LazyTown S01E13 Cry Dinosaur 1080p HD

LazyTown S01E13 Cry Dinosaur 1080p HD

Light! On your mark, get set…go! (Timer beeps) Perfect! Faster than my last time. Door! Whoa! Ziggy. # Welcome to Lazy Town
a place where you’ll wanna stay # You’ll meet Robbie
with his rotten plan # And Sportacus saving the day # Stephanie is new in town # And soon she and Ziggy are friends # With Pixel, Stingy, and Trixie too # They’re gonna have a blast together # Go, go, go get ’em, Lazy Town # It’s the start of a brand-new day # Things are upside down
here in Lazy Town # Adventure’s just a moment away. # (Muffled voices) (Volume increases) (Voices clamour) (Exclaiming) (Voices clamour) (Exclaiming) (Voices clamour) Knock, knock. Is anybody home? STINGY: Oh, it’s Sportacus. (Laughs) Stephanie! Are you OK? Oh, thank you. (Laughs) And Stingy. Oh, thank you. You saved me. (Laughs) And Ziggy. Arggh! Ziggy, I brought it back.
It’s your balloon. Yeah, it’s just your balloon.
Don’t be afraid. I knew that. Oh, my balloon.
Yeah. You brought it back.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re welcome. Arggh! Oh! Oh!
(Heartbeat pounds) Thank you for getting my balloon!
Yes, you’re… You should have given that to me.
Oh, Ziggy. Well, guys, having a camp-out? Yeah, yeah!
We’re gonna stay up all night. And tell ghost stories.
And eat hot dogs. And tell ghost stories.
Sleep on sleeping bags. And tell ghost stories.
Oh! BOTH: And tell ghost stories!
(Laughter) Uh…and it’s gonna be dark,
not that I’m afraid of the dark. No, it’s just…having no lights on
is kind of scary. (Sighs) It’s OK, Ziggy.
Everyone’s afraid of something. Oh, even you, Sportacus?
Are you afraid of stuff? No.
Like heights? No.
Like lightning? Like small hermit crabs with fur?! Hermit crabs don’t have fur. Well, then, you’re not afraid
of anything, are you? Uh…no.
What about dinosaurs? Grr! Really big, with sharp teeths
and claws! They’re so big, they’re like
buildings with faces! Roar! Roar! Grr! Are they still around?
Sure they are! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Uh, they’re really scary too! (All roar) Well, then I guess
I’m afraid of dinosaurs. So, Sportacus is afraid
of dinosaurs. (Laughs) That gives me an idea. Dinosaurs are extinct. Besides, Ziggy, we’re just
camping out in the yard. Have fun, guys. I have to go. Oh, OK.
See you! Bye! It’s disguise…
(Hand bangs) Oh! Time! And there he goes,
leaving us all alone…outside. Yeah. What if it starts to rain or snow? Maybe we should just go inside
where it’s warm and bright, yeah. Ziggy!
Oh, no! Then it wouldn’t be a camp-out.
Yeah. OK, guys, tent time! Tent time, tent time, tent… Boo. Arggh! Oh! Oh!
(Laughs) Oh, Stingy. Oh! Better hurry, Ziggy.
It’s gonna be dark soon. (Laughs)
Oh, dark. (Blows kiss) Too goofy. Too poofy. Too hoofy!
(Horse neighs) Whoa! Ah, this is perfect! With this extremely frightening
dinosaur costume, I will scare Sporta-crybaby
out of Lazy Town forever! Ta-da! (Laughs) Ha, ha! Mm-hm… Arggh! Hmm. It’s darker
than I thought it would be. Roar! Roar! Arggh! Oh! Ouch, oh, my head!
Oh, what am I thinking?! Oh, I’m a scary dinosaur. I’m a scary dinosaur, I’m a… Ouch! Oof! Oh, I forgot to turn off the TV.
(Television plays) Oh, where am I now?
Where am I now? Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
I’ll clean this up later, I promise. Wait, wait! Ow! Arggh! Arggh! Ouch! Arggh!
(Horn squeaks) Arggh! Oh! What is this?
(Horn squeaks) Pah! (Puffs) No wonder dinosaurs are extinct!
They keep bumping into things. (Sighs) OK, one more time. OK, everyone comfy and ready for bed? Piggy says…”A-OK.”
OK. (Whimpers)
Stephanie, I was wondering, couldn’t we stay up
just a little bit longer – maybe, like, for 12 or 13 hours,
eating candy Ziggy, it’s OK.
There’s nothing to be afraid of. Oh.
OK? Goodnight. Yeah, OK. Goodnight. # Sometimes things are really hairy # Sneaking up when you are wary # Big old eyes all red and glary # Creatures in the dark are scary… Shh! # Beneath the bed
the ghosts are ooky # Skeleton’s bones are kooky # Your teddy bear’s name is Pooky # Late at night he gets spooky… Boo! # Dippity dee
It’s only me # Boopity boo
I scared you # Flick on the light
There’s nothing there # Everything vanished in the air # Dippity dee
It’s only me # Boopity boo
I scared you # Flick on the light
There’s nothing there # Everything vanished in the air… (Coins rattle)
Oh! # Close your eyes
when you are sleeping # Centipedes and spiders creeping # Shadows in the walls come sneaking # In the dark you are freaking… Boo!
Arggh! # Dippity dee
It’s only me # Boopity boo
I scared you # Flick on the light
There’s nothing there # Everything vanished in the air # Close your eyes
Rest your head # Time to go to… Shh! (Laughs)
Boo! # Dippity dee
It’s only me # Boopity boo
I scared you # Flick on the light
There’s nothing there # Everything vanished in the air # Dippity dee
It’s only me # Boopity boo
I scared you # Flick on the light
There’s nothing there # Everything vanished in the air # Flick on the light
There’s nothing there # Everything vanished in the air. # ALL: Boo! (All laugh) That was fun. Maybe we should turn on
the lights again. Oh, Ziggy. I’m a little bit…afraid… Roar! Grr! Ah, I’m going to catch Sportacus
this time. First I hide behind the wall, then I leap out and roar! Then I do my scary jump
and he’ll run away. (Laughs) But where is he now? Not there. Not there. Oh! Now I have to find him! Oh! (All laugh)
Oh, Ziggy, your face! OK, guys. We should really
go to sleep now. Goodnight. Goodnight. (Gasps) Claws! A big head!
Arggh! Dinosaur! Dinosaur! Where? Where?
There! There! (Alarm beeps) Someone’s in trouble! (Voices clamour) (Screaming) ZIGGY: I feel the dinosaur!
STINGY: Arggh! It’s a hand! No, it’s my hand. Oh, it’s Sportacus.
Piggies and children first. Stephanie,
Thank you! Thank you! Are you OK? There was a big dinosaur with claws
and teeth and a giant dinosaur head, and it was like… There it is! Arggh!
Arggh! Get him, Stephanie!
Get him, Stephanie! Get him, Stephanie, get him! Get… It’s the Mayor. I only came out to see
if you wanted some liquorice. (Chuckles) I wasn’t afraid. Then why were you screaming,
“Arggh, arggh, arggh”? I was practicing!
Oh, practicing. Guys, there is no dinosaur.
It was the Mayor’s shadow. Do you want me to stay? No, I think we’ll be OK.
Yeah. We’ve always got Uncle Milford
just in case anything happens. OK. Good luck, guys. OK. Bye, Sportacus. Thanks again!
Bye-bye! Oh, yes, and I think I’d better go
pluck myself. OK, guys.
Yeah, sorry. You don’t really
look like a dinosaur. Oh, do you think the dinosaur
will come back? Oh, no, Ziggy, there is no dinosaur. Oh, but…uh… Hey, why don’t we go inside
where it’s nice and dry, yeah? Can we?
Sure. Come on. Yeah! Hey! What do you think you two
are doing with my tent? We’re going to camp out inside. A camp-out inside?
Yeah. Yeah.
But that’s not how it’s done. You can’t have a camp-out inside! That would be a…a…a camp-in.
Yeah! Well, I’m not going,
and neither is Piggy. Humph! But, Stingy, there’s more stuff
in my room. Well, what are you two waiting for?
Hurry up! (Laughs) Good one, Stephanie. STEPHANIE: Dear diary,
now we’re camping out inside. Stingy has his pig,
Ziggy has his lollipop, and I’m ready to turn off the light. Goodnight. STINGY: Goodnight, Piggy. Goodnight, guys.
Goodnight, Stingy. Goodnight. (Whimpers) (Light switch clicks) Guys, I’ve been thinking. Maybe our first camp-out
should be with the lights on, huh? Ziggy, we’re camping out inside
with the lights off. Oh! Oh! You’re not scared, are you, Ziggy? I didn’t say I was scared! Pah! OK, then.
Huh? What are you doing? Goodnight.
(Light switch clicks) (Whimpers)
Goodnight. (Whimpers) Hey! Hey, Ziggy. Stay right there.
Huh? (Light switch clicks) Wow! Heh! I thought I might
turn on my night-light, just in case I needed it later. I think that’s a great idea! Goodnight, Ziggy.
Goodnight, Stephanie. Grr! I’ll scare him out of his boots.
I’ll scare him out of his goggles. I’ll scare him so much, he’ll run
screaming like a little girl! (Laughs) Sporta-chicken, where are you? (Gasps) What was that? (Robbie groans) (Puffs) (Laughs) I meant to do that. Well, back on track. Roar! Arggh! Arggh, arggh, arggh! Whoa! STINGY: Oh, Ziggy! Ow! A dinosaur!
Get off! A really clumsy dinosaur! Ouch! Ouch! Not again! ZIGGY: See? See, see, see? See? Ziggy, there’s nothing out there. Oh! Oh! I saw it! Ziggy, just go to sleep!
There’s nothing out there. Hmm. You have to believe me!
(Puffs) It’s true! Ziggy, there is no dinosaur. If you really want, we’ll go out
and prove it once and for all. We will?
Mm-hm. Oh. (Laughs nervously) Yes. We will. No! No, don’t go out there!
It will get you! It won’t get us, Ziggy. Wait here. We’ll be right back
with no dinosaur. Come on, Stingy.
OK. Stingy! Are you leaving? (Whimpers) Well, if I can’t see it,
it can’t get me. If I can’t see it, it can’t get me. I don’t know why we’re doing this. (Stingy sighs) Come on. Here, dinosaur –
Did you close the door? Um…yeah, sure I did. OK. (Thudding)
What was that?! Oh, I don’t know. Oh, it’s dark!
Yeah. OK, I guess we’d better split up,
see if Ziggy saw a cat or something. Hmm. Oh, and if we do see a dinosaur? Don’t even joke about that. (Chuckles nervously) OK.
OK, see you. OK.
Hello? Anything out there? Here, dino, dino, dinosaur! Oh, Sportacus is hiding from me.
I know it because I can’t see… Ouch! Arggh!
I can’t see anything at all! (Sniffs) But I can smell him. Sporta-smell. (Growls) Ah, must be in there. Where are you? Hello? Ah! (Sniffs)
Sporta-chicken, are you in here? Where are you? (Clucks) Ouch! Arggh! Arggh!
What are you doing here? (Sniffs) I smell something.
This is not Sportacus. This is…flowers! Oh, no! (Sneezes) Oh, no! Not flowers! (Sneezes) If I can’t see it, it can’t get me!
If I can’t see it, it can’t get me! (Robbie sneezes)
Stephanie? Stingy? Oh! Oh! Sportacus, are you here?
Arggh! Dinosaur! Dinosaur! Enough screaming. We should sit down
and talk about this. Sportacus?
Arggh! Dinosaur! Sportacus!
(Whimpers) Sit down with me and talk about it!
Take that! Arggh! Arggh! On second thought, I better leave. Phew! That was scary. (Chuckles) Whoa! Oh, can we go back to sleep now?
My piggy needs his beauty rest. Yeah, I’m really tired… (Yawns)
..because of that dinosaur. Oh!
Of course, I meant to do that too. (Laughs) Sportacus? Sportacus! Hey, Ziggy. No dinosaur out there.
No, nothing. He’s in the hallway.
Huh? Who’s in the hall?
The dino… Shh! The dinosaur. Oh, not this again. Ziggy, there is no – Excuse me.
Dinosaur! Arggh!
Arggh! Run away! Run away!
Sportacus? Arggh!
I just want to talk to you. I didn’t mean to scare you.
I’m sorry. (Crash!)
Where are you? (Crash!)
(Ziggy and Stingy exclaim) You can run, but you can’t hide.
Sportacus, are you asleep? How can you sleep at a time
like this? What are you doing? Arggh! Run! He’s coming! Did someone put a diaper on my head? Take it off! Take it off!
Take it off! Oh! Sportacus, I just want
to give you a hug. (Laughs) Come on! Come on! Oh, which way did he go? Aha! Arggh! Dinosaur!
ZIGGY: Dinosaur! Arggh! Arggh! Arggh! Arggh! Sportacus,
I’ll catch you on the run, now. (Children scream) The door! He’s getting away! Help! Help! Stephanie! Oh, my.
Arggh! I hate running! Oh, a dinosaur! Oh, my.
Don’t worry, I’m coming, Stephanie. Arggh! I’m coming after you! Oh, being a villain is so exhausting. Dinosaur! It’s got Stephanie and Stingy. Wait a minute! I have to save them! Friends stick together even if they’re scared
out of their underwear. I have to do it! There he is!
I’m gonna get you! Arggh!
Oh! Get off me! Take that! Hurry, Stingy, hurry! Arggh! Oh, oh!
Oh, it’s flying after me! Arggh! It’s got me! It’s got me! (Gasps) Robbie Rotten! What… Arggh! (Chuckles nervously) It’s past my bedtime. I’d better go.
Bye-bye. (Stingy wails) Get away! Arggh! I can’t see!
Go away! Go away! Oh!
Arggh! Whoa! Arggh! Arggh! Arggh! I can’t see! I can’t see! I can see! Sportacus! Are you OK, Stephanie?
Yes. Oh, thanks for saving me.
You’re welcome. I was so scared. (Puffs) Is everyone alright? Oh, yes, but it was so terrible,
Uncle Milford. This big dinosaur head
was chasing me, and then Sportacus saved me. I caught the rest of the dinosaur!
Guess who it was! (All gasp) Robbie Rotten! Oh! I really need to get
my deposit back. Huh? What?
My head. Oh, of course.
Thank you! (Laughs)
Bye-bye, then. Get out of my way. Let me through.
Thank you. Be careful! Oh!
I’m sorry. Thank you. (Laughs)
Oh, dear! What you did was very brave, Ziggy. No, it wasn’t. I was scared. But I had to do something. The dinosaur was gonna attack
my friends, but then it wasn’t
even a real dinosaur. That doesn’t make
what you did less real. Huh? Well, now that that’s taken care of,
can we get back to MY camp-out? Yeah! We still have to tell
the spooky ghost story. The ghost story? The tale
of the haunted dinosaur head! (All laugh) Let’s dance! # Bing bang digga-rigga-dog # Funny words
I sing when I am dancing # Dancing, dancing…
Arggh! # Bing bang digga-rigga-dog
Silly words that can mean anything # Get on up
It’s time to dance, yeah # It’s so much fun
being up on our feet # So we go up, up
Do the jump # Move around
and clap your hands together # Together, together # Down, down, turn around
Having fun is what it’s all about. # ROBBIE: Now, everything is set
for this lovely lazy evening. (Television murmurs) If I only could take off
this big, bad dinosaur head! Oh! Oh! (Sighs) Closed Captions by CSI *

Randy Schultz

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  1. Nyan Mario says:

    ok what people are just clicking on these videos just to dislike them?!?

  2. Lazy Ziggy says:

    6:44 "No wonder dinosaurs are extinct, they keep bumping into things"
    Maybe you should have put eye-holes in the headpiece so you can see Robbie.

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    Okay,you're telling me that Stephanie mistook disguised Robbie as an actual dinosaur? I understand about the rest of the kids,but…

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    Will season 5 ever be aired?

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    Can't wait for The New Album! ^^

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    I'm getting too old for this crap…SCREW IT I STILL LOVE IT!

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    0:33 Sportacus I think you need a new timer

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    3:25 "Everyone's afraid of something"
    "Even you Sportacus? Are you afraid of stuff?"
    What the heck Sportacus? You just said everyone is afraid of something!
    Ugh sportaflop

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    And telling ghost stores

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    Love it!!😉

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    I love the blue guy when he gets movements specially when you getting ready save somebody

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    stephanie…why wake Ziggy to scare him?!?!?!?!

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    Robbie Rotten said, "Sportacus I didn't mean to scare you I'm sorry" and "I just wanna give you a hug." Didn't expect that from Robbie Rotten.

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    Stephanie and stingy are assholes with ziggy in this one…

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    Ow! Time.

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