Liza Koshy is responsible for ending many relationships

Liza Koshy is responsible for ending many relationships

– Hola! Thanks for tagging along. I’m Kevin, and today I’m hiking on a trail that I’ve been on before. And that’s okay because
I’m very nostalgic. And today this trail is
covered in cedar chips. It reminds me of my dog, Caesar. Who I had for 17 years growing up. He was a great dog, he was a rescue dog. And my father and I built
a dog house for him. And over the doorway to his dog house, we painted Caesar’s Palace. And the inside of the dog house
was lined with cedar chips. And it was great for him, it smelled great, it kept him warm. So whenever I smell cedar chips now, it reminds me of my dog Caesar. And Caesar’s Palace. I mean they’re both great memories for me. All right, man. Take your protein pills,
put your Spanx on, and let’s go take a hike. (upbeat bluegrass music) Flanking my left shoulder
today, I am so excited, she’s a star and producer
of the YouTube Premium comedy series, “Liza on Demand.” Great show. Maybe you’ve seen her hosting
the Nickelodeon game show, “Double Dare.” And, in 2019, “Time”
listed her as one of the 25 Most Influential
People on the Internet. Yes, she’s a monster on social media. She’s an influencer, she’s a YouTuber with
gazillions of followers. Hopefully they won’t all be following us today on this trail. I’m so excited today to be
hiking with the very charming, the very affable, Liza Koshy. – You already out of breath? – I am. (laughing) – This has been like 10 steps. Hello! I don’t hike. Have we started? – Yeah, we started. – We started! (laughing) – Liza Koshy. – Kevin Nealon! – Liza, that Koshy, I bet you had some good
nicknames in high school. – I did. I had kosherpickle31 as my, my gmail. – Yeah. – I also had chocochick
like chocolate chick. – Yeah. – What else did I have? Kochee! – Kochee! – (laughing) Yeah. – I would call you Kocoach. – Kocoach? Kashii. Kashii cereal. – Kashii, yeah. – The coach, I got the coach. This is, I’m, we’re going uphill, but I’m telling you it’s going downhill. Fast forward to see me with
my makeup entirely off. Kevin with his off too. – (laughing) That’s right. I just have body makeup on. (laughing) – Yeah, just all over. – So you just got back from Rome. I know that because I am one of the few people that
follows you on Instagram. (laughing) – Just a couple, I keep
my circle real small. – I can’t believe how
many people follow you. – I don’t know– – 17 million people! – What’s wrong with them? Are they okay? – Do you have rallies like Trump? Do you go to them and
get ’em all riled up? – I don’t, that’d be insane. My dream is to crowd surf one day, so maybe I should get them all together. – Do you know how many people that is? That would fill that
whole valley right there. – I can’t like fathom. – You could be like the Mother of Dragons. – That is an honor, Sir. Thank you so much. It is pretty wild but yeah. – Isn’t it interesting
though, how some people value the worth of somebody by the
amount of followers they have? – Oh, that’s, that’s– – On social media. Like if they’re hiring you for something. – Yeah. – You know. – That’s the pretty
insane part about like– – Kinda sad. – The entertainment industry recently, where they look at that and they’re like, how can we leverage that
audience for our marketing, for this blah, blah, blah. – Yeah. I mean, that’s how dictators got started, by the amount of followers
they had, you know? – Oh great. – And also, you know, religious fakers. Oh, you think Jesus said that? Hey I got I got 50,000
followers, how many do you have? – These are all my
disciples, 17 million of ’em. – Yeah, right. (laughing) – No, I’m humble, I’m just kidding. Yes, I just got back from Rome, and– – I love the pictures of
Vatican and you, havin’ fun. – Thank you, thank you. It feels like it should be one of the Wonders of the World, myself. But also the Vatican, and– – You should’ve been one of the Wonders, is that what you said? – Yeah, that’s what I said. (laughing) Real confident, this one, eh? – Yeah you are confident. – It’s so bad I’m out of breath already. I’m so sorry. (laughing) – Finally somebody’s more
out of breath than me. (laughing) Are you the type of person that brings a lot of bags with ya? – Oh my God, so many. – You do? – Did you see my outfits? – I did see it. – Kevin, you don’t look
that good without bringing at least three bags. (laughing) That was like, it was obnoxious. – You had heels on, on the cobblestone– – I did. – Plaza. – (laughing) I did. It was for the like, honestly,
it was like to poke fun at the extra that people do when
they go and travel and stuff. They bring the most
like, ridiculous outfits, and I did the same thing. And I had the utmost fun like, decorating my body to see this like– – Oh man, it must be fun being a woman. (laughing) – It’s fun being a woman. Except when you have to pee in the car. – My biggest surprise when I met you was, that we weren’t the same height. (laughing) I thought we were the same height. – This whole time.
– I was so shocked. – Your personality’s really
big, so I thought you’d be too. – Yeah. – Okay I’m one of the few people that don’t follow you on Instagram. – Dude, you’re missin’ out. (laughing) – No I actually do and that’s where I saw that you were starting this. Before you even did “Liza on Demand.” – Really? No way. – Yeah, before you came on
the show, I saw clips of this. ‘Cause you did this with David. – That’s right, David. – Yeah, yeah. – How are you guys doin’ now? – Doin’ well. – I hiked with him on this very trail. – Oh is it? – What’s your relationship like now? – We’re doin’ well, I
just saw him last night, at my friend, Scotty Sire’s
like album release party. – Yeah. – Or album playing party,
one of those things. – Yeah. – And he’s doing well it
was just good to see him, cause I haven’t seen, like,
all my friends this year. ‘Cause I was busy
filming “Liza on Demand.” – I know. – Not just myself. – I wanna talk about that in a minute. – Yeah. – I saw the video of
you guys on Instagram. I mean you guys just don’t
really hide anything. – No. (laughing) – It was kinda, post-breakup. – Yeah. – But you were both on
there, and you could see how much love there was and how, you know, it just wasn’t the right
thing, and you were kinda just, being honest with yourselves. – Yeah. It was cool to see like,
the reaction to it, because a lot of people like
our age, like related to it, and said, “You know I was going through “a similar thing with my boyfriend”. Basically we ended a lot of peoples’ relationships by ending ours. (laughing) – You did. – We failed it for everybody else. – 17 million relationships. – Yeah, took ’em all down. But it was cool to see
how people related to it. That’s what social media
does, like this even. – God you are so awesome. – You’re exposing yourself. By like, being bold up here
in the mountains and stuff. – Your mother is Indian. – My dad is Indian. In a parallel universe yes my mom is. – Okay. – But my dad’s Indian, mom is white, and she’s of German background
so I say I’m Germ-Indian. – Germ-Indian. – Sounds like a household cleaner. – And are you a fan of Indian food? – Love Indian food. – Love it. – Oh my God. (drums beating) – So you have one afternoon to have a picnic here with any three other people. Who would it be? – This is such a good question. You’re here too, are you
filming or are you at the table? – I can’t be included. – I don’t want you at the table. – Okay I’ll be servicing the table. – Please, bring us skinny margaritas. Michelle Obama, I feel
like everybody says that, but just like to pick the
woman’s brain would be an honor. Let me think, who else? Lin-Manuel Miranda. – And one more. – I got this (snapping fingers) I got this, I got this, Anna Wintour. I love fashion, I’m not very good at it. I’m having a fashion journey. I don’t want to start off perfect you know you gotta get somewhere. – You gotta build baby. (laughing) – Build baby. – You are living a life
that’s so condensed and exciting and packed with it. Every day must be exciting for you. – Oh it’s so fun. I don’t know if anybody’s
like dived in to like how much production value this
has, “Hiking with Kevin”. But we just like flew a drone around. Like, like it’s brilliant that you have, you have everything that you want– – I was surprised the drone was able to pick you up and carry you off. – I know and then exploded underneath me and we’ll figure out that lawsuit later. – I gotta tell ya. – Huh? – I was so addicted to one
of your Instagram videos. It was your audition dance tape. – Oh. – I couldn’t stop watching that. (clapping hands) you, oh my God, you’re a good dancer. – Thank you, cut to a clip of
me dancing on your drone here. (upbeat funk music) – Did you study dance? – So like, I feel like every
person that’s like a dancer, or a girl that’s a dancer, was like yeah, I started dancing when I was like three, but like really started
when I came out of the womb. – Yeah. – I sure did. I was put into ballet by my mom when I was three and then I kept dancing, kept dancing til I was like 10. I did like the “Nutcracker”
Houston Ballet. – Wow! – Shout out Houston. – Well it shows man. – Hey thank you. – And there are a lot
of different moves too. A lot of slides cause you
got that great wood floor. You slide across the floor on it. – Thanks, I do, I do. I am not getting my security deposit back, that is scuffed up for sure. But like I stopped dancing
for a really long time and then I started dancing again recently in the past two years
just for like Instagram and YouTube and because that video, Kevin. – Was that huge? – I freaking booked a dance
movie because of that video. – Oh my God. – Like the world we live in is crazy. – What’s the movie? – The movie’s called “Work It.” It’s on Netflix, there’s
just, I don’t know if it’s coming out 2021 or
2020 but hopefully sooner. (laughing) And it’s frickin’ fun. – Oh I can’t wait to
see that, good for you! – Yeah thanks man.
– Was it fun? – It was so fun, we filmed it in Toronto. – Nice. – So that’s where I was for the past two and a half months
before I went to Rome. Damn my life sounds cool,
that was fun to say. – Yes it does. But your dancing is so, it’s
like, it’s not like Ellen, but it’s like, it’s just
so infectious because, the rest of you is like
Ellen but not the dancing. – Thank you. That’s the biggest compliment. First of all, Ellen’s like woo. – Yeah, she’s great. – Would you dance Kevin? – I think I’m a good dancer. But I’m a minimalist dancer. – Yeah people who say that usually aren’t. (laughing) You’re a minimalist dancer? – I didn’t say other people thought I was. I said I think I’m a good dancer. – Yeah when you review
or critique your own, you’re probably not the best. (laughing) – Yeah. – But you’re a minimalist,
you keep it in the box? – I keep it in the box, I move. I used to watch the black
guys dance in the clubs and they’re just so smooth,
the little, here I’ll show ya. It’s more like hand here. You know what I mean? – No I don’t know what you mean. (laughing) – I, you literally look like you’re waiting in line to go to the bathroom. Oh and you got bored in the line. – I had no music. (laughing) – Here I’ll beat box like you. (beatboxing) This is what you did in the
beginning by the way though. You were wiping your mouth
and holding your pee. Straight up I was like what. (dance music) (laughing) I learned that from a YouTube tutorial. Come on guys. (laughing) Oh God, Eric, Kevin’s going again. (dance music) (laughing) – It’s such a hip dance. You’ll hear about it one day. – Hip dance. Oh I love Kevin Nealon. – Wait a second, let’s talk
about the Drax Project. – You do your frickin’ research man. – With the Hailee Steinfeld. I just know, how can I not
see it, you’re everywhere. (laughing) I mean that was like every
girls dream isn’t it? To be like in a music video like that? – Literally be a video vixen girl. (laughing) Like dancing around– – You’re the girl laying
in bed with the sunshine hitting your head and he puts his head next to yours and you know. – Oh yeah, oh yeah. – Woke up late. – Woke up late. And they’re the sweetest. They’re from New Zealand and so like I could listen to them all day. – Oh yeah, yeah. – Just speak, not sing. They lose their accents when
they sing, I don’t know why. – I know, why is that? – I don’t know why. – Dance is such an
expressive form, you know, for, to, your feelings and stuff. And I think, I think that pretty much captures your feelings and your attitude. – Thanks man. – Just to dance, you’re so happy. – Thanks. – Do you ever get sad? (laughing) – Yes. – Even when you broke
up with Dobrik on the, on the video, you still,
you guys were laughing and having a good time with it. – Oh yeah man, I mean you
can like, like you can get too serious, but you know, I
never want to take it that way. Just always do something whole heartedly and light heartedly, as much as you can. – I know it’s great to
live in the present, but do you ever think about the future, like where are you gonna
be like in 20 or 30 years? – You ever get depressed about the past? (laughing) – Let me take you outta that. – And you relive it over and over again. – Let me take you outta that
miserable present time– – You seem too happy. Let me remind you who you really are. About the future? Like getting excited about the future? – Yeah, like, you see
yourself still living in L.A.? – No, actually I don’t. I totally see myself
moving to Austin, Texas. – I love Austin. – Dude it’s the coolest. Like the food’s good. – Oh it’s so good. – There’s music, film, it’s so good. – Don’t become a vegetarian if you’re going to Austin though. – No. Oh, oh hell no. – They got the barbecue there. – I’m only like pescatarian in L.A. (laughing) And that’s, that’s just to
relate to everybody around me. – What are you doing
for Halloween this year? Do you dress up? – I always dress up, but I have no idea. I’ve been like– – See you’re that type
of person that does that. – Of course. I used to like trick, I
trick or treated until I was like 18 cause I’m
small and can pull it off. – Yeah, you can get away with that. – Yeah, it was super inappropriate, but I still kept doing it. (upbeat jazz music) – Liza show me your goofy face. – What? I don’t think I can do one. Hey. (laughing) I almost fell over,
and fell down the hill. – All right, now show
me your serious face. Hey Liza are you all right? You okay? – Oh yeah, I’m good, sorry, I wasn’t sure if there
was a timer on that. (laughing) – Are you worried about earthquakes? – I’m freaking out as
we speak, because like– – That’s just the ground
shaking under my feet. – Okay that’s just you walking. Like the fact that the
earth can just open up at any given moment and
just swallow you whole. Like what happened to Rhianna in the “End of the World” movie. – I never thought about that. And I just, I worry about the shaking. Last one we had I got a little sea sick. – I wasn’t here, I was in Canada. – Okay, so you had nothin’ to do with it. – Describe to me what happened. (laughing) – No it’s just the
chandeliers started swaying, you know, and the armored
knights that I have in the corner started swaying, and you know my Bentley
started rocking back and forth. – I hate you so much. (laughing) I was like damn. Take it, let’s scale this together. We’ll throw the camera on top and we’ll walk directly up this hill. – You wanna? – Yeah. – Okay. – Wait, really? Oh I’m not taking it, no. (laughing) – Do you trust the universe enough that if there’s something clogged
in your garbage disposal in the kitchen sink you’ll just stick your hand down there and get it out? – Hell no. – You won’t? – No. – You think it’ll come out automatically? – No, no. I have, I have like four spoons down there right now and I am not getting them back. – How long have they been down there? – Oh like since I moved in. – You got a whole set
of silverware in there. – A whole set. (upbeat dance music) – You follow football? Any sports? – No, not at all. – Being from Texas? You got kicked out of Texas didn’t you ’cause you don’t follow football? – Yeah I sure did, let me go. But I only like kept up
with Texas, or kept up with football in high school, because I was a drill team dancer. – You were. – Yeah. – So that’s where the moves first started. (laughing) – It’s a half-time football game. – Do you hate confrontations? – Oh I’m not a big fan of it. – No. – But I’ve gotten a lot better at it. – Well you have to be ’cause you’re like a business woman now. – Yeah. I run my business so I gotta like look out for my best interests
and if someone doesn’t have my best interest at heart then I gotta put you in your place. (laughing) – But you probably do
it in a nice, funny way. – Yeah, I typically
like go into a character or something. I come dressed up in like a fat
suit of some sort (mumbles). – How do people describe you? Your persona. – Like a Labrador Retriever
bottled into a person. (laughing) I think I’m like a dog. I think I relate to a small chihuahua. I kinda just want like, love and be loved and be pet sometimes. – You know it’s funny, one of the great things
about you is, you know, you’re talented and you’re attractive but also you can be really goofy. – Thank you. (laughing) – Right? You get away with it. – Thanks man. Thank you I appreciate that. It was from being fat when I was growing up. (laughing) – You were fat fat growing up? – Oh yeah I was a thick kid. Chubby tubby kid, but I was happy as hell. – I never knew that. – Yeah I mean like, I mean even in college I was about 40 pounds heavier than I am right now. And that was not fat, I used that word. I just threw that out there. – Right, you were plus size. – I was a little thicker for my height. For my stature and there
ain’t nothing wrong with that. – Do you ever post those on Instagram? – I feel great where I am now. – Good for you! – Yeah those are all over my Instagram. I don’t like delete anything on Instagram because I want everybody
to see where I came from. (laughing) Never forget your roots. – Let’s do your funny faces. – Hey guys it’s a thumbnail. I always get that. People will like, be like hey oh my God, I recognize you from your
videos, can we do a funny face? I’m like. (camera clicks) What do you do when you get stopped, like, what’s the most like frequently like asked thing, like, if Lin-Manuel is a rap what’s yours? – It’s they’d say the
like “Hiking with Kevin.” – Do they? – That’s really the thing, yeah. – That’s so cool. – The show’s really taking off. – I’m so proud. – Thank you. – Keep making them. Keep watching them you guys. Make sure to subscribe to Kevin. Make sure to keep up on Instagram. – Hit that bell. – Hit that bell. – At Kevin Nealon. – Hit that notification button. – And you too, you need some followers. – Hey you know I’m really working on them, I’m trying these like
comedy sketch videos. – That’s a selfie video. – Oh nice. The selfie video. Oh this is good. This is a good reflection. I look good today, what? – You do. – Damn. Okay. You look good too. We are the same height, I don’t know what you’re talking about. – This is what I’d look
like if I was your height. – That’d be so weird. That literally looks like a
scary man coming from the bush. (laughing) – Do you go out for
auditions for parts in movies and things normally before
you did the YouTube stuff? – I’m more like handed the role, so… (laughing) – That’s gotta be tough, huh? Do you audition for like kid parts? – If I had my hands
without these nails on it could do some like, some
like, this is ridiculous. This is like not the hands of a hiker. I feel like I could do
like child hand modeling. You know they have to like
hire adults for that right? – I didn’t know that. – Like they have to hire adults with like really supple baby like hands. – Supple hands. Did you ever get that compliment,
your hands look so supple? – I have. (laughing) I won’t say who it was from or what we were doing but I have. I’ve done like kid actor
voices, voices like voice-over. – You’re such a good actress. You know we did, I did an episode of
Liza on Demand with you, and I had so much fun. And it was such a fun, fun set. Because of you, because
you make it so fun. We couldn’t stop laughing
on one of those takes. – I don’t know if you can see up there but I have tears in my eyes. (laughing) That’s like the best
compliment in the world that you would say that. I hope you know you’re
like my parents’ hall pass. – Really? – Both of them. Yes. So like working with you was like a dream. – Oh good. – Yeah and like you, you came to set and you literally just
like lit up the set. Everybody was so excited when you came and they were so glad when you left. (laughing) (upbeat bluegrass music) – Thanks Liza Koshy. Does it get any better than that? Koshy. Chocochick. Kosherpickle31. Kashii the coach. Yeah, all of those. Man I told you she was
charming and affable. And another thing, I think
because of this hike, she’s woken up the dancer inside me. I see a lot more dancing in my future. Whether you like it or not. Don’t forget to catch her awesome show on YouTube Premium
called “Liza on Demand”. It’s so funny. Also she’s got that new movie coming out on Netflix soon, called “Work It”. And her YouTube channel,
of course, and Instagram. And while you’re at it, please
subscribe to my channel. Also hit that notification bell, and we’ll catch you on my next hike. Happy trails! Come on. – [Liza] Oh come on.

Randy Schultz

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    Good things come in small pkgs……??? Saying in ref to whom??? I wonder……LIZA

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