visual kei kpop jpop jrock japan yeah hey guys what’s up doing this but I’m
going to react and the visual case all ok this song is going and long like I don’t
want to rock Anderson quest by Melanie Laden Melanie
dropping thanks for the rest so let’s react to good old drug line and
lock night visual kei kpop jpop jrock japan nice dog you don’t label housing stock
dan and I don’t think then like the jacket really good and the loss of the usual got a news nice very melodic message yeah yeah a chance visual kei kpop jpop jrock japan nice long you see well why don’t these actions would have
anything in Sector let’s get together honey negative I think you make up there here in the
high part of the local it’s really good but too much for things that the area
that’s too much this morning visual kei kpop jpop jrock japan hello not all of the video game and I’m this
total market in the functionalities yeah yeah love this life at least that would be a big extender
image that in the loading so much gas do together visual kei kpop jpop jrock japan maybe he thought that these days neither
with anything many friends a lot of letters I like
this part okay then nice nice song jannat a little alright guys so really like this song a
lot a very cool style great catch visual kei kpop jpop jrock japan anybody I don’t like the very small
parts you know we’re going out the song very nice and those slow watch they are
really really really very local school boards but they didn’t exchange it a bit
more I wish they could exchange it a bit more
the song with lots of catchy I love the opening of the song know very
powerful opening for this bag is really cool the video would have been a little more
better lighting but for others really nice okay so guys
you like this girl in a spoon up life on Earth and subscribe peace to replace the
suggestions in the comments section below deck will reactions are and after
that no reaction take your man visual kei kpop jpop jrock japan yeah

Randy Schultz

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  1. Pandora 99 says:

    Nice Video ^^ Your reactions are really fun to watch 🙂
    Could you please react to KIryu Royz Codomo Dragon – Ryouran Resonance, Royz – Egoist, Kiryu – Kyuubi, Nocturnal Bloodlust – Strike in Fact or – Providence, please? Would be cool 😀

  2. Jrock-Rue says:

    Nice video 🙂 It would be nice if you could do a reaction video to 激痛 (Gekitsuu) by CANIVAL

  3. Katrin Lilian White says:

    Oh Thanks so much <3 <3 <3

  4. junhao trash says:

    i really enjoy your react to vk videos and actually i've noticed that in most of them it looks like you memorized the songs or already know them but that doesn't matter to me since i enjoy your videos anyway
    can you please react to arlequin – stella, diaura blind message, spyair – i'm a believer and the gallo – incubus this is actually my first request so it'd be great if you could do it 🙂

  5. Sclasspsycho says:

    This music video has members of Kiryu, Royz, and Codomo Dragon! It's pretty funny!
    (This is the Making Of. Hilarious!)

  6. claudia vidal says:

    they are the best! <3

  7. Lain sweeToxic says:

    Haha <3 cool video
    I love Codomo Dragon :')

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