Killing The Ender Dragon WITH TNT MACHINES!!

Killing The Ender Dragon WITH TNT MACHINES!!

So as you guys know recently I tried to take on the enderdragon with redstone and unfortunately, well, let’s just say it didn’t it didn’t really go too well. Okay, here he goes There it is. It’s all dropped in I Aw I thought we’d done it! But I asked you guys to submit your videos of you and actually beating the ender dragon with redstone, and to my surprise quite a few of you managed it. Now the way that you did it is by using these sorts of things Now this rather crazy-looking contraption right here with minecarts, slime blocks and some tnt is quite clearly a tnt duplicator. Now this thing is awesome, I had not realized how compact these things could be, and as you can see it is constantly dropping tnt down onto the floor. So much so that we’ve actually gone through the entire floor and we’ve made it down to the bottom of the world. So I’m going to try my best to do this. I want to take this guy out, and I think this is the way that we’re going to be doing it. Yep, I’ve totally gone to the wrong dimension right let’s go to the dark one So my tnt droppers have all been put in place so now I’m going to start switching on all of the redstone clocks. Now hopefully, Hmm, I don’t actually know if some of these things right here are going to be a little bit too high up. I mean, it looks like mayhem down here, wow! But all of the tnt is kind of staying in the same place, but not too much this happening really far away, What I might even do.. Is I might grab myself some obsidian, and then you can kind of place it up around this area right here and hopefully it will keep all of the tnt in place and not traveling really far. This it a difficult place to build in! Wow! I don’t even think he’s come past yet Im sorta dizzy! Now one little thing I am testing out is I have put myself into gamemode 0, hopefully kind of hosts her down. What on earth is going on up there?! Come down here- oh We’ve broken the enderdragon! What happened? What has happened to the enderdragon? We’ve broken it! How has that happened? She’s completely stuck! Hello? Move! Oh for goodness sake I don’t understand. She seemed stood, just she seems to use this as the fountain So this is no longer the fountain, this is now the fountain and I think that’s because I’ve built it above the fountain so we’re going to have to do some rearranging right here Right, okay with this new system right here, our ender dragon is still going down to the bottom, but we also have a fully functional tnt dropping system, however due to the way that it has all been set up, now they are kind of stacking up and landing on top of one another and that’s not really what I kind of want it Yeah, let the tnt is kind of being launched everywhere I mean, we’ll give it a go. We’ll see what happens when the dragon actually comes down, but I don’t think This is going to be the one. That being said, hang on a minute! Oh my word! Okay, that did some pretty serious damage Let’s switch on the rest of them Okay, this guy is taken some really serious damage, rlike We’re getting him half way down Through his entire health and just trying my best build up the box around it then we keep some tnt in here We totally could be onto a winner on this one. Seriously, look! He’s coming back in again Go on! He gets confused though. What’s that all about? It certainly breaks my Minecraft system. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I thought we had done it! He was just in there He was just literally just getting blasted by tnt the entire time. If he comes back around in the next couple of seconds We’re going to kill the ender dragon just using this little system line here are they There’s some explosions have happened. Go on come back through! I’m going to get down here going in Game-mode 0 we’re going to try to track the dragon I’ll be here Everything’s blowing up come on I just saw I someone [use] it just died that’s it Keep [rolling]. Oh my what [do] you do it? No? Oh? We are so close but I feel like a lot of tnt has blown up and most of the [systems], so [we] don’t kind of have the firepower well, no, John Everything is broken Everything is broken but we are so close now I Probably dodged [that] now. I keep again. I can actually die Okay I’m going to do some fixing up I’m going to [make] sure that this thing is high enough And then we are going to try once again right so here is the Obsidian chamber that all of the Tmt is going to be landing in so all of that will land in here and that means that It will be like a contained explosion No Tnt should be able to leak out this thing which means that all of the [tnt] is going to use to actually Into the enderdragon so that is going to be stage one [of] [our] little killing system right here But stage number two is the fact that I have increased the height of these things right here. So now when we activate them a Less tnt should be launched upwards and outwards for be less tnt should also destroy the system so let’s switch each and every single one of these on and He kind of works in it. It looks like [is] working [I] mean something t is being fired left right and center [for] I suppose, you know We’re always going to get that so I’m going to switch all of these on and then I will update you When our little ender dragon makes her way in towards the fountain? [oh] my word she’s going [into] was the center already? I haven’t even switched all of them on That was so close man. That was like so close I Seem to be landing the feet I’m such a moron. I’ve managed to build this chamber thing So that all the tnt actually land on top of the obsidian it over a she land in the center But that seems to be helping like seriously So this dragon is flying around part of the challenge in fact that we aren’t taking out any of these end officials right hater all Of the end of Crystals are still here So she is recovering a whilst flying round right here? but if she comes back and again Chief [gone] And there is no way [she] [is] surviving and by the look of things she might Is she coming in? I’m so excited if we can manage to do this it’ll be the best thing ever It looks like she’s going for like a full recovery Our pMt machine hasn’t blown itself up yet go [on] just come back around Just go in swoop in oh I mean, she’s going to be fully recovered. There’s no way. I don’t know if there’s any way that we can kill her From like a full self help right there. She is she’s fully healed up It looks like she wants to come back in come on here. She comes she’s come into the center. Oh my word on my word We’re actually forbidden Setrakian with these [TMG] [do] [poo] and oh My word this system work We lost all of the [pnp]. We lost all of all of [the] Xp we lost within the tracking Like all grown up with the photos. I think Wow Ours is so cool. We’ve actually managed to do it and we’ve done it to using slime blocks and just these little systems Right here now these things aren’t complicated in theory you could build this in survival mode obviously Having mob griefing off has definitely helped because that meant that the [enderdragon] didn’t come through and just Destroy all of the Redstone mechanisms [I] Can’t actually believe that this This right here is the successful one. I’m going to try [again] I want to see how reliable this thing is right So we’re going to place in the end crystal and the crystal and the crystal and ender crystal and that should boot out the entire process, so Everything’s going to respawn all of the crystals are going to come back, and then we just have to switch on this mechanism right here And we can try again, and she’s flown straight into the center. She is flown straight into the center and by the look of things You are so lucky you are the luckiest thing on the planet. I could have punched you to death then oh My God and easy goes straight into the center. [I] think she’s just accepting a fate at this point in time Reliably killing the ender dragon [look] at that. It’s the body. It’s apparent death like I’ve ever seen spectacular Absolutely spectacular, so there we go guys if you want to know how to kill the ender dragon using Redstone contraptions Then you just have to build something that looks a little bit like this I Mean how simple is [that] it probably took about? [10-15] minutes to construct it drops all of the TmT down there by the look of thing you Don’t build an obsidian page to capture all of the tin [‘they] make it so [-] tnT lands on this level, but I guess she hovers around about there That makes perfect sense [now]. She’s getting direct hit as opposed to hit from down on this level [very] interesting very very interesting in these Wow, well this has been a massive learning experience I have had a ton of fun creating this video If you want me to take on any other mobs in Minecraft, then let me know down in the comment section But unfortunately ladies and gentlemen that is all I’ve [got] time for today I hope you enjoyed this video if you did visual to that like [button], and if you really loved it Then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys. This is the mumbo Anna or Cla

Randy Schultz

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