is ?

  18. Isabellla _Grace says:

    today 1 year ago!

  19. Aspen Paws says:

    “Wheels on the bus”

  20. Avrie Wirth says:

    oh liza, liza, liza liza

  21. Clara Lindsey says:

    Your funny and make people laugh every day

  22. S Lee says:

    This was published exactly a year ago

  23. Dwight Shrute says:

    Don't get me wrong i love liza but this is so embarrassing….. she's trying way too hard

  24. liv and friends says:

    lizza the queeeeen??❤️?

  25. Carmen Nunez says:

    1:33 was like???

  26. Lrxzy says:

    She’s so unfunny ong

  27. rice.noodlesoup says:


  28. rice.noodlesoup says:

    where is the laughter

  29. rice.noodlesoup says:

    where is the laughter? oh right, she doesn’t deserve it because she ain’t funny

  30. Peanutbutterpikachu says:

    The Liza we all know and live

  31. Yussra Elbadri says:

    She’s so cringey…

  32. Maya says:

    She answered those questions like a boss

  33. oy59 says:

    so cuuuuute

  34. Edgar Rocha says:

    Probably one of the unfunniest, cringy, try hard "comedians"

  35. RileyHEART says:

    “Hi I’m YouTuber and chipotle enthusiast” -Liza Koshy

  36. Lila Lin says:

    Barrack Obama he’s so good looking

  37. Poop Poop says:

    Who actually finds this funny

  38. Ikki Koko says:

    Ughhhh I love her!

  39. Sierra Hofstetter says:

    Liza needs to go the Ellen show for what Idk but it needs to happen lol

  40. Jezzy the J says:

    I don’t really laugh anymore…

  41. My_name_is_ Fred says:

    "And i see you guys next Wednesday with Lizzzza"

  42. вℓχηкνιвєѕ says:

    I love Liza, she’s hilarious. But she was trying too hard in this, it was just cringy.

  43. Slipknot Shady says:

    Not funny at all

  44. Gwenn Davelaar says:

    I love lizza

  45. Tricia Fradrick says:

    I love Liza so much but this is overdone- she trying too hard and it's just cringey at some points in the video

  46. Michelle Ekhagen says:

    But it ended up.. all se my brown buns, but I was cool! It was a white family?

  47. Derek Winterdal says:

    I love lize soooo much

  48. beth needs help says:

    she’s not the same anymore ok what’s going on

  49. marble soda graffiti says:

    How come Alexa calls you kind of looks like the devil in the thumbnail

  50. Mae Olander says:

    Sees Liza

    Immediately clicks

  51. Daniel da says:

    Wash your hair feels good, you shoul try it!

  52. Evelyne Munezero says:

    ? ? ?

  53. Alma Veuger says:

    The weels on the bus?????

  54. anastasia barsoom says:

    dame, Liza

  55. glttrkpop says:

    she’s literally so unfunny, it hurts.

  56. sheela joy says:

    Head buzzer

  57. Kulsom Banno says:


  58. Othelie 123 says:

    Liza, the one and only…

  59. berlin lucas says:

    ( )
    | |
    ( : )

    Look it’s the burrito ?

  60. Kayla Tasker says:

    I can’t believe people are saying this is cringy… I LOVE this. Liza is just being herself and she’s the type of person I’d want to be friends with. You keep doin you boo ?

  61. The Oddly Amazing Fam says:

    And that’s my favorite little brown girl!

  62. Aviana Issadore says:

    Love liza❤???

  63. Elle Jayde says:

    A song that relates to your love life. Wheels and bus go round round

  64. Emily Lo says:

    0.75 speed helps it be watchable

  65. Marriam says:

    So cringey

  66. Shalini Menon says:

    So not funnyyy

  67. Jsks s says:

    Stop trying to be funny omg embarrassing

  68. Aya A says:

    Ur soo funny liza

  69. skylar wilson says:

    who tf is liza koshy

  70. 유베짱 says:

    She Is THE BEST??

  71. Stephanie Doulgeris says:

    What song best describes your love life?

  72. Ms. Bojangles says:

    Wheels on the bus go round and round? ?

  73. Fab Gab says:


  74. Stephanie Doulgeris says:


  75. Katrin Sara Birgisdóttir says:

    I loooooooveeeeeee lizza❤

  76. Amalia P says:

    Chipotle enthusiast

  77. Simon David says:

    Oh this is legit?

  78. secutejailey says:

    Ellen needs to have her on the show

  79. Sonali Sachdeva says:

    This was literally the best thing I have watched. Ever. ?

  80. c. crna says:

    Wheres ellen??

  81. shivam mishra says:

    Call lilly singh on your show Ellen!

  82. Gacha Bush im cool but dum says:


  83. Billie’s Avocado says:

    No one:

    Liza: BaRaCkA oBaMa HeS sO gOoD lOoKiNg!!!!

  84. desire-for-madness says:

    This is the best burning questions video 🙂

  85. Laura Albright says:

    Who else just clicked on this because they saw LIZA!!!!

  86. beth hooson says:

    Liza's yoga pose is something I do every day

  87. light of the eye says:

    0:19 Liza looked like she was making a heart!

  88. Jaime Ramirez says:

    OMG LIZZA ??

  89. The Hybrids says:

    WhEeLS ON ThE bUs Go RoUnd AnD RouND!~
    RoUnd AnD RouND!~
    RoUnd AnD RouND!~

  90. Myah love says:

    Wheels on the bus ???

  91. MrNikkimaxine says:

    Oh his thing is like honestly not that I don’t like not going to lie I had to do this but same time that I had to be honest

  92. Brooke Taylor Williams says:


  93. TFabi H. says:

    Ellen needs her on the show. It would be dope! ?

  94. Libby Magendantz says:

    I love lizzzzzzzza!?♥️

  95. armed dane says:

    Liza makes me yawning !! Hope a sudden male YouTuber soon has more subs than her ?
    She really has changed, and not to the better. I miss her on the platform, that made her huge !!
    This is just my opinion, nothing else.
    Have a great day ??

  96. Amir Sameer says:

    mann she’s funny, look at that 0:57 who like dose that ?‍♂️?‍♂️???

  97. Jessicaxiao Wang says:

    Im surprised she didn't knock of her eyebrows when she was using her head to push the button. ?

  98. Steam Juggler says:

    What an it I your favorite yub tuber

  99. Cha eunwoo Is my bias says:

    Pause at 0:31 ?

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