Komodo Dragons on Rinca Island – Malayalam travel vlog with English subtitles

Komodo Dragons on Rinca Island – Malayalam travel vlog with English subtitles

Now I am at Denpasar airport in Bali but not doing Bali travel Waiting for the flight to Labuan Bajo airport also known as Komodo airport It’s 8 am now, flight is at 9:30 am I reached Bali yesterday night Stayed in a hostel near the airport When I went to check in I realized that the 8 am flight is rescheduled to 1:15 pm They told me that they can refund the whole amount until tomorrow I need to reach Labuan Bajo at-least by 11:30 am There is another flight at 9:30 that flight is coming from Yogyakarta and it didn’t take off from Yogyakarta yet Airline staff told me to book the flight only after take off Even though I was a bit tense I cancelled the previous flight and booked this flight by 8 am Finally reached Komodo airport at 10:30 am Even though the airport name is Komodo airport Labuan Bajo is a small City in the Indonesian island of Flores Komodo island, the natural inhabitant of Komodo dragon is accessible by boat from here Going there tomorrow Today going to Rinca island another island of Komodo dragons Most of the boat tours offer airport pick up or hotel pick up So that I am going directly to Labuan Bajo bay then to Rinca island First thing the people who come for airport pick up talked me is about Indian movies and Shah Rukh Khan This is Labuan Bajo bay All of the travel agencies here run the boat tours to Komodo island and surrounding islands Reviews in TripAdvisor and other travel sites suggested not to book the boat tours before seeing the boat otherwise they will take us in a damaged wooden boats Most of the boat tours here are expensive So that traveling in Komodo island is expensive compared to other parts of Indonesia I didn’t have time to come here and chose the boats so that I booked the cheap boat tours by reading reviews Today’s travel is from 11:30 am to sunset There are two more people for this boat tour They are also from Taiwan This one is not our boat ours is a small speed boat behind this boat Boat is brand new exactly like in review Going first to Rinca island The islands I saw through out this travel is not like in the other parts of Indonesia very dry without any green Reached Rinca island Now going to meet Komodo National Park rangers Can only travel with park rangers in the islands with Komodo dragons The reason is that Komodo dragon attack and eat humans occasionally Also their bites are venomous In 2009 a Rinca island ranger got attacked by a Komodo dragon at his office Somehow other rangers rescued and sent him to a hospital in Bali It took him 6 months to recover from the 55 stitches injury But he came back to work here They occasionally attacked tourists too Last time a local construction worker was attacked in this Island on November 2017 Need to walk a bit to ranger station All of these are ranger stations They stay here overnight They also provide accommodation for visitors All of the rangers here are from the only village in this island The people who grew up seeing and interacting with Komodo dragons Komodo dragon is the largest living lizard A member of the monitor lizard family He is the ranger who is going to guide us There are approximately 1300 dragons on this island The adult dragon growing to a maximum length of 3 meters and weighing up to 90 kg Since they are cold-blooded animals they like warm weather but when it is too hot they prefer to stay under shades That’s why so many of them are here Sometimes rangers give them goats to eat that may be the reason too These things are not cages are fences to prevent the dragons to go under the building and not to climb the veranda Dragons can freely roam anywhere on this island they can even swim to the nearby islands But from the previous experiments all the dragons relocated to the nearby islands swam back to their home island Komodo dragons ambush prey with a stealthy approach Most of the times bitten preys escape and run away However bacteria and venom in its saliva will kill the prey within a few days After the animal dies the Komodo uses its powerful sense of smell to locate the body and eat them They can sense the smell up-to 4 km It uses its long, yellow, forked tongue to smell the air Their diet includes Timor deer, water buffaloes, monkeys etc living on this island Can see the deer and monkeys here I think they came here to drink water from the almost dried stream Color of soil and trees on this island is same as Komodo dragons Shape of the some roots are like Komodo dragons There is a nesting ground near here We are going there Some people are watching a dragon walking It is the nesting period of the female dragons Komodo dragon lay egg in the orange-footed scrubfowl’s nest made on the ground or hilly areas They lay around 20 eggs at a time To prevent other dragons from finding and eating the eggs mother dragon digs many more nest around the real nest to camouflage She is going near the nest The female dragon stay near the nest most of the times Needs 7-8 months to hatch the eggs Sometimes mother dragon eat her own eggs and new hatchlings To escape from the carnivorous adult dragons the new born spend most their first 2 years on the tree Adult dragons can’t climb the trees They are also good swimmers She reached near the nest Watching over the nest Can’t see the eggs from outside Few Komodo dragons can be found on three more islands other than Komodo and Rinca islands Rinca island is included in Komodo National Park a UNESCO world heritage site Komodo National Park has been selected as one of the New7Wonders of Nature We are going to a view point on this island Rinca island is so dry the green patches are palm trees Can see the surrounding islands from this view point Below is the boat jetty Going down to the ranger stations This is the Rinca island’s lonely tree White thing on the ground is Komodo dragon excretes When we are back at the ranger station there are some new visitors taking pictures with Komodo dragons While going back to the jetty when the rangers are not around this Komodo dragon appeared in front of us But it doesn’t mind us and went on to it’s own business Even though the guide told us to be careful while walking I was scared of Komodo dragons before coming here After walking with a ranger for a while my fear is gone Going next to the nearby islands and snorkeling See you next time from an another island in Komodo National Park

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