[Learn English Animal 56] CROCODILE l Learning Animals For Kids

[Learn English Animal 56] CROCODILE l Learning Animals For Kids

Fun crocodile facts for kids Crocodiles are reptiles The physical characteristics of crocodiles make them good predators Crocodiles are fast over short distances Crocodiles have sharp teeth Crocodiles have the strongest bite of any animal in the world The muscles that open Crocodile’s jaws however are not so powerful Reasonably strong people could hold a crocodiles jaw closed with their bare hands Like other reptiles crocodiles are cold-blooded Crocodiles can survive for a long time without food Most crocodiles live in freshwater rivers and lakes but some live in saltwater Crocodiles eat a variety of fish birds and other animals Crocodiles release heat through their mouths rather than through sweat glands The saltwater crocodile is the largest species of crocodile? Some crocodile species can weigh over 1,200 kilograms 2,600 pounds Like alligators crocodiles are part of the order crocodile, iya Check out some interesting crocodile and alligator differences You

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