Little girl eaten by crocodile in TSIOQUE – Epic wizard duel!

Little girl eaten by crocodile in TSIOQUE – Epic wizard duel!

ah ah I have to make a mess I think this
might take a bit of a while oh well that’s not what I expected I was
supposed to help him win I guess okay well good for me yeah I helped I guess oops okay now take this thing yeah
stuff that into your bag oh I can’t okay well that’s fine let’s go see what these
hands poking out are hmm all right can she move the ladder without waking up
the big ugly oh she can good all right go up there and then this way
we can get the helmet all right or we cannot get the helmet that works but
wait is that is that gonna help us is that a good thing I mean it seemed fine
he’s still fine he’s still sleeping and everything oh well that doesn’t seem too
nice that guy’s not gonna be having a good time is he yeah we’re gonna be
burning this guy’s face sorry hmm too bad for you shouldn’t’ve been
sleeping like a dumb-dumb is what we can use the Golden Gloves for take that out
of there I also cannot stick that in her bag of course so what are we supposed to
do then a shiny shirt or not
and soft that’s ID said that’s mine well that yeah that doesn’t seem like a
good idea that just a zebra a poor zebra what are they doing to that poor thing was that dragon scales of course is
dragon scales okay well that’s gonna be good work here’s done that thing okay
well yeah don’t worry know what that was all about but all right
sorry zebra I can’t help you right now I have to come back probably huh goodbye
goodbye all right Can I grab that page yes I can it’s a piece of a bigger
picture aha this one needs the dragon scales far okay ow well at least she’s fine pepper shaker spares I’m pepper in his face did that
did that even do anything okay god this little girl’s bag can hold a
lot of stuff but I can’t hold those other huge things ding ding is this
helping anything no of course it is not who’s behind the
curtain oh well that’s not what I was expecting but it’s probably a good thing three others they do well I don’t
understand maybe I can’t do a thing with that yet
because of the rats he’s got to find a way to get rid of them
cheese or something I don’t know how is she even gonna get up there hey kitty
oh poor kitty get down here kitty oh okay what what are you trying to do
reach up there or something or try and get the cat yeah I didn’t think so what
you can do with that yeah that fell apart good job
well you can almost reach follow us on top of a face good job oh do you think
to open the cupboard of course let’s try that see what’s in there sorry sorry what oh my god well okay my apologies the Wizards not
seeming to very happy right now in two words now can I reach the cat so I can
climb on top of the barrel making a little closer to the cat at least oops well that doesn’t seem good quick go hide yeah see nothing’s wrong
buddy get out of here like I died God is that you know not not at all I’m
not too sure if a truck trust it yeah what o’clock uh this never mind
little girl gets eaten instead okay quick open up bag this this no okay oh okay so I can’t actually throw something
at him I just don’t know what I should throw out of that a mug I could try the
mug I like how he’s just unimpressed with a little bit of spider silk being
thrown in his face mug so it Adam okay he’s also unimpressed by that I
probably don’t have what I need what’s you know sucks to be this guy oh wow those guys aren’t here playing
whatever anymore so that’s good for me buddy maybe I can do something here
what’s that yeah sure just dip your hand in it lovely
you don’t know what that is girl here’s the mug they’re gonna what oh good god
yep all right we’ve got another one of those pages though yeah you’re not you
you you’re not strong enough to do anything with that little girl
come on princess the Chuck yeah don’t fall down at all all right but sure
let’s go see what’s out over here totally not dangerous for a little girl
to be on not at all Hey look there’s her invisibility cloak though that seems
important yeah I don’t like that idea but hey maybe you can reach out and grab
it now or you can lose it in tight okay actually that’s fine come on don’t die
Clanton climb back up you’re fine oh good god crow can the girl help me Oh
kitty well I don’t really know what to do here
those crows kind of in my way now sort of I guess maybe I don’t know
oh okay now the cat okay ah so that’s what I had to do oh come on
poor kitty don’t be rude to the poor cat all right well at least I can go inside
now Wow he took the invisibility cloak darn it keep sticking out your tongue
Adam there we go okay saved you kitty oh okay
bye nope of course not okay so I didn’t
really get anything for doing any of that then oh wait a second I haven’t
been here yet what is this um oh this is what I okay so I need to make him look
like that but I need all those things but how am I gonna bring all those
things because they’re too heavy I need some sort of cart probably to bring them
all in here oh no don’t okay it’s a bad idea not falling for
this one yeah Sleeping Beauty okay can I throw the feather in his face sure it’s
wave a feather in his face that makes sense oh oh it’s actually the pepper
that works for that oh wait never mind Oh okay goodbye well it doesn’t look like
very good things are happening inside there well um I’m just gonna go to the
stables and pretend that none of that Haven happened oh oh look they’re done
in the great home but there’s a bear oh the poor bear he’s missing an arm I don’t know what the changing of that
color means but once again at this time for me to end this video so thank y’all
so much for watching hope you all had fun and enjoyed this one let me know
what you think in the comments below and we will pick this up again very soon I
apologize for the delay lots of things going on blah blah blah okay bye
enjoy also god bless

Randy Schultz

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  1. DragoNate's Mom says:

    I really like this game. What a cutie kitty!!!

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