Life Size Giant T-Rex & Raptor Dinosaurs with Park Ranger Aaron in Surprise Toy Opening Kids Video

Life Size Giant T-Rex & Raptor Dinosaurs with Park Ranger Aaron in Surprise Toy Opening Kids Video

(dramatic music) (dinosaur roar) (dinosaur roar) (dinosaur roar) (heavy breathing) – [LB] Come in, Park Ranger Aaron. – [Aaron] Yeah, go ahead, Park Ranger LB. – What are you doing out there? – I’m trying to get away
from this Velociraptor that’s chasing me. – Why are you in the
area with the raptors? – I’m out here looking for
that can of shaving cream that we lost so long ago, it has all those dinosaur embryos in it. – Oh, that thing? It disappeared a long time ago! – Yeah, I know it’s like 20 years old, but if anyone ever found it and
gave it to an evil scientist or something, they could make
dinosaurs and turn them loose on big cities, and then we’ll
really be in big trouble. So I think I really should
find it, but I gotta get rid of this raptor first. – Okay, but I don’t think
you’ll find it anyways. – Hey, actually I got an idea. I’ll call you in a few minutes. Okay, I’m gonna take this
spider and beetle marble and see if I can distract
the raptor with it. Here we go. Cool, it worked! I’m getting out of here! (dinosaur roar) Oh, boy! Wow! Look at this! I had no idea this was this high up. Okay, I’m gonna have to
find another way to go see if I can find that shaving cream can. This isn’t it. Oh, wow! Check out the view of
the park from up here! Whoa, man! This is awesome, man! Oh, hey, is that a Triceratops down there? Yeah, it is! (dinosaur roar) Cool, I’d better get heading back, here. This is kind of a weird, dark looking part of the park right here. Oh, man! What’s that noise over there? (twig snap)
What’s that? (growling)
What is that? (growling)
Oh, okay. Oh, man, look at these
footprints down here. They’re too small to be dino tracks. I don’t know what this
is, but this is freaking me out, man, I’m getting out of here! (exciting music) Okay, all right, this is the
path back to headquarters. Oh, finally! Oh, wait a minute! Oh, man! No, don’t tell me, don’t tell me. Yeah, that’s a T-Rex right there! Oh, I hope she doesn’t see me up there. Okay, I’m just gonna
have to take this path. Gotta stay quiet and down low. Make sure she doesn’t see me. (exciting music) Uh-oh! The raptor is back! Uh-oh! Oh, it’s the creek. Hey, this could be perfect! That way the raptor won’t follow me. Let’s give it a try! Let’s see if we can stay
ahead of this Velociraptor without getting swept
away by this current. Oh, man, oh, wow! It’s a bit rough over there. Here it comes. I don’t think it wants to
cross the water, though. Uh-oh, it’s getting a bit deep right here. I hope I don’t get swept away. Oh, man, here comes the raptor. Better hurry. All right, I think I got it. Whew, made it! There’s the raptor. All right, I got an idea. Hey, remember that T-Rex I
passed a little while ago? – Yeah, I saw it, it’s
right here on the screen. – Yeah, could you open it’s
paddock and see if it’ll come over here and chase off this
Velociraptor that’s after me? – Sure thing, no problem! – [Aaron] Yeah, that’ll be all, thanks! Now sit back and enjoy the show! (dinosaur roar) Oh, got it, man, I’m getting out of here! Oh, man, good thing I got
away from that Velociraptor! Oh, hey, wait a minute! Hey, what’s that? Is that the shaving cream?! All right, let’s check it out. Awesome, I found the shaving cream! Let’s open it up. Oh, man, it’s taped shut, I
thought it was screwed on. Oh, no! The embryos are missing! No wonder it was taped shut. Somebody found it before I did. Hopefully these embryos
didn’t end up in the hands of some evil scientist who’s gonna turn them loose on big cities. That’s gonna be bad if they do. Wait a minute, oh, man! It’s some sort of Animal Planet toy! It’s an Animal Planet
Infrared Charging Triceratops! Cool, I bet this belongs to Park Ranger LB and he lost it out here. I’m gonna take it back to
HQ and open this bad boy up! Awesome! Hey, Park Ranger LB! Man, I just barely got
away from that raptor! Thanks for sending the
T-Rex after it for me, that was awesome! Hey, while I was out there,
after I got away from the raptor, look what I found, man! The Infrared Charging Triceratops toy! – Cool! – I thought you left this out there, huh? – Uh-huh. – Yeah, I was gonna keep
it at first, but I figure, you know what, it probably
belongs to Park Ranger LB, so here you go, and
you can open it up now. – Thanks, you’re the best! – Oh, thanks, Park Ranger LB! But look at this, man, I
told you I would find the can of shaving cream we
lost all those years ago, but it’s empty, man! There’s no dino embryos in
there, what are we gonna do? I’ll all worried about this now. – I think we’re gonna find them. – We’re gonna have to
keep looking, I know. But, hey, in the meantime
why don’t you go ahead and open that up and
I’ll give you these, too, these came in real handy,
they distracted the raptors. These are little bug marbles, man. Let’s open this bad boy up! – Yeah! – Cool, let’s go, come on! Okay, Park Ranger LB, show
us how this dinosaur works. Oh, cool! – He’s gonna crush the snail! Oh, he went past it. – And he goes off in the woods. (Aaron makes crashing sound) If you like this video
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