KILLER Snake of Central America!

KILLER Snake of Central America!

(tense music) – I got a snake, right here! Woah, it’s a fer-de-lance,
alright, hold on! – [Mark] Are you sure? – [Coyote] Let me make sure
it doesn’t just take off, yeah, 100%, look at that! It’s about four feet long, wow! – [Mark] Oh, wow. – I’m gonna catch it, this is a really bad
position for us to be in for catching and
handling this snake. Keep it straight, keep it
straight, keep it straight! (jungle theme music) Over the course of releasing
Brave Wilderness content, there is a phrase you have
oftentimes heard me use, biological landmine, simply defined as
any plant or animal that you can stumble
upon in the wild, and that has the ability
to cause potential harm if you are unfortunate enough
to make contact with it. (screams) (grits teeth) (screams) Wow, guys, that was
seriously intense! In Costa Rica, the bio
landmines are plentiful, and while the crew and I
were on the Caribbean coast, we happened upon
what is arguably the most dangerous
in Central America, a pit viper known
as the fer-de-lance. I got a snake right here. Woah, it’s a fer-de-lance! Alright, hold on. – [Mark] Are you sure? – [Coyote] Let me sure
it doesn’t just take off. Yeah, 100%, look at that,
it’s about four feet long. Alright, it knows that
it’s been spotted now. Mark, can you see it? – [Mark] Yeah, here,
let me get down here. – [Coyote] Here, I’ll
light it up for you. Look at that, here’s the tail.
– Where’s the head? – [Coyote] Head is all the
way up there in the leaves. Do you see it? – [Mark] Oh, wow! – [Coyote] Okay, let’s do this. I’m gonna turn off my light. You guys got a decent shot? – [Mark] Yeah. – Alright, I’m gonna
use the snake tongs to just get a gentle hold on
the back of the snake’s head. (heavy exhale) Aw man, this is nerve wracking. This is the most
dangerous reptile we could have come
across tonight. Alright, ready? Real gentle, oh, it’s
starting to move, hold on. Oh, it’s biting at the snake
hook, biting at the tongs. Okay, I’ve got it! Phew, back up, back up, back up! – [Mark] Okay, where
do you want to go? – Mark, you move, I’m gonna
come straight towards you. Let’s get this snake up
into a controlled situation. You ready? – [Mark] Yep. – Alright, slow, slow, slow! Watch your footing. Alright, I’m gonna
walk right past ya. Mario, you follow me, everybody
back, back, back, back! (tense music) (mumbles) I don’t know. What do you got? – [Mark] I’m on you, Coyote. – Alright, everybody
move back slowly. There is a flat, dry
area right back up here. – [Mark] Wow! – Alright, gonna move
very slowly here. We have to give this situation all of the respect in the world. Look at that! That is about a four
foot fer-de-lance, the most dangerous snake that
you can possibly come across here in the rainforest
of Costa Rica. Look at that creature! Wow, can you believe
that we came across one! – [Mark] I can, but
I’m kind of thinking this is pretty
dangerous, isn’t it? – Yeah, it’s pretty dangerous. Now, I know you guys
are probably thinking, Coyote, are you gonna head that
snake and show us his fangs? Honestly, guys, it
really is not worth it. A bite from this snake
is extremely dangerous, and this adventure will be over. We would be on our
way to the hospital. Now, they are considered the most dangerous
snake in Costa Rica because of their close
proximity to humans. They’re often found
in agricultural areas, and even in rural and
residential areas, because they’re hunting
for rodents and amphibians. The way workers often
stumble upon them, let’s say you’re
out in the field. They’re so well camouflaged. I’m gonna do something
for you real quick here. Mark, just be careful. I’m gonna set it
down in the leaves. Look at how that snake
almost completely disappears. That cryptic patterning
just blends perfectly into all the shadows
within the leaves. I mean, if this
snake was not moving, you would never know
that it’s there. It’s so cool, I
love to watch them just slink over the
terrain like that. It’s so effortlessly
the way that they just glide over the leaves. That is awesome! Now, look at how
the tail is moving. Can you see that? – [Mark] Yes. – It’s moving the tail and
it’s rattling it in the leaves. That’s called biomimicry. It’s replicating what a
rattlesnake does, listen! (crickets chirp)
(low rattling) Barely hear that, but
it’s just a warning sign that if you get
close, I am venomous. Yes you are! Look at the pits on the
front of that snake’s face. Let me see if I can fold
down this blade of grass. We got great light, right there. Check that out! Okay, that’s about as
close as I want to get. Remember, this snake can strike
2/3 the length of its body. I’m gonna go ahead and
just place these tongs here in case it does strike,
and I can deflect that. Now, don’t strike, don’t
strike, don’t strike! Look at the pits, woop, right
on the side of the nose there. Do you see that, just
behind the nostril, and just in front of the eye. That’s how these snakes
detect their prey. So it is an ambush predator. Look at that, it’s curling
up into a ball, there. They lie in wait for a
rodent to come along, and then just, woo! Like a rattlesnake, strike out,
inject that hemotoxic venom, and then they’ve got a meal. Oof, my heart is racing being
that close to the snake! Okay, it seems really calm, but you cannot let your guard
down with a snake like this. It may seem as if it’s
not going to strike, but at any second,
if it decides that I’ve made the wrong movement, it can launch from
about there to here with very little effort. I’m gonna bring the snake
gently back into this, woah, did you see that! – [Mark] Yeah! – [Coyote] That was
a massive bite that it just gave to the
snake tongs, wow! That is a big snake, isn’t it! – [Mark] Well, yeah! (Coyote sighs heavily) – And they can get
significantly bigger, and the females are much
more robust than this, so I’m guessing
that it is a male. Either that or a female that hasn’t eaten in quite some time, but there is definitely
a healthy supply of tree frogs in this area, so this snake is
out and on the hunt. Phew, wow, that definitely
gets your adrenaline flowing, and it’s actually
pretty tough to present when you’re in the
vicinity of a snake that is this dangerous. I’m glad that we
have the snake tongs, because a lot of
times you guys see me just handling rattlesnakes
with the snake hook. I’ve also done that with
copperheads and water moccasins, but a snake like this is extremely powerful and
extremely dangerous, so we wanna make sure we take safety first into consideration. I just could not resist getting the most dangerous pit viper
in the Western Hemisphere up close for the cameras. I’m Coyote Peterson,
be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you on
the next adventure! Alright, let’s get this
snake back by the pond, so he can hunt for frogs! Alright, see you later, buddy! Here you go! Ugh, wow, I’m glad
that scene’s over. Nothing like getting up close
with a dangerous pit viper. Snake encounters
oftentimes happen when you least expect them, and can not only be startling,
but incredibly terrifying. However, it is
important to remember that snakes have no
interest in chasing, interacting, or biting humans. And as long as you pay attention to your surroundings
when in nature, if you come across a
biological landmine, like the fer-de-lance, all you need to do is admire
it from a safe distance, and you will be absolutely fine. If you thought this snake
encounter was intense, make sure you go back
and watch as we got the cameras up close
with one of the most dangerous reptiles in Arizona,
the mojave rattlesnake. And don’t forget, subscribe, so you can join me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. (wolf howls)

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “KILLER Snake of Central America!

  1. drepko says:

    Coyote, love the show. However, you stated towards the end of your show that this snake is the most dangerous in the Western hemisphere. However, I have heard, read, watched documentaries that this snake: Bothrops insularis is actually the most dangerous snake in the Western hemisphere if not in the entire world. This snake is so dangerous no one is even allowed on the Brazilian island without special permission….Could you please clarify? Would you ever do an episode on this island? Keep up the good work, love watching your shows.

  2. Delaney Norris says:

    I saw the title and knew it was a few de lance. I immediately started thinking, COYOTE I SWEAR FIRST YOU PICK THAT THING UP…. IT WON 72 DANGEROUS ANIMALS OF LATIN AMERICA DUDE!!!!!

  3. George Curliss says:

    Go look for and pick up a black momba

  4. buckyclub says:

    Imagine being that snake looking out of your den and seeing humans shining a flashlight at you then, you see a weird thing coming at you so you bite it then they hook on to you and hold you for like 10 minutes, then you go back to reunite with your partner. Then they come at you again.

  5. Rick-e says:

    Remember the time coyote showed his butt to a fer de lance?

  6. That.Vato.Named.Flaco says:

    Have u been to Honduras?

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    Is a fer de lance a viper famly

  8. Tamsyn Surber says:

    Onley snake I've came near is copper head

  9. Jason Irelan says:

    And if you flick a fer-de-lance in the face, I'll give you a whole dollar.

  10. Jason Irelan says:

    And like a rattlesnake, it is dangerous.
    Take care and God bless.

  11. Rob S. says:

    the Puff Adder of Central America

  12. Elliot says:

    A hazard spaghetti

  13. melissa jackson says:

    The entire video I kept forgetting to breathe, I'd never heard of that one before but my dad was a scout master in texas for a long time and he taught me how to identify a pit viper and…yeah, the look in its eye meant business. The stuff of nightmares.

  14. Tasedeon24 says:

    Im rely surprise hes not dead after all the Bites and Stings hes gone through

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    such a cutie x3 it's sad some of the prettiest snakes are the venomous ones, i would love to own one if it couldn't kill me with one bite xP

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  58. Jose Reyes says:

    I once almost got bitten by one in El Salvador. I was night hunting for armadillos with my uncle who lives in El Salvador. I was walking in front of him and he told me to stop that there was a snake in front of me. I looked to the ground for like twenty seconds and I finally saw this hugeee fer de lance three meters away from me. It was twice the size of the one you found. Sadly my uncle killed it and sold it to another local who uses its meet for medicine or something. But I’m glad I’m still alive!

  59. L Scanlon says:

    I worked in Bocas del Toro, Panama for a bit, and you would see these things in the jungle.. The locals have an intense hatred for them, and will drop everything during work parties to corner and kill them. It's unfortunate, but these snakes are so dangerous that it's super fear-inducing. One time I was walking down a jungle path to a neighboring village in the dry season, and I heard some leaves cracking. Looked down to see a snake tail with that distinctive x pattern sliding across the path in front of me and into the bush.

  60. Donny Fraley says:

    That shot of the snake biting back at the tongs was pretty awesome. Great shot of it's fangs.

  61. Catch & Release says:

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  63. Emily Brougher says:

    I spent some time in Costa Rica at a biodiversity research station in the rainforest (literally the happiest time in my life). In only one week, I saw no less than 15 fer-de-lances. They are almost everywhere and literally almost impossible to see in the leaf litter. This is the most dangerous snake with the most human bites/interactions and resulting deaths in the entire Americas, but to be honest, I'm almost surprised they don't kill/bite MORE people every year. Their favorite place is on the ground, in leaf litter, right off foot-trafficked paths. The perfect storm for some kind of bite scenario to take place. They are the ultimate danger noodle and the most efficient yikes tube.

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