Live PD: Dinosaur Bones (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Dinosaur Bones (Season 3) | A&E

[music playing] – We’re just
responding to a scene where two were seeing fighting,
and somebody was actually seen knocked out on the ground. I’m sure that’s one of
the ones involved right there that’s holding his head. – This is the other guy. – He got it pretty
deep, from what it looks like, decent laceration
to the back of the head. – He might have a laceration. It’s– It’s kind of hard to
see underneath the head– the hair. – Lower, huh? – Lower– like,
right here, I think. – What did he hit him with? – He got knocked out,
and we’re thinking that he probably went–
– Fell on the concrete– – –there you go. There it is. Nice little hairline. – This is exactly the guy
that I thought it would be. He’s known to drink
in this area and get kind of drunk in public. And he’s actually run his mouth
towards other public members or, you know, us. He might have said something
to the wrong person, which caused him to get
in some sort of fight. Apparently, they’re saying this
is the other guy over here. – That hit him? – What does he got
in the bag, man? – Bones? – Ask– ask him what is it? – He said– – Does he have an
extra set of gloves? So it sounded like he like– he walks around with
like a little fossil kit. What the– – What the– Dang! – It’s a raptor? You watch “Jurassic Park?” – [speaking spanish] – The dinosaur collector. – Ask him where’s his little– his brush. His little fossil brush, man. They were fighting
over fossils, man. I don’t think it’s going
to be dinosaur bones. I’m sure it’s some
sort of animal that he located
somewhere out in the– in the railraod
tracks, or something. But he’s obviously, I
guess, had it for some time. So it’s– he’s taking
good care of it. I guess some of the other guys
have gone out before with the– the bones in his bag. – That’s a good man right there. – He’s free to go, right? – Yeah. – OK. – Currently right now, it
sounds like he’s actually not wanting to go to the
hospital, and going to be declining any
intention to go and get checked out, which
is unfortunate. So– – Hey! – It turned out
to be two friends that had a mutual
fight with each other over some disagreement. They both didn’t want to
prosecute on each other. So the friends are going their
separate way for the night, and they’re going to probably
link back up tomorrow, I’m sure, and probably
have another beerski.

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Live PD: Dinosaur Bones (Season 3) | A&E

  1. Nesim Durmus says:

    LIVE PD please come to new jersey

  2. LukeL007 says:

    Anyone else notice that he had one of those security hard cases stores keep perfume and electronics in?

  3. Madd Genome says:


  4. ayo yayo says:

    "Link back up tomorrow and probably have another beerski" ok officer bro

  5. whatsup778899 says:

    2:50 you are good to go….. litter in public.

  6. Richard’s Bail Bonds says:

    Should i even bother to comment?

  7. Gleeb Gliber Galactica Gavorti says:

    Yeah any museum he showed those to would laugh at him all the way back to Guadalajara.

  8. Placeholder says:

    never help an officer because they will not help you

  9. MatronCity .JockJamJesus says:

    they should have confiscated his beers

  10. vsboy 25 says:

    Salinas looks like Mexico city

  11. Cristian says:

    This lad has a skull from an alligator. Ask me how I know

  12. Tristan Holland says:

    Who you trying to get crazy with ese don't you know I got dinosaur bones?

  13. Ted Nugent says:

    I missed the part where they produced valid work visas.

  14. Nick Morton says:

    I’m Canadian and I’m starting to get the whole wall thing

  15. MrSlanderer says:

    I like the officer’s optimism for tomorrow’s meet-up between the two. Another drink together… and probably another fight.

    Also, animal bones? That guy’s ready for a date!

  16. flaco m says:

    Can he get a taco since the other guy couldnt get it?

  17. Armando LaPeda says:

    Anyone else sniffing bath salts while watching live PD

  18. Rocket Miller says:

    Lol it's a coyote skull.

  19. Cole Teets says:

    We just gonna ignore the probably stolen security cases that Walmart uses

  20. Bigf00t100 says:

    Click bait

  21. Bryan A.Cal says:

    its the crystal skull of meth

  22. Clapping Jazz Hands says:

    That’s an English dialect I never learned. Hum sounds more like Spanish. A pair of illegals most likely living off American Tax $ drunk and fighting in the streets. Do we Really need more of this? Build The Wall!

  23. Everan G says:

    He doesn’t want to go to the hospital because he is an illegal alien… just like his friend… great job in detaining them California!

  24. Walker LongWood says:

    Thank god for Car Gurus

  25. Moe Hamad says:

    Link up and probably have another beerski lol

  26. Steve Turowski says:

    Never had the makings of a varsity athlete

  27. Vic Matinez says:

    Most dinosaur bones are fake

  28. ZDG says:

    haha that's a dog's skull

  29. go away says:

    That’s dog bones, I have quite a few. That’s specifically a pit bull based on the muzzle size.

  30. Pls let me get 1000 likes with no vids God says:

    Tell me not the white mashion looks like jake Paul’s house 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. cubbiemalone49 says:

    “He’s thinking about taking classes” lmao 😂😂

  32. Ash Ton says:

    Thats a dog skull wtf

  33. Ej joe says:

    Looks like a dog to me.

  34. Skylar durrant says:

    Yes a raptor 😆

  35. VBVNDON_BEATS says:


  36. J Rog says:


  37. jesus saves cars s says:

    That's for sure German Shepard dog head are you guys high or what u gotta be kidding saying dinosaur bones 😂

  38. Alex Bidwell says:

    That's a dog skull

  39. Shrub says:

    homie straight up excavated someone’s dog

  40. 20killershot says:

    that cop is hot im gonna go commit a crime in Salinas hit me up

  41. Bryan Mcgee says:

    Keep in mind folks….you only need a high school diploma to be a police officer….but these guys surely dropped out after junior high if they believe those are dinosaur bones!😂😂😂😎✌

  42. Baqer Najaf says:

    what if it was tho? and this cop ruined it.

  43. monsterwafflez says:


  44. Dan_the_ Architect says:

    Sticks and stones may brake my bones but tacos would never hurt me lol

  45. Mariz NS says:

    "don't-touch-my-head" guy is actually cute.

  46. angela atccnmrpm says:

    What tje

  47. tvercetti1 says:

    California is one giant meme

  48. Frankie G says:

    beerski …brewski 🥴

  49. Jovani Ceja says:

    "and have another 'beer-skee'" lol i love cali sometimes

  50. Crow says:

    Huh…so it is true that snitches gets stitches.

  51. Lovely Miimii says:

    I'm dead dinosaur bones 😂

  52. John Fernandez says:

    Did I just see gas at 1.18??

  53. William Gerhart III says:

    Did he really say beerski?

  54. Noah Loving Life says:

    These bones are full of cocaine

  55. Ecko Incarnated says:

    Not sending their best.

  56. Skip Mars says:

    completely sad…

  57. MrPuffy says:

    Hmm those bones look small

  58. MoveOn says:

    “nice little hairline” he didnt need that 😂

  59. MoveOn says:

    so how come this isnt public intoxiration

  60. Wesley Rose says:


  61. Tony NA says:

    another load of mexicants

  62. Danielle Williams says:

    Apparently Salinas CA has the hot cops, so maybe they need their own show

  63. L Fraser says:

    Did the cop at the end seriously call it a beerski, as a Canadian I feel personally offended, it's a brewski

  64. Silverfox M says:

    Another Beersky

  65. mixy85dc dc says:

    That dude who got his head cracked was drinkin four loko 😳🤮

  66. Aphlatus says:

    Those are coyote bones lmao

  67. Malcontent says:

    I hope ICE was called for these people

  68. EVO Jumpman says:

    This is the guy digging up your guys’ dead dogs

  69. bob Cleg says:

    that was a deer

  70. Maize The holographic corn says:

    Oh that poor dog… 😬

  71. Trip Sound says:

    beerski? its a BREWski 3:18

  72. Cliff ASH says:

    whenever I see a mexican it reminds me of ghost recon wildlands

  73. Shay Owens says:

    That ain’t no dinosaur…. that be lookin like a dog scull

  74. Paola Martinez says:

    The guy with the head injury talks to my dad and we know him as "el emigrado" 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

  75. Stephen Miller says:


  76. Mike Bennett says:

    Dog bones….. I guess if your high enough it could pass for fossils. Except the replacement of calcium for minerals that give fossils their name from fossilization…. 65 million year old bones would not be ivory white 🙅🤦

  77. Clara Arts says:

    Definitely a boxer or pit skull cause of the short muzzle but definitely a dog skull good thing they wearing gloves cause its a little fresh and still giving off fat which it that yellowish color

  78. Puff E. Upagus says:

    What's with cops and beards these days? I think Live PD is putting UC in patrol cars since most patrol.cops.look a lil puffy.

  79. K Tiaraaa says:

    Those cops tho 😍😍😍

  80. Tammie A says:

    The skull looks like that of a canine.

  81. Naestved DK says:

    "You can find dinosaur bones in the strangest places. I found these inside a dog!"

  82. Got any black ones says:

    I know the guy who had his head bleeding his name is lañita

  83. Moto_Bodman says:

    It’s brewski not beerski

  84. Thomas Murphy says:

    Wtf is a beerski

  85. Iron Fan says:

    Only on Live PD…

  86. Mark K says:

    If dude wasnt broke, I have some really nice land for sale in the Pacific ocean

  87. Chris Taylor says:

    Beerski…. straight to the comments

  88. Nick Lemon says:

    lol obviously illegals

  89. Jack Burton says:

    That's coyote bones I recognize it from cowboy movies

  90. OG Fight night says:

    That skull was made of pure coke

  91. Prithvi Tanna says:

    if you haven't fought your friend over some bs like this are y'all even friends

  92. Cheese Smoke says:

    Century's of breeding just to break the record on the most disfigured skull imaginable

  93. Gothmann NvrLoveAho says:

    Bruh who’s dog did he steal

  94. A&E says:

    Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!

  95. Melvin Bonzarelli says:

    a dog's skull.

  96. Mac Guffin says:

    Let's see. Salinas has had the most episodes of any city with COPS and LIVEPD. Conclusion: Salinas is the leading shithole in the country.

  97. Karma Black says:

    lol fossil hinter robbed a dog grave

  98. PranksterGL25 says:

    nice dog bones….

  99. Sam Pique says:

    Stoopid illegals send them back where they came from…

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