Kristen Bell Introduces Vitamins For The Whole Family From Hello Bello – The Company She And Her …

Kristen Bell Introduces Vitamins For The Whole Family From Hello Bello – The Company She And Her …

Well you have questions, we have answers. It’s time again for Ask Dr. Phil series. And Stephanie and her husband, Jonathan, have three children ages five to 13. Now they try to make sure their children eat a balanced diet, but they wonder. Are they getting the right nutrients? Take a look. Mommy are we eating smoothies? Yeah. Yea! Smoothies! I am a mid-western housewife and I’m also an author. No! It is not easy taking care of three children with different schedules and personalities and needs and I’m usually the last to take care of myself. Life at home with three children is frenetic and frantic. Sweets, sweets, sweets. I’m extremely concerned about my children’s health. The main thing that our children wanna eat is chicken fingers without any limit at all. I like everything because I’m really hungry. I worry every single day that they’re not getting the nutrients that they need. I can see the little green pieces of kale. We give a basic vitamin. I don’t take vitamins religiously. It is completely overwhelming shopping for vitamins. There are so many in the market. Vitamins most certainly are not cheap. My family definitely needs a vitamin that’s healthy, good for you, and affordable. And they’d love to take it? Sign me up. Well Stephanie and Jonathan, thanks for being here. First thing I wanna know is what kind of lizard was on your daughter’s head? (laughs) A bearded dragon. A bearded dragon? Well she certainly got my respect, I can tell you that. So what would be an ideal solution when it comes to your children’s nutrition? Well it’s tough to get them to eat anything healthy because all they want is sugar. And there’s so much on the market. And so I don’t know what to choose. I wanna get enough nutrients in them and I want it to be simple that’s gonna taste good without all the sugar. Yeah. Like a bearded dragon sandwich or something like that? And Jonathan, I know you and Stephanie are both motivated to stay healthy as well, right? For me especially so. I’m an older father so I wanna make it to triple digits to see my kids grow up. And we don’t take as many vitamins as we should, even Steph and me. Well now you don’t have to choose between what’s affordable and what’s best for your family, because I have a surprise for you. There is a company called Hello Bello that created the best products for your children without breaking the bank. And that’s been really kinda their mission statement. And there’s another surprise. Because to help explain all of this, please give a warm welcome to actress Kristin Bell. (crowd cheers) You guys all know Kristin is the star of the comedy series The Good Place and the drama series, Veronica Mars. And as you may have heard by now, Kristin and her actor/director husband, Dax Shepard, have partnered with my son, Jay, to create this brand new line of baby and toddler products, Hello Bello. Kristin, what motivated you to get involved with Hello Bello? I think it was from a deep-seated belief that no parent should have to choose between their baby or their budget. We have such access to healthy products now and we wanted to make them available for everyone, but we also wanted the price point to be realistic what people can afford. ‘Cause you guys have two children, right? We do. And this is what we use on our kids. ‘Cause I chose what went in it and my husband chose the price point, and we found that that’s a really good compromise. Well let’s take a look at these. Ya’ll come down and we’ll take a look at these. Hello Bello is introducing a new line of vitamins, right? Well it’s exciting for us because there’s, you know we started the line because we wanted to create an organic multivitamin for children, for men and for women, so you don’t forget. ‘Cause if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of them. But we have prenatals, we have hair, skin and nails, and there’s great supplements in them, elderberry for the immune system, melatonin for sleep and other botanicals, B12 for energy, and they’re all kinda tasty gummies and there’s no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and all of our vitamins are affordable. (audience claps) So Stephanie, what do you think about what we’re saying here? So I get to take ’em all home? Yeah. Actually… Open your purse, I’ll sweep ’em in. So Jonathan, what do you think? If my wife wants it, I’m gonna make sure she gets it. Yeah, there you go. Right answer. Well look, the entire Hello Bello line is available at your nearest Walmart or you can order them on and have free two-day shipping on orders of $35 or more. So they even make that affordable for you. And you can also sign up to get a convenient subscription to the products on And Stephanie and Jonathan, Hello Bello has a special surprise gift of health for you. They’re giving you a six month supply of vitamins for your entire family, okay? So yes, you do get to take them all home. (crowd cheers) All right? I’d like to give thanks to all of my guests today and a very special thanks to Kristin Bell.

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