Leaving Delos – feels GOOD but SCARY! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 239

Leaving Delos – feels GOOD but SCARY! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 239

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Leaving Delos – feels GOOD but SCARY! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 239

  1. MrCalifornia1234 says:

    Hope the baby is born safe and sound. Oh wait, the baby is 2 and 1/2 now. Jk. ?

  2. acouey123 says:

    Damn it Kazza, you choking me up too!

  3. Matt Lewandowski says:

    be safe… I look forward to the continuing voyages

  4. ricky seymour says:

    I've been Following You Guys Since Day One  Love  Watching  Your Adventures, I Wasn't Signled Into Youtube Back Then, But I Am Now, Would Love  A Shout Out For Nova Scotia Canada.

  5. Chris McEvoy says:

    Great video as usual 🙂

  6. Frank Olsen says:

    She's not giving birth onboard? That's weak!

  7. Jeff Slaven says:

    And so the new chapter begins. I feel like I know you all personally. #HereForTheLongHaul

  8. Sailing Channel Marinus says:

    Thanks for the old chapters.

  9. Mike Hale says:

    Have you been following RAN Sailing, There situation is very close to yours?

  10. Leslie Holt says:

    So emotional just for us viewers. Geez I cant even begin to think how both Brian and Kazza felt.But it appears you both have planned and prepared extremely well.Enjoy the time apart and the precious gift that is your daughter. We all look forward to your return to Delos. xoxoxo

  11. Colin Boniface says:

    Now that you've got rid of the two old farts, a few of us are coming over. Did you get the courier package with our reservations… 🙂 Good luck with the baby… Of course she will be a little trooper…

  12. george deehan says:

    I’m not crying, your crying ?.

  13. SinderellaAtTheBall says:


  14. Dave Nelson says:

    As the world churns…. everything changes eventually…….

  15. 5555filly says:

    It will go by quickly and you will sail again maybe not as much at first but a new life and how amazing ❤️ in the meantime enjoy Sweden? so excited to see all the new adventures

  16. Philip Freeman says:

    Cheaper to sail N.

  17. chat rick says:

    We will all miss you two. Be safe.

  18. Steve Newby says:

    Good luck guys.

  19. Jerry says:

    For some reason Brian, these vids where you are getting things done and going through the boat tasks seem to be the most enjoyable, but I guess that's just me.

  20. Fifi CH says:

    OMG you got me tearful?…….. It's so awesome knowing that you cherish SV Delos like I do my SV Nefi⛵
    Love ya lot's, good luck to Kazza & Brian…….. Get back to SV Delos soon!!!!
    PS….your long sleeved shirt is fabulous, love it!!!???⛵?from Mediterranean Sea!

  21. dean hood says:

    End of an era ! You guys have magnificently shared your adventures with me and many, many others. You will always hold a special place in my heart for that and it is with a tear in my eye that I wish you all a great passage. X Dean

  22. shota rahatze says:

    SAD SAD SAD footage here… It shall be happy when they turn back with the newborn ..

  23. Sherry Rees says:

    You're living the life I always dreamed about.

  24. Donna says:

    Brian, you never cease to amaze me. Outstanding job on all your completed jobs on Delos!!! Best of luck to everyone, in this new chapter of life! ?‍?‍??⛵️?

  25. André Boudreau says:

    Dam-it, you had me crying there. Happy new chapter in your new life!

  26. Paul Buckler says:

    So excited for you two to begin the next part in your adventure! Nothing beats being a parent, can't wait to see you guys adapt and grow once back on Delos!

  27. Running Wind Adventures says:

    I’m staying as a subscriber. I will still be with you guys

  28. Vaceslav Familya says:

    Докатались , поздравляю!!!

  29. Shane Reimroc says:

    I personally love seeing the repairs and maintenance that goes into the boat!

  30. Johnny says:

    When I first found out Kahza was pregnant I said “AH HELL” because I knew this day was coming. Caught me right in the feels ?

  31. Pete Butler says:

    Kazza you have a career in editing/directing if you want it.

  32. Steve Loop says:

    Sad, Happy. Great episode you all. teared me up

  33. Teresa Breton says:

    ???..so sad….but very exciting. I live in Florida!!! I'm so disappointed I didnt get to meet all of you…good luck to all of you…I'll definitely keep watching…♥️

  34. Don Johnston says:

    Emotional stories on Delos & RAN Sailing this week. Two similar journeys headed to Sweden with babies on the way. You guys are all great role models in terms of using your heads, organizational & problem solving skills, prioritizing, getting along with each other, involving family and sharing with others ………….

  35. Mike From says:

    Another chapter you two. See you back soon

  36. Living the Dream says:

    I didn't know that I would wake up crying today after watching this episode. Loved seeing the love of two brothers. When it comes down to it, it is all about family

  37. Robert Francis says:

    Next chapter: Baby!

  38. cujoe Mblakka says:

    You guys get a new crew member that you get train from strach!

  39. Steve .Collier says:

    Double thumbs up that was a very memorable video Delos is in very capable hands, Capt Brian thanks to your tenacity things get fixed with minimal damage to the piggy bank, Karin you have been a wonderful contributing factor in the Delos saga. Standing by to see more of the ocean waves splashing on the good ship Delos hull.

  40. Armando Motta says:


  41. Robert Moritz says:

    This was without a doubt the saddest episode you've ever posted. I don't cry easy but this definitely brought a few tears to my eyes. You guys have started new chapters before but this is more like a new section. Kind of like Delos Part II. May you all have fair winds and following seas. Looking forward to your next adventures.

  42. wrenchin4life01 says:

    I have watched you all for soooooo long just realized I hadn't subscribed yet. Keep the episodes comin.

  43. Gary Johnson says:

    Beautiful moments thank you for sharing

  44. Sid Czinkota says:

    Goodbye Mister Brady. Hello Uncle Brady.

  45. Edmund Squid says:

    Change is the only constant.

  46. rabbit32073 says:

    Good 'ole Fly'n Brian!

  47. Jason Smith says:

    On the back of a small boat with an inboard motor, what is the assembly on the outside of the hull called? does anyone know of a premade 'whatchamacallit' for smaller engines? 5-15hp? Just though Id ask here 🙂

  48. OCEAN WORLD SAIL says:

    Acho que com a família aumentando assim e podemos contar que logo o outro irmão também será pai, o ideal é pensar num catamarã 50 ou 58 pés para a próxima temporada. Seja qual for, 50 ou 58 estarão bem no mar. Homeschooling também fará parte do futuro próximo. Parabéns. Deus abençoe.

  49. Ronald Orosz says:

    I got all choked up watching that one!

  50. Ryan Ballard says:

    Hey closing doors open new ones and you have a family on the way you guys have so many things to look foreword to

  51. Strix uralensiskuiken says:

    No comment.

  52. Andy Beckwith says:

    I have something stuck in my throat. Man, you guys. All the best as things continue along the new journey!

  53. Church of Philadelphia says:

    Want to send the best wishes on your new journey as a family Kazaa and Bryan. You are going to be wonderful parents.

  54. Tenright77 says:

    Most Rock Stars still have lives that follow some path, it is, The Human Condition.
    Success is all in how you choose to embrace your future. Good Journey to you all.

  55. N Bitner says:

    You should buy Aerokroil, it is a penetrating lubricant used in the avionics industry. I have used it countless times and haven't yet found a seized part that won't come apart when using it.

  56. Jason Schaible says:

    Im a mans man and i would be lying if i said i didnt tear up when you got of the boat!!!!! Love you guys

  57. Juan Carlos Paredes Martinez says:

    Congratulations on your new chapter ! Best of luck

  58. Suziq says:

    I am so excited for all of you! Great adventures ahead, hope we hear news of the baby soon!

  59. Robert MacPherson says:

    Over the years Delos has been home to not only the hands on board, but a vast worldwide thankful eclectic bunch of Hooters proclaiming the joy of sailing via the net! All together now >>>> WE LIKE IT…..WE LIKE IT A LOT!!!! Thanks Brian & Kazz for all you've given to us.. ✍️))) ?? ?

  60. Heaven on Earth is Love says:

    reading this now…………….

  61. Tom Lutz says:

    Brian is a wizard. Watching him work and figure things out is amazing. Good luck to all.

  62. Richard Martin says:

    Brian, you are a giant among men!

  63. Chris O says:

    All the best Brian and Kazza..sending you love and best wishes from Australia!??

  64. anonymous user says:

    Myopia is a killer.

  65. Edwin Huijsers says:

    Love you guys! S/V Delos for ever!

  66. Kelvin Meeks says:

    Thank you for continuing to share your stories – so inspiring.

  67. Artlife Society says:

    Just FYI (cuz I care about your AWESOME channel) ~ yours is the only channel (that I am subscribed to) that doesn't EVER show up in my "Recommended Videos" OR "Your Subscriptions". The only way I find your videos is to click directly on your channel, to see if you've uploaded a new video. I have been subbed for years (and have hit "the bell"), so I wonder why this is!?
    Might be something to look in to? Your vids deserve the subs and notifications that are due, and it seems that something is not clicking re: YT algorithms etc.

  68. frawldog says:

    Another great episode

  69. Shaun Toomey says:

    Wife and I watched Ran Sailing leaving their boat to go and have their baby also. My wife was blubbering watching these two separation videos.

  70. JConk007 says:

    Hey Hey Brian !! Met you and Brady Saturday late afternoon at the Annapolis Boat show last weekend !! I agree I thought the same you appeared shorter in real life but one of the biggest souls on the planet. Enjoy the little one you told me shes 8 weeks now WOWZA !!

  71. Chris Wirth says:

    "Do you know what's in that bag Brian? This bag? My Girlfriend… I mean my WIFE packed it for me." GOOD SAVE! :p

  72. Geoff Japchen says:

    I remember the last AC pump change in Thailand lol I miss bubs, keep cruisin!!!

  73. Charles Ormond says:

    Hello Bryan, I had to comment that the air conditioning project definitely deserved a much larger post-it note, Bro

  74. John Santi says:

    so sad to see things changing, you guys reminded me that there are other ways to be besides go go go and more stuff. I will miss your adventures.

  75. John Santi says:

    Brady looks so stressed at the party lol Looks weary of strangers

  76. Charles Ormond says:

    Great video, as usual!!! Thank you Delso crew. I understand Bryan is an electrical engineer and I was wondering in what language he codes? Blessings to all, especially Bryan & Kazz!!!

  77. Chris Scott says:

    Looks like you guys are in Fort Lauderdale.

  78. drx1 xym says:

    Delos has AC???? Delos is getting AC???


  79. drx1 xym says:

    Allishandra Azul


  80. drx1 xym says:

    Mr Brady,

    You have many gray hairs!

    You salty sailor!

  81. A Day In The Life says:

    Welcome to solid ground, take-out, space, AC, etc…who knows…you might like it.

  82. onthebeaches1 says:

    YUP…the life-raft gig stole the show! Much like Brady said about like being one chapter after another…I like to think of it as…"The Journey is The Destination!!! GREAT VID!! PEACE OUT! Ü

  83. VonBluesman says:

    Ya’ll do have the coolest intro song for sailboaters on the internet. I love the fact that no matter what comes your way, ya’ll always have a positive attitude. Thank you.

  84. DOUG44022 says:

    The long way to visit Papa Delos in FLA 🙂 Thinking of the next return to a U.S. Port of Call for S.V. Delos, where and when will it be and all that you will have experienced and shared with us between now and then. May the blessings of St. Christopher be with your fair ship and all that sails on her.

  85. AndreasM8686 says:


  86. Marius Grobler says:

    Thx guys for many many awesome episodes and sharing this with us…all the best with this new Super exciting journey…!!! It’s sad on the one side but you will see kids just bring a whole new level of excitement 🙂

  87. WhiteSpotPirates says:

    Nice job rocking through that worklist. Oh man, it totally made me cry when Kazza got of Delos. It's so hard to leave our floating homes…I was supposed to be back on Karl this month but because of a broken heel, I won't see him for another couple of months. Guess that's why ur episode hit me even more.
    To new chapters! A capfull to all of u.
    Cheers, Nike

  88. Jack Patteeuw says:

    Are the cooling pump and A/C compressor DC ? You you have 120V battery chargers or is 240V available at the dock and can the the chargers handle 240V 60 Hz ?
    When you re-assembled that furler I hope you used aluminum anti-seize !

  89. guido uyterhaegen says:

    Buy them……pampers!!

  90. Darren wade says:

    What ever happened to the new crew member contest,?

  91. M Guirdy says:

    Wow. Just Wow. Good luck. Hope all goes well. Thank you for sharing everything. Peace.

  92. Jafarhasanbapu Hasanbapu says:

    Wish to see 1m subscribers ????

  93. Chuk Wow says:

    Guys, there is so much I want to comment about this episode. I loved it!
    What I want to say is, isn’t it time to make a full documentary (an hour long) of Delos/yours history?

    A walkthrough from beginning to the day Brian and Kaz walks off the vessel , using (maybe not published?) video material.

    I know, it will be difficult to narrow it down to just one hour, but if you do it right, you’ve got an exceptional documentary


  94. al math says:

    Thanks guys watch loads but don't always comment but couldn't resist Kasa and Brian all the best with the baby it will change your life or atleast the out look on it. Hope Kasa has a easy time and we see all three back on the water ??⛵

  95. Jeff Stark says:

    I'm sitting here watching you guys with all your mixed emotions because of the changes coming. But a couple years from now you won't be able to picture being on the boat without that little Angel. She will bring you guys even closer together then you already are! She's one lucky little girl!… I can see it now, Daddy AND Uncle Brady are gonna be wrapped around her little finger!

  96. Adventure Tony says:

    I cried when Kazaa stepped over the rail

  97. Svetlana S says:

    Love you guys ❤❤❤

  98. Warren Ahl says:

    Brian has some big shoes to fill. I can’t wait to see Brady and Blue rise to the challenge. Sending good vibes from the rainy Pacific North West

  99. Corkedit says:

    All in all the best one yet. That is life, ebbs and flows

  100. Tony Gariepy says:

    I remember when the Delos "list of things to do" was on the wall! Now it is the "wall of fame", and the project list is reduced to a poster-board!!!!

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