Learn Python – Full Course for Beginners [Tutorial]

Learn Python – Full Course for Beginners [Tutorial]

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Learn Python – Full Course for Beginners [Tutorial]

  1. Mike Dane says:

    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching my course

    Follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/mike_dane

  2. Zyncez Zyncez says:

    friends = ["no one", "me", "myself"]

  3. French Flacco tv says:

    Funny that it counts characters in the string including the “” but it starts with G = 0 hmm

  4. satnam thind says:

    How to call a desired word using input if I have my own dictionary list. For example
    Dictionary = {'Jan': January, 'Feb' = 'February'}
    input('enter the word')
    so when I enter input jan it should print January
    Can some write a program for this problem? Bucn of thanks

  5. Genji says:

    For myself 44:13

  6. Enrico Davi says:

    Those "Lost" numbers

  7. love aiBook says:

    Thank you and it is very NOT time consuming.

  8. The Løser says:

    print(“hello world”)

  9. Hira Nath says:

    You said if 3^3 could be written as num*num*num, but what if we have greater power like 3^10, how can we write this code?

  10. Ariel Shva says:

    After some minute the Hebrew translation does not work all of the video can you please arrange it?

  11. SatlaGamer says:

    Double speed it. Trust me.

  12. Jackson Chen says:

    This guy: Makes 4 hours of video
    Also this guy: Gets 9M views

  13. • Ayyyman says:

    Don't mind me, just setting my timestamp: 8:30

  14. Ray Amin says:

    Great job explaining Python. I haven't coded since C# and this makes sense. Thanks for sparking my curiosity.

  15. Tom Lau says:

    26:00 here?

  16. Orpheus Sama says:


  17. ONM Roman says:

    Dude. u r awesome Teacher

  18. vishal rana pundir says:

    Mike_dane , the last few lessons were some confusing becoz u used similar class and variables name e.g that multiple choice test. Please try and explain it in a better way if u can, would be helpful

  19. AuraDigital says:

    from math import*

    def max_num(num1, num2, num3):

    return max(num1, num2, num3)

    print (max_num(1, 25, 3))

    commentating more for myself than anything

  20. cr4zym3x1c4n says:

    Today’s October 3rd 2019. Exactly 0 experience in coding/programming. Willing to take whatever courses I can find throughout youtube and pave my way to becoming a web developer

  21. dr FeelGood says:

    wait you are using python 3 ? you peasent , I'm using Python 10

  22. Jen says:

    4 hours no ads!!! I really needed to complete a course with no distraction. Thank you! If you have a go fund me page, I would donate so that you can keep helping the programming community. 🙂

  23. Zarkha_ says:

    Translate in french ? T_T

  24. NOKLAFF says:

    I wish i could give 100 likes rlly good job

  25. Sc0rpsss says:

    don't mind this message i have to remind myself where i'm at in the video 38:18

  26. DARTH VADER says:

    /oo ? Agency =[AISA,NASA]
    For i in Agency:

  27. DARTH VADER says:

    /oo? 4h is too long split this in episodes.. youtube recommend 10mn

  28. DARTH VADER says:

    /oo : Bador is implementing the iot:// protocol in python..
    /oo : xoxo io 😘 oi oxox

  29. DARTH VADER says:

    /oo? Big data….. with lists…

  30. Bárður Joensen says:


  31. MahaerHD: Rebooted says:

    This video is a bit slow… it's making me tired… zzzzzz

  32. dr FeelGood says:

    Python is useless is a waste of time in one month there will be a new programming language , dont waste ur time

  33. aydeemm1 says:


  34. Arne Van Campenhout says:


  35. smegma king says:

    Thank you so much for creating this course, I'm teaching myself python as I'll be able to use it in my cryptography class to do arithmetic in solving ciphers. You truly have a future as an educator, and I'm astounded that you're not charging people for the volumes of information you offer. Thank you so much for everything you do.

  36. Lochana Adithya says:

    Thank you..

  37. Subbarao T S P B V says:

    Can we compare a negative integer

  38. SeaJay Oceans says:

    My Python ChatBot wrote this comment.

  39. Blinbin says:

    pycharm wont open..

  40. Blinbin says:

    can someone help me? ive installed pycharm but when ever i try to launch it, it would appear in the dock but then shrink and then disappear.. help cus i really wanna learn this. I have atom tho idk if that would be suitable??

  41. The big bang comedy channel says:

    May GOD bless you !!!

  42. D. Alexander P. says:

    Hi Mike. Great video, thanks a lot. Once one has very well understood and digested all this, what should he do next?

  43. NBAForinspiration says:

    My professor is terrible in college. Thank you for this video seriously.

  44. ys l says:


  45. Alp Angel S says:

    elif not(male) and is_wearingmansize13nikes:
    print("Beat that")

  46. Charles Parker says:

    I did the print functions write but nothing will print I am so confused

  47. Wildling Mr. says:

    뭔 번역을 하다 말았네

  48. opgamer21 opgamer21 says:


  49. opgamer21 opgamer21 says:


  50. Broken Vitality says:

    It is ridiculous how i just learnt in 50 minutes more about python here on your channal than at my university …

  51. sayit1196 says:

    1:45:00 Triggered !

  52. Gavi Shapiro says:

    Take a shot every time he says python

  53. Cindy L says:

    wow.. good job… you were born to be an instructor.. never knew how easy python was until i saw your vid!!!

  54. Dániel Kvores says:

    1:09:08 I see you watch The Office

  55. Purchase Complete says:

    They removed python 2.

  56. Archangel Tyrael says:

    How about camel case(first letter of a word small and the letter of the second wordt a capitol letter)instead of using the underscore. Like this: sayHi and not say_hi. The coding conventions want you to use the camel case.

  57. Sapatero Sapa says:

    hello! I need help pleas, when I use the input function the programme asks me to inter an intiger not a string!!

  58. sqeedward says:

    i DID print(pow(10,pow(10,pow(10,10)))) ,
    My pc crashed

  59. robotfowl says:

    I'm a complete novice of novices and would like to know: Same procedure with Python and Pycharm to get it on a Chromebook/ChromeOS?

  60. Sebastian Romero says:


  61. JT Toe says:

    When you hit dislike because you can't understand even the simple things in life… 🙂

  62. kader khan says:

    I like your course , very helpful , thank you

  63. G says:

    Temple O.S. for life!
    R.I.P. Terry

  64. Stiofán Davies says:

    Good tutorial, but why do we always have to see the embedded video of the instructor??

  65. Agent V says:

    do you work with nasa ??

  66. Sing Yu Wong says:

    Thanks, now i can hack the Pentagon!

  67. Doug Dickerson says:

    You have a bright future ahead of you.

  68. One in a billion says:

    I cant type anything lol

  69. Prajwal Harish says:

    Just for me to remember where I was – 51:56

  70. cALiBr0 says:

    took me a while but ill tell you how to get the python path so correct me if I'm wrong but:

    1. type in your search box %appdata%
    2. go back a directory and to local
    3. look for the python folder
    4. look for "python 37-32" (it depends on your version)
    5. copy the file address
    6. right-click "This PC"
    7. click properties
    8. go to advanced system settings
    9. click environment variables
    10. go to system variables
    11. click Path/PATH then click edit
    12. click edit, if it shows a window then click "Edit Text…"
    13. then if there is no semicolon at the end, put one
    14. then type "C:[location of the file]" and put a semicolon at the end
    15. click ok

    tell me if this didnt work

  71. Driss Arabe says:

    Very nice and instructive Training course. Thanks for Sharing

  72. uk/amr.a says:


  73. Con Sampisius says:

    It's so nice that you are such a simple dude

  74. VoteForLennox says:

    You're an amazing teacher! With a very exceptional way of explaining things! Truly a brilliant mind – keep it up!

  75. Kretskort says:

    java is better

  76. DRL says:

    Can someone help me with Xbox follower bots

  77. Player Brasil Online says:

    Watched the whole stuff. Can Google hire me now? Or NASA?

  78. jmdeking says:

    My dude @ 01:23:41 you are saying the tuples cant be changed even inside a list but they can. Try this:

    coordinates = [(4, 5), (6, 7), (80, 34)]
    coordinates[1] = 10

    Run script and result = 10

    So.. Whats up with that then?

  79. phantomf41 says:

    Hey Mike, Thank you so much for the excellent video. Out of all courses out there your course helped me gaining beginner knowledge in python programming. You explained all ins and out of it without making it too complicated and building a great foundation in python knowledge.

  80. K X says:

    Is there any python tutorial video for intermediate?

  81. Cherries says:

    Ok I watched the whole video. So what can use this beginner knowledge to go in do/make?

  82. Dyfraze says:

    Don’t mind me this is so I know where I left off

  83. Anugrah Mathew Prasad says:

    Thanks man! This was so helpful

  84. Alp Boşnak says:

    Thank you for the content and that Lost reference 🙂

  85. Le Zephiron says:

    1:16:10 it's just me or her pronnounce sounds like M'aiq ?

  86. Arthur Gameplays - Minecraft says:

    It's a giraffe

  87. Haseeb Aftab says:

    Thank You @Mike 🙂

  88. younes shaimi says:

    print("good job!"

  89. Cesotoseot says:


  90. Erick Alden says:


  91. Đại Lê says:

    love it!!! really helpful for me. Thank you so much!!

  92. Simon fesseha says:


  93. George Paraschivescu says:

    Super, cool video bro. Do you have more python learning videos ?

  94. Shubham Khatavkar says:

    At 1:09:10
    Kevin, karen, Jim, Oscar, Toby. OFFICE FANS HIT LIKE

  95. Tony Vu says:

    From @3:28:13 in Modules and Pip, I installed python-docs using the commmand prompt and the docx folder is present in Lib/site-packages but Python is returning "no module named 'docx' " Do I need to have the site-packages folder in the same folder as my python file?

  96. Dystopian World says:


  97. mental vortex says:

    1:11:15 the numbers from Lost!

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