Learning to Code with Python: Lesson 1.2 – Drawing with Turtles

Learning to Code with Python: Lesson 1.2 – Drawing with Turtles

Randy Schultz

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89 thoughts on “Learning to Code with Python: Lesson 1.2 – Drawing with Turtles

  1. Wsadgaming says:

    Hey im learning this and whenever i type, the turtle dosent move. how do i make it work?

  2. Jared Faris says:

    "this is for kids ages 11-14"… here i am in a university class trying to draw 3 damn triangles… jesus christ

  3. Norman Pitts says:

    I'm 58 with a degree in math and I'm here studying Python,Opticfaris…lol

  4. Norman Pitts says:

    I'm also looking for the link that shows the colors as mentioned in the video, don't see it…

  5. Jeramiah Enriquez says:

    Your way better my teacher doesnt even teach right

  6. Jan Wells says:

    can fred change any other animals other then a turtle?

  7. Amy M says:

    Hi, my Python Turtle Graphics screen opens, runs the code, and then disappears…..any suggestions as to why that might be occurring please?

  8. Samuel Calline says:

    Yo dude that's pretty cool man my lil sis watches these videos fam. Shredder approves.

  9. Kucakuci says:

    I like turdles

  10. Huma Ameer says:

    i am in 5 and this was really fun to watch n i understand a lot so thank u soo much

  11. Huma Ameer says:

    my father wanted me to learn python
    thanks for helping

  12. My Perspective says:

    This seems like a better more practical approach to teaching the base program principals in Python then the Scratch system does.
    The Scratch system seems like an easy to do taste of programming and not intended to teach a bridge into practical Python programming.

    Who strong is this system? Can you program a basis avatar with a rudimentary nuero network. like the fish in Polyworld simulation?

  13. maragani sasank sai says:

    can we change the size of 🐢

  14. maragani sasank sai says:

    can we draw a semi circle using turtle

  15. Ze Atheist says:

    thank you

  16. willie EkaIndLand says:

    Even for next month- 26 years .o. , it is so exciting to see this vid.

  17. Extabyte Swagger says:


  18. Electrician One says:

    I'm taking another course and couldn't get the turtle to work, after almost giving up I found this video and it was SO easy! Thanks for this series of videos! Every other course assumes you "just know" how to do things with python. Well if your like me and never programmed anything maybe it's best to start on a first grade level… Because of your beginner lessons I have the confidence that I will be able to actually make sense of python programming and get through this other class! THANKS AGAIN!
    From a 51 year old…..

  19. Pratic Bhatta says:

    it was really cool thanks a lot =D =D

  20. Тимур Хайдаров says:

    Hello Admin. You work there with Python 3 but i have Python 2 Do i have to download Python 3 or I can work with my Python 2 ?

  21. Monkeymann says:

    1 dislike = 1 depression

  22. Luxurious03 says:


  23. Pramod Kulkarni says:


  24. way to the new WORLD says:

    sry for funny question is it possible to drawing only by turtle why should not be other like cat. is it possible?

  25. way to the new WORLD says:

    i liked ur videos in fact i learned many things from u
    but i have a another question u made a small animation by using python programming like drawing circles
    we need to save or the program in order to see it again but without python software there is no use of such program which was wrote in python.what my doubt is.
    is it possible to convert program which have the extension .py to .exe

  26. way to the new WORLD says:

    we are interested to learn it, sir if possible will u help us in learning it plz

  27. Alpha Playsz says:

    What ever you are doing keep it up, IT'S REALLY HELPING ME OUT.

  28. N 18 says:

    @KidsCanCode i found a joke in the python shell

  29. Abhay Ankit says:

    very nice

  30. Vivek Nair says:

    Can we also increase the size of the turtle?

  31. R. C. Giri says:

    It shape is not changing. I am using older vision. What should I do to change shape??

  32. Rovan ahmed says:

    Thanks Uncle Chris, you make world better, I will share your videos on my Facebook page

  33. Extrites says:

    Can you give me some examples of what i can change my turtle to?

  34. LBS's Challenge show Days says:

    I have a problem, the problem is that when I wrote baby.shape("turtle") (I named it baby not fred.) it gave me a error. Can you help please?

  35. LBS's Challenge show Days says:

    This may seem weird but you said it won't work with a lower p and it worked!

  36. Hashim Ali says:

    I'm using python 3.6.4 , everytime i enter fred.forward(100) it gives me an error

  37. Ardente silva says:

    Today is my first time to watch this tutorial, I have problem after to write fred.forward(100) I do not know where to click to have the second shell window with fred to move it.
    I am trying to click on file of the first shell window_new file but the second shell window has not any arrow.
    Can anyone help me?

  38. Loven2k says:

    its the diameter not radius

  39. Ritvik Paruchuri says:

    thank you its the best coding class

  40. sudivya says:

    Thanks for learning pyth

  41. Tanya Hill says:

    I'm 42 and this is the only way I can understand code lol. Got to begin somewhere. Thanks so much! Subscribing!

  42. Punam Tiwari says:

    The turtle graphics in python 3.4.2 is not working. Tell me what to do please!

  43. saurav banerjee says:

    The reason I am here because I want to learn GD Script . & I have never programed before . So I thought maybe I should learn phyton basics first . Sir if I learn this will I be able to learn GD Script ? Btw thank you ..your other Godot videos are awesome .

  44. Lazy Sabari says:

    The width makes the pen line thicker

  45. Rule Breaker says:

    very well explained KEEP IT UP!!

  46. Brendan Blocker says:

    Why can't a ten year old do it?
    Also, why do you need to explain pixels to people who are eleven?

  47. Ch12i57in3 M says:

    OMG FRED! That was the name of my first pet–and it was a turtle!

  48. Walter Fager says:

    what does fred.width(5) do

  49. rama jiothi chitta says:

    But how to install the turtle in Ubuntu software or some other thing…?Can u plz make some other vedios explaining the way to fill colours and writing text on the turtle board….

    So long..I had been a great time fr me…Really ….Explaining the turtle in the span of 9 mins is not so easy,that too u explain ed in a very clear way

  50. anti mage says:

    AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'shape'

  51. Alex Moy says:

    I'm only in second grade

  52. Sunil Kalra says:

    best one

  53. Nil Akash says:

    Wonderful video. Can you tell me How to change the background color of canvas?

  54. 6b27 WONG CHI HONG says:


  55. Rahul Singh says:

    for i in range(100):

  56. Rahul Singh says:

    by the way i'm 10

  57. O'seun Iyadi says:

    Can you do something on Java and C++? Would really appreciate.

  58. Jacob Curry says:


  59. matability says:

    I wish I had these when I was younger, man.

  60. DASTANKYBOI Withsomestank says:

    "import" i type, only to get import not found

  61. gaurav adhikari says:

    howto write 2018 in python turtle

  62. StormGamerSid 09 says:

    wheres the link

  63. TCYT_ 7 says:

    how do you get the turtle window

  64. Michael C. Umunna says:

    I need you help Sir. Turtle shape is not working, This is feedback.
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "<pyshell#2>", line 1, in <module>
    AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'shape'.

    my email: [email protected]

  65. dave4shmups says:

    How do I get that second screen with the drawing to show up in Windows 10?

  66. DRIFTINNN9 says:

    Fred.width(5) is the width of the line

  67. official_iRaelx says:

    fred.width(5) makes the line thicker

  68. ARDA akkus says:

    you said computers are stupid…THEN HOW DOES HE KNOW 317 COLORS!?!?!?!

  69. yuchen xie says:

    i am 9

  70. akhter khan says:

    sir im using 3.7.3 wher is python shell

  71. Nour Laaroubi says:


  72. Charlie Tame says:

    Parents, you might need to get your kids to help with this…

  73. Gerald S says:

    Dude lost me at Import Turtle… I typed it and got no turtle pop up

  74. Hardik says:

    Plz solve my problem when I type fred.shape ("turtle") it show me attribute error 'dict' object has no attribute 'shape' . Plz help me

  75. Adrita Hoque says:

    I'm only ten but I love python its soo interesting thanks for making this video because no matter how much my dad tries to teach me I always can't focus or get distracted, so once again thanks.

  76. Indie Dev says:

    I would bet most of your viewers are 18+,
    You're doing a great work with Godot!

  77. Rohan Bharadwaj says:

    very good!

  78. Rohan Bharadwaj says:

    thank you very much! 😀

  79. Garrick Headley says:

    lookks like some big circles

  80. Varun Rajkumar says:

    How do I make the turtle follow my mouse?

  81. D4 PLAYZ says:


  82. Sourav Sen says:

    I am 36. Can I? 🙁

  83. PREM SAUD says:

    What is qualification required for learning python?

  84. aisha asghar says:

    im in year 8 and was really struggling with python in class until i watched your videos so thanks

  85. Damien Zertuche says:

    I'm 10 this is not that hard

  86. MUFFIN 27 says:

    that is educational

  87. Pranjal Mukherji says:

    The Python Turtle Graphics window isn't opening and I don't know why. Can somebody help me?

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