King Krule – A Lizard State (2013 Conan)

King Krule – A Lizard State (2013 Conan)

I don’t care about sunny days
Gonna keep it out of sight but under shade I’m gonna keep it out of sight but under shade
It’s gonna be like this And that’s alright
And that’s okay Is that okay? Myself would beat these lines
In my head I’m getting dead tired of this ‘ish you’ve caused
You silly witch You don’t know when to stop
You’re a bunch of silly witches bunch of fat witches! Well I don’t wanna be trapped in the black
of your heart And now I’m gonna fuck things over ‘cos that’s
a start Well if I can’t have her then no one can But babe what was I to do
I’ve given up on loving you I know it’s not nothing new
So please do what I’m asking of you And please do what I want with you It’s still not fair
Baby blue, girl, it’s true One day I’m gonna have you But for now I don’t care
I still feel the pain Of you not loving me the same
There’s not much I can do Well I got everyone on my back
I’m not gonna crack like you cracked You silly pussy boy
Sipping up on my humblepie You got no legs to keep you anywhere near
my hide So don’t try and get near my hide
Don’t try and get out the way I wanna see what you got to say
I wanna see your lizard state If that’s okay and if that’s not okay Well I don’t want to be trapped in the black
of your heart And if I’m gonna make it clear then I’ll tear
you apart From the inside to the out Oh baby what was I to do
I’ve given up on loving you I know it’s not nothing new ‘Cause all that I will do Is girl whatever I have to do They all knifed me in the back and girl I
can’t believe It’s slipping away like that

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “King Krule – A Lizard State (2013 Conan)

  1. KL says:

    Does anyone know what King Krule is doing?

  2. Ferran Bassaganyes says:


  3. Caulfield Productions says:

    lmfao, "silly witches"

  4. Joshua Gonzalez says:

    He reminds me of a new bowie

  5. JayyBeats says:

    3:33 and on, beautiful.

  6. Mac Greusaichelàmhaich says:

    such quality, damn it, excellent.

  7. Claudio Nahmad says:

    fucking JACK BLACK

  8. Ermani Bentley says:

    "tired of the ish you cause you silly witch" im so done

  9. Roger Roa says:

    This is gold

  10. cfaul100 says:

    Ha suddenly they all play guitar left handed? Anyone else notice that it's been flipped?

  11. John Archer says:

    holy wow that drummer

  12. 16bitFromSega16 says:

    Fuck. This is good.

  13. Opiate Holidays says:

    shit network just had to go and censor it grrr

  14. Danne Matt says:

    1:32 The trombone man is diggin' the drums. Well who isn't 🙂

  15. LUNA DAANA says:

    Such an underrated artist

  16. bluesje blue says:


  17. Joe Morris says:


  18. D.B.W says:

    These drums are too good

  19. Rodrigo Salas says:

    A "Wizard" State, jeje.

  20. Christian Rodriguez says:

    Yo La Bamba is fuckin lovin the drum work!

  21. Ryan Carpenter says:

    jack black on the sax!!

  22. The1977Punk says:

    If you like King Krule, give TED DUCHAMP – TIME BOMBS a chance, think you'll enjoy!

  23. choppy69 lad says:

    archy got the tightest band the drumming is next level

  24. badmanben68 says:

    Give the saxophonist a medal!
    In fact, while we're at it- give everyone a medal. Medals all round!!

  25. iain english says:

    ha noticed now aye

  26. spininpints says:

    Patiently awaiting…

  27. Anna Martin Winstead says:

    he's so cute

  28. Christopher Aguirre says:

    Sax player looks like jack black

  29. Mateo Jackson says:

    Can someone give me artists with a similar voice to his?

  30. Daniel Kelly says:

    jack black on the sax 1:05

  31. Caballo de Mar says:

    artistazo! <3

  32. Jesse says:

    Witches haha

  33. Billy Bob says:

    OMG I swear. This is too good!

  34. CubeOnline 64 says:

    1:01 "If I can't have you then no one can" that dramatic zoom in

  35. Gli Urcia says:

    Lo máximo

  36. lol whut says:

    omfg "silly witches" lol

  37. Marii says:

    Jack Maloney sucks

  38. Nothing says:

    What this dude saying, but his music is tight

  39. BatasunaProject says:

    reeeel coool!! ffaakka!!!

  40. Cricket1-Adriana says:

    that baby blue is so lucky ……

  41. Jan Miklosko says:

    Great performance!

  42. Robbie Heath says:

    Who the hell is Archie's drummer and where is his nine minute drum solo?

  43. Steven R says:

    This appearance is what made me a fan

  44. sopaperico1 says:

    Talent, pure talent

  45. Zach Litchman says:

    Everybody's GOING OFF! Drummer's superb and that bass at the 3:00 mark! Whoo Archy and co. makin' me stankface!

  46. luciano Pontes says:

    Thom York's son

  47. sofi1 h says:

    10 silly witches disliked this masterpiece

  48. the mok says:


  49. Khalid says:

    Conan's band were a great fucking addition to the song

  50. Amani B. says:

    His fucking drummer is a god

  51. Robert Mafeni says:

    an old soul…

  52. Sindrigosa says:

    this has to be the best version of any king krule song ever hands down!!!!!

  53. anna ❀ says:

    I love what they did with the ending

  54. mykol fornasero says:

    This guy sounds like he's chewing on a wad of tissue paper.. music for sheep thats all l hear. Hungry little sheep.

  55. Domenic Raye says:


  56. Midwest Cafe and Market says:

    Jack Black killing it on the sax!

  57. Andrew Cabaj says:

    lol 😂 witches

  58. Brock Hopkins says:

    He back tomorrow ya'll

  59. Escudero Calidah says:


  60. Nicola Di Costanzo says:

    Wou wou wou

  61. Steve says:

    Reminds me of ‘Too nice to talk to ‘ by The Beat ,in places..Banging tune though..

  62. Fernando Palomo says:

    Skills all around the table

  63. Skullflowerz says:

    They got the word "King" and they got the word "Rule' in their band name.

  64. Opiate Holidays says:

    The drummer is good!



  66. Ethan Garcia says:

    What a badass drummer, left handed too

  67. Mišo Korošec says:

    King Krizzard and the Silly Wizard Lizard State

  68. Aphexon says:

    love that they all play left-handed here 😛

  69. nicolas alejandro says:

    That bass♡♡♡♡♡

  70. Altug Williams says:

    who is the bass player? holy shit

  71. Lazerdisck says:

    The drummers name is George Bass and he’s very quickly become one of my favorite drummers of all time

  72. Steven An says:

    dream concert: King Krule and Tom Waits

  73. Oaxaca Flocka Flame says:

    La Bamba was feeling this. Gonna see them in Oakland on Monday. It will be amazing.

  74. Untidy Echo says:

    Silly witches

  75. droolmouth says:

    Whiplash was based on the life of this drummer goddam

  76. Dr. ácula says:

    That blues and jazz make me dance!

  77. emma padalino says:

    Either they're all left-handed or the video is mirrored. I'd like to think they're all leftys!

  78. justin archinihu says:

    That bass line is something else

  79. Saulo Oliveira says:


  80. Cam14 says:

    george bass… thats all im gonna say..

  81. Oakley Warioe says:

    Damn that snare sounds good! Any idea what model it is?

  82. shackyl says:

    dat band full of lefthanders

  83. Dezrt says:

    Still his best recorded live track ever. Conan's band adds a lot of richness to the whole vibe

  84. Laust Møller says:

    King Krule (Lefty Edition)

  85. kolepopp says:

    that drumming is fuckin ace, man. holy shit.

  86. The1977Punk says:

    If you like King Krule, check out Ted Duchamp – Better Days, think you'll enjoy it, have a nice day:)

  87. lucky maya says:

    silly witches hehe

  88. nash ! says:


  89. Mr nerf guy says:

    Drummer is so tight

  90. Jonny Jon says:

    Nice one. The flipped vid gave me that Mandela effect for a minute though 😁

  91. sk33t says:

    bunch of fat witches lmao

  92. Flow says:

    Very classy rhythmic men
    Very classy rhythmic men

  93. Bob dabilda says:

    "you bunch of silly witches, fat witches." I'm done. lmao. Why does Archie hate witches so much?

  94. Devon Denneen says:

    either everyone is a lefty or the camera is reversed lmao

  95. draculol says:

    01:05 is that jack black on the sax

  96. shan says:

    prolly one of his sickest lives

  97. Itzayana Galvan Jimenez says:

    Aquí si rifas

  98. Francesco Paolo Mollo says:

    the drummer. what a fuck! always perfect, every time.

  99. Vitor Augusto Cruz Brito says:

    that drummer is something else

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