– Come on, don’t bite
me mama, don’t bite me! There’s number nine. What else do we have and, oh, here’s a couple more! There’s number 10! Whoo, this is a big litter right now! – 10 pounds.
– That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. How are you even gonna use it? (upbeat music) – Hey, good morning, everybody,
and welcome to the vlog. Look at what we have here, a
little Mexican black king snake that is out of her nest box. That’s telling me she
has definitely laid eggs. You could tell she’s
no longer big and plump like she was when she was gravid. So I’m gonna go ahead
and take this shed out, get some water in with her, and hope for the start of this day being a beautiful clutch of eggs. Let’s go ahead and see what we got. Okay, where they at, where they at? Oh, there they are! Oh my gosh, that’s not
exactly the biggest clutch in the world, is it? That’s, of course, a three egg clutch. I don’t think there’s any
other eggs in here, are there? That’s it. Well, she was kind of a smaller girl, so that’s all right. And hey, 100% fertile clutch. But definitely a three egg clutch is a small clutch for these guys. We’ll go ahead, get
these in the incubator. Continue to check colubrids, ’cause I know we have a
handful of clutches here. I’ll check on all the
other stuff down at BHB, check over at The Reptarium
and all that good stuff. Let’s keep it movin’. This next clutch is one that I’ve been actually pretty interested in
seeing what’s gonna happen. This is an anery coral
bred to a coral ghost. Take a look at this dad
right here, oohoo doggie. Look at the pink in that one right there. That is absolutely amazing. Again, that’s an anery ghost, which is anerythristic and hypomelanistic, whereas this just an
anery coral here, and yes, what a gorgeous clutch
of eggs right there. Take a look at that. We’re gonna go ahead and take
a look at mama real quick, and like I said, these anery
corals are unbelievable. And being bred to that coral ghost, these are gonna be super high pink animal. I’ll get the shed outta here,
get some water in there. Every generation that
you breed these guys, they get better and better, so this was a great combination. I’ve been lookin’ forward to this clutch for a while, like I said. So let’s see what we have here. We have two, four, six,
eight, 10 good eggs, no slugs. That’s pretty awesome. And guess what guys, we
have some baby skinks! Oh my gosh, look at these
cute little dudes right here! Ho doggie, I tell ya what, I am excited. This is actually a female
that we put in a smaller tub because she was rubbing
and stuff like that. She seems to be doing okay now. I’m gonna go ahead and
just kinda put mama aside and just start to look at
these babies right here. Oh my God, look at how
incredible they are. These guys are unbelievable beauties. Again, I tell you what, this year we have been producing
some ridiculous babies. Oh my God, and again, these are
northern blue tongue skinks. Let’s go ahead and see
how many babies we have. Here’s one little baby here, two, look at that feisty
little monkey right there! Two little babies, three, oh
my God they are so adorable! Four, five; this one’s crazy. Look at him stickin’ his
tongue out like that! Six babies, look at that
chunky monkey right there! Ooh, doggie! All right, so five babies so far. We’ll go ahead, put
mama aside for a second, just kinda look through and
see if there’s any more babies. There’s definitely some infertile ova and stuff like that in here, so it looks like five might be the number. We’ll just kinda look through all of this to make sure there’s none hiding in here. (chuckles) It looks like that’s it. It’s not a big litter. Oh my God, are they absolutely adorable! Look at those things, ho ho my gosh! You guys are crazy cool! Wow, those things are beautiful! I tell you what, today has been absolutely incredible, people! I am having the time of
my life today with eggs, now baby skinks. I tell you what, it’s just a great feeling to see all this great stuff. I’m on cloud nine. This is a great day. And for those of you
that are counting along, it seems like I got so
excited I forgot how to count. There’s actually two, four, six babies, not five babies, six
babies in that litter. Back to some colubrid
eggs, and I tell ya what, I love little baby blue tongue skinks. So it’s always exciting to get babies, and there’s actually another
female that started laying. So later on today we can go and see if we get a second
litter of good babies, which will be really cool. This particular one happens to be a het black motley scaleless corn snake that’s bred to a scaleless corn snake. Looks like, looks like mama
looks really good here. She doesn’t look to beat
up or anything like that. No eggs in her. I’ll get this shed outta here as always, see how many eggs there are. It doesn’t look like there’s any bad eggs, looks like a pretty decent clutch, a smaller clutch, but still pretty good. Two, four, six, seven good eggs. I tell you what, so far this
day’s going pretty good. No monster clutches, but
still, really beautiful eggs. As a matter of fact, I don’t think we’ve had
a bad egg yet today. I shouldn’t jinx myself, right. Regardless, I’m gonna go and
get these in an incubator box, get ’em set up and move on to our last colubrid clutch of the day. It’s a pyro, and wouldn’t you
know it, I did jinx myself. Remember when I said, I shouldn’t have said there
aren’t any (chuckles) slugs. Looks like this entire clutch is slugs. Here’s the female mama here. You did okay girl, it’s
all right sweetheart. But yeah, it looks like
no good eggs at all. And again, you can tell the
difference between good eggs and bad eggs just by that. I mean, look at how gummy they are. They’re just nasty. Four infertile eggs,
no fertile eggs at all. I think this might be one of the first completely slug clutches that we’ve had this year. So we’ve had tremendous fertility. It’s been a really, really good year, and we still have a long way to go. And it’s like how I always tell you guys, I’m bringing you on the
good, the bad, the ugly. This one happens to be pretty ugly. Then the last colubrid clutch is actually from a relatively small hognose snake, but she is an anaconda hognose snake. You can see her right here. She’s really beautiful. And of course the anaconda hog isn’t a hybrid between an anaconda. It’s the pattern, because the pattern kinda
looks like an anaconda, so people call them an anaconda. And this is a codominant mutation. The supers are actually patternless 100%. So let’s see what she has in here. Oop, we got a couple
little sluggers right here, and it looks like a couple eggs. Do we have any other eggs? Huh, looks like that’s it, just two eggs. This is definitely the
day of the small clutch for colubrids for sure, but nevertheless, we got
two really good eggs here. And hey guys, that wraps up
the colubrid eggs for the day. And guess what guys, this is another litter of little skinks! I was so excited about this one. This is our second coffee female to lay, and she was loaded up with babies. Look at all these little babies. Oh, look at ’em, look
at ’em, look, oh my God! There’s a couple little
infertile over here. Oh my god. Ow! And one, this little bit me. They are so incredible! I was so excited about these ones, and, oh my gosh, are
they absolutely gorgeous! There’s two little babies there. And you know, a lot of times. And these guys are firstborn. Oh look at, mama’s not happy. They’ll be really kinda
almost lifeless in a way. Like you can see, it’s
barely moving around, and stuff like that. But they usually get energy within the first couple hours. So I’m not terribly concerned about it. I definitely have to watch
out for mama over here. This is, oh, watch out, okay, whoo. Mama’s protecting babies today. That’s four little babies there. It’s okay mama, it’s all right. Let’s go ahead and move you over here. Here’s a fifth little baby. And again, these guys seem really weak. So I’m gonna put ’em on damp
paper towel, right there. And I think that you can see some of them are perking up pretty good. But wow, these things are gorgeous! And it looks like there’s
some more babies over here. Here’s number six here. Oh my gosh, when these
guys actually perk up and start to shed and stuff like that; oh my God, are they gonna be gorgeous. So I got six babies so far. Gee whiz, look, load it up, and, oh, here’s another little
baby here, number seven. Here you go, sweetie. Oh my gosh, they’re so incredible. Let’s see what else we’ve got. Mama’s definitely protecting over here. There you go, mama. Any more? Oh here’s a couple more,
here’s a couple more. There’s a couple more. There’s number eight. Go ahead, put him over here. There you go, buddy. Ah, my gosh. Mama, don’t bite me, mama, don’t bite me. Here’s number nine. Oh, and it looks like these are so fresh. Again, just like I mentioned. See, they’re already starting to perk up. You know, when you first pull them out, they just seem kinda almost listless, and then they get perked up. So it means that she probably
just had these babies, and they’re so, so fresh. Okay mama, it’s okay. What else do we have? And oh, here’s a couple more. There’s number 10. Whoo, this is a big litter right now. And number 11. Look at this one. Oh, this one looks really. This probably one of the first ones, ’cause look at how excited it is. That’s number 11! Hoohoo, doggie. 11, that’s amazing. I don’t know if she’s gonna have any more, but we’re gonna keep on looking around and see if we can find
any more real quick. That might be it. See if there’s any more
hiding in here anywhere. All right, just go ahead
and look under the paper to make sure. Looks like that’s it. Okay, looks like that’s it. 11 baby coffees, hoohoo, doggie! And she was bred to a redline, so these are gonna be stunning babies. Probably the nicest litter
we’ve had so far this year. Wow, these things are gorgeous. What a day for skinks, huh. Two litters in one day. Love it. I’m gonna check the rest of them, see if we get lucky and have more, but we still have a lot
more to go after this. Wow, I love this. A lot of you guys know that we’re not only
bringing on my buddy, Jay, to kinda help me with
some filming and editing, up the kind of quality of the vlog, but we’re also trying
to launch a mini series that we’re gonna put out that
will be wildlife adventures. You know, the first one,
hopefully in Australia, then South Africa, Indonesia,
whatever the case may be. Regardless, we did need some
gear, so I did buy something that Lori is very
interested in checking out. (laughing)
(clapping) Do you wanna see it? All right, Noah, show her. – I’m interested? – Okay, mom. (grunting) Are you ready for this? – [Lori] I don’t– – Are you ready for this, yes or no? – I don’t know. What the hell is this? – [Noah] No, it is not a telescope. (grunts) Oh God
– Are you kidding me? It’s that heavy? – I mean, it’s probably about 10 pounds. – That is the dumbest
thing I’ve ever seen. How are you even gonna use it? – [Brian] What do you mean? – That’s gonna attach to your camera?! – [Brian] That’s my new vlog rig. – You can see here. – [Brian] I carry this
around all the time. – Literally see the holes on the moon. – [Brian] (chuckles) You
just looked through– That was dumb. – Yeah, you do. – [Brian] You need a camera. – I mean, it works. – [Brian] What do you think,
is that awesome or what, Lori? You excited? – That is the most ridiculous
thing I’ve ever seen. – See, this is pretty crazy. – I did not sign off on that. (laughing) – Doesn’t look like a telescope though? – Yeah, it pretty much is. I wanna see, I wanna see. Nobody has the arms to– – [Brian] You put that on a tripod. – Well hell yeah, you put it on a tripod. – [Group] Bazooka. (everyone laughing) (grunting) (laughing) – That’s gonna get some
amazing wildlife shots when we’re out in the wild, you know, working with crocodiles or running after monitor lizards or when we’re in Africa. You wanna film rhinos or elephants. That’s gonna be awesome, huh.
– Look at that. – [Brian] Look at that. – It’s–
– [Brian] The camera fits inside there. (imitating honking)
(laughing) – Yeah, and then some. (laughing) – [Brian] It’s pretty awesome, huh? You guys stay tuned. There’s, things are gonna
get crazy around here later this year. Hi, BHB’s been so busy
that I haven’t spent as much time over at the
reptarium as I normally do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m here all the time, but I’ve definitely been
spending a lot more time at BHB pulling eggs and babies, which is absolutely incredible. I hope that you guys are
enjoying this breeding season. But what do you say we just
check out some animals here at the reptarium. (upbeat music) Oh, and as I’m going through
things here at the reptarium, Lucy has started to kinda go
into a shed all over the place. Tomorrow, I’m gonna have a
kinda big update about this. So you’re gonna have to make
sure you tune in tomorrow. I’m going in with Lucy, and
I’ll give you that update. (upbeat music) Another beautiful, perfect
shed from Ben and Jerry. Look at that, absolutely stunning. Now that these guys are
eating really good again, they are shedding a bunch. So, absolutely gorgeous shed. Look at how amazing
these two monkeys look. I tell you what, what
cool snakes they are! I love these guys, and I’m so happy that they seem to be doing really well. (upbeat music) In the dungeon, which means ball python
eggs or python eggs. What do we got today? We have two ball python clutches. – [Brian] What’s the first? – The first is a het albino
female bred to an albino clown. – They’re all gonna be
albino, het, or clown, or double het albino clowns. Let’s see what we got here. (swishing) Okay, mama. Oop, there’s one little slugger out over there.
(paper crinkling) See what she’s got goin’ on. (paper crinkling) Oh, the rest of the clutch looks good. – [Kelsey] These are huge! – They look really nice. What couple little slugs. This little slugger here,
this little guy here. And then it looks like we
got a little boob egg here, but the other eggs look really good. And again, because it’s het albino, and the albino clown
is a double recessive, that means that all of
the animals are gonna het for both clown and albino. But half the clutch is gonna be albino. I hope that made sense. Regardless, that’s awesome. We’ve got two, four, six
good eggs in this clutch. One more clutch to go. And the last clutch is– – A normal female bred
to a fire yellow belly. – Fire yellow belly. Okay, let’s see what you got. (swishing) All right, we got one egg out
of the (chuckles) trunk there. Mama, you look good. She’s a small little girl, so
wouldn’t expect a lot of eggs, but, ooh, that looks like a bigger clutch than I even expected. Come on mama, you gotta give ’em up. Again, another little
boob egg right there. And those little uncalcified eggs that I always call boob
eggs, it just means literally that the egg didn’t completely calcify. So, regardless, it’s actually a pretty good-sized clutch there. It looks like there’s two, four, six good eggs in this clutch. And again, every clutch we produce isn’t always like this knockout where we’re gonna produce
all kinds of cool stuff. We wanna produce a lot
of like low-end stuff that people want to buys as
pets, entry level ball pythons, stuff like that. Fire yellow bellies are really pretty. Obviously, that’s just bred to a normal. So we could get more fire yellow bellies, we could get fires, and we can, of course, get yellow bellies, and that’s pretty much
it outta that clutch. Unless there’s something hitting. Regardless, that’s six eggs. As always, Kelsey, you’re killing it. Thank you so much.
– Thank you. – Tell you what guys, that seems
like a pretty eventful day. A bunch of snake eggs,
baby skins, I tell ya, (chuckles) it’s an
absolutely amazing time here. So I’m just gonna end it,
wish you guys an amazing day, tell you that I love you
and that you are amazing. Do me a favor, and be
kind to someone today, and I promise I will
see you guys tomorrow. (upbeat music)

Randy Schultz

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