LEGO IDEAS Dinosaur Fossils | LEGO Designer video Set 21320

LEGO IDEAS Dinosaur Fossils | LEGO Designer video Set 21320

I’m Niels Milan Petersen I’m a Lego
designer and I’ve been working on the latest Lego ideas set which is called
dinosaur fossils the set is a box where you actually get three dinosaur
skeletons in you get the Tyrannosaurus Rex you get the Triceratops and you get
the Pteranodon they’re in the same scale and they are from the same period
of time and they are set as if they’re in an exhibition at a museum
you have actually also a visitor looking at the dinosaurs this set is actually
based on an idea from a legal fan by the name of Jonathan Brunn. LEGO Ideas is a
wonderful thing where fans can actually have the opportunity to get their great
ideas and their fantastic models ending up like a real Vegas set when we had the
Lego ideas submission come to him we decided that we’re gonna go ahead with
it yeah there’s only really one person in the building that really stood out as
being the dinosaur expert and really wanted to give him the opportunity to to
work with us as the designer everybody knows that I love dinosaurs
and actually make dinosaur skeletons in my spare time too
I tried to do this model by myself and I used Neos as a consultant so I went to
him and I showed him my Tyrannosaurus skeleton so what do you think and he
said it’s very inaccurate so I said well then you do it then and he said okay
well I’ll do it I said that I’ll come back in about a week and we’ll have a
look at the t-rex that you did and see what how we can make something better
and when I got back he’d made about 50 different dinosaur skeletons that we
could potentially use for the set we had really good fun taking the best
and trying to play with them and see what would be the best for the set and
it just shows the diversity of the logo that we could create so many different
things in the set there’s quite a few Easter eggs for example actually is a
visitor to the museum in the Box is representing Jonatan and actually this
his might be looking at a skeleton with a hat on and thats Axia
a reference to myself because I originally made the skeleton and I
always wear some sort of hat there’s also a box with some equipment in it and
the equipment is the things you would use for taking out dinosaur skeletons or
as in my case because I’m actually been working as a knocker it’s just the most
important thing thing in that box is actually my coffee cock because I would
have that everywhere knowing the dinosaur skeletons quite well because
I’ve been interested in since I was a kid I would have to find a way to make a
skeleton be able to stand upright and be quite stable so I would start looking
for the Lego elements Lego bricks which would have the right shape and could do
the function in the skeleton we ended up using a lot of white in the set and that
was actually quite a funny challenge for us because all the tables are like are
white so when we were test building all the all the models he actually couldn’t
find any of them because it was so hard to see like looking for snow in snow so
we ended up having to cover all the tables in black paper so we could see
what we were looking at damaged skeletons will always be interesting for
all kinds of children because they are so amazing it’s so amazing they can
start off Europe fantasy about those genetics creatures living so many years
ago even though they’re scaled down to these kind of miniature versions and
skeletons you really get this feeling of this epic scale they are really awesome
for display and posing them in a really cool way
I’ve actually been working at Legos since 1980 and I’ve been working on that
quite a few iconic sets together with a lot of Marvel’s people during the years
I’ve been working full-time at Lake Oh for some years I actually wanted to
follow my old person for archaeology so I started working as a freelance for
Lego for and for the next 15 years I was studying and working as an archaeologist
but then I well returned full-time to Lego again then now this way I can
actually work with my other great passion and since I see you have a
paleontology one of the great things that we really look for his original
ideas and really cool things that Lego has never tried before for example
dinosaur skeletons and was really a challenge for us saying yeah we could
really we could really do that if if we don’t actively hear about it then maybe
we would never see it it’s a great opportunity to create awareness for Lego
to say hey we want this and that was a kid I would never have thought that it
would be possible but I in the future would be making time so skeletons for
Eagle in Lego bricks so that’s really more than I could have dreamed of
so if you really want to be great at building usual motivation to believe in
yourself and just keep on building you

Randy Schultz

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56 thoughts on “LEGO IDEAS Dinosaur Fossils | LEGO Designer video Set 21320

  1. TheMasterChief117 says:

    I really want this set

  2. Diego Praßel says:

    This is a cool set

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  4. The Super Awesome Mega FNAF BROS !!!!! says:

    First poll I’ve seen a 100 percent

  5. TheRedTurtlez says:

    What an amazing video! I didn't know this man created the Lego dinosaur

  6. Marisa Art says:

    Awesome 👍👍👍

  7. Maximilianmus got waves says:

    I can hear one of them is from Denmark. Så køre vi gutter Lego dinosaure

  8. Le MisérWAAble says:

    0:48 Is the holy set getting recognized by Lego ?

  9. Matthew Helgeson says:

    Han er dansker

  10. toni neuling says:

    I like this set

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  12. Жамба Ж. Дымбрылов says:

    Когда это выйдет

  13. Luis E Morales Falcon says:

    It changed a lot and I would have loved some of the others but I love what we are getting.
    Edit: I see a lot different skeletons (Brachysaurus, Apatosaurus, Mossasaurus and more), why they didn't make it into the set other than elevating the cost very high?

  14. Luke Stogden says:

    You can’t go showing us all the other designs and not give us any of the other skeletons.

  15. dino boy says:

    I'm so excited to see this in my shelf

  16. anas sakri says:

    I really love dino

  17. life with little artist says:

    I love it

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    Ура! Я сделал анонс раньше официального канала лего!

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    501st battle pack

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    ich kaufe das set

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    These would look great in a museum moc!

  22. Karol 2010 says:

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    What an amazing and talented man Niels Milan Pedersen is.
    Must get set. I think I want to collect everything Niels has done now.

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    This guy is amazing, why didn't they get him to design the Jurassic Park T. Rex set?

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    I love the dilophosaurus it is my all time favorite dinosaurus

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    Can you make every set of skeleton dinosaur that he build

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    Yes, way to go Niels. I love this project

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    It`s a great set for an office decor, thanks!

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    LEGO gave us Mixels Series 10

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    At 5:20 you can see he tries to play with it and the tail falls off. It’s funny but still a great set

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    I wish the set comes with Johnny Thunder minifigure.

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    Wouldn't mind seeing a sequel of sorts to this set in the future for the other dinosaur skeletons.

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    The skeleton with a fedora is actually either a fossilised Indiana Jones or Alan Grant…..”it belongs in a museum!”

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    Fossils made of fossil fuel

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    I am not buying this set, it is just not for me but I might get it.

  48. Dynamic DJs LLC says:

    I'm disappointed they went with Trex AGAIN. it is the most overdone dino ever. Would have loved to see the original design come through, open up some kids minds to something other than Trex! Really disappointed in Lego basically just stealing ideas and making them how they want. I know they have to make them marketable…. Remember to credit the original creator! Maybe make a video with THEM instead of just a screenshot. I still love LEGO and I like the set, BTW. 😘

  49. BrickLIdeas says:

    love it

  50. Soumitra Dasgupta says:

    Cool R-evolution.

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    Sweet set!

    It was great hearing your stories and meeting you at the Designer event in Lego house 2 weeks ago, Niels – I did not expect anything less than quality for this one!

  52. NUGGET Plays says:

    But then the black Lego

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    I love t-res and triceratops, just too bad we do not get stegosaurus.

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