Light sensitive species – a problem for dinosaur extinction theories

Light sensitive species – a problem for dinosaur extinction theories

One of the biggest mysteries in earth history is what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. There are over 100 theories, including the
suggestion that dinosaurs suffered from slipped discs, shrinking brains or chronic constipation. The most popular idea is that a meteorite
hit the earth and caused dramatic changes in earth’s climate, which led to the demise
of the dinosaurs. However, even though this story is often repeated as fact, many scientists don’t believe it. For instance, in their book The Great Dinosaur Extinction Controversy, two evolutionary scientists explain how the meteorite idea has become a new dogma that has outstripped the evidence. They expose many problems with the theory. For instance, how did some organisms that require daily sunlight inexplicably manage to survive an event that supposedly blacked out the sun and caused 50% of species on earth to go extinct! So, it appears that even the best evolutionary theory of dinosaur extinction can’t see the light of day! To find out more from Creation Ministries
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Randy Schultz

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9 thoughts on “Light sensitive species – a problem for dinosaur extinction theories

  1. QuantumFrost says:

    I'd love to hear the counter argument

  2. Anti Scientism says:

    Because dinosaurs never existed

  3. Alpha Beta says:

    It was most likely Noahs Flood that wiped them off

  4. GeekIWG says:

    If I were to take a guess, they probably were hunted to extinction. Dinosaurs are probably where the stories of dragons came from. That's just my hypothesis though.

  5. ProSniper109 says:

    And I suppose that most people that watch this are going to think that they we're wiped out by a global flood, even though the ancient cultures living around that time didn't notice that they we're underwater. And creationists can't even agree with each other on the population growth rates needed to have enough people on the earth to construct the first pyramids.

  6. Brandon E. says:

    Never stop pushing the truth of a literal interpretation of Genesis. So many people are deceived.

  7. Marie Visser says:

    There are some type of plants and trees that are called evergreen for a reason. The dust from the volcanic eruptions would've long settled before all plant life died, leaving the taller plants to thrive in the much welcomed back sunlight. Animals that were too short to feed off of these taller vegetation that survived would've starved out in no time (except for the carnivores). Note that some smaller herbivores survived because they needed less food to survive. While the sun was blocked, most of the bigger herbivores died out because of the lack of food. This means that most herbivores died, hence almost all reptiles are carnivorous. The bigger carnivores also died when the once abundant food source (herbivore carcasses) depleted. The smaller carnivores and herbivores were the ones to initially survive the impact. There's a reason why they call it a mass extinction.
    Dinosaurs are still among us… and we call them chickens. #evolution_is_a_thing

  8. Matt Holton says:

    The meteoritic impact theory has solid evidence behind it. We have found the impact crater, matched it with the Iridium rich KT layer dated at 65 millions year old. We find no non-avian dinosaur fossils above that layer. What more do you need?

  9. Mohammed Zulk says:

    Some sort of Iridium bomb according to The Lacerta files.

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