Killer iguana attacks girl in St. Thomas

Killer iguana attacks girl in St. Thomas

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Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Killer iguana attacks girl in St. Thomas

  1. Ahlu Taqwa says:

    lol 2:02 doe

  2. Ahlu Taqwa says:

    2:23 there are 2?

  3. Ahlu Taqwa says:

    +SeanMadden yea its not and cool profile pic!

  4. Jane Millerick says:

    man they're easily entertained eh? l mean.. please! poor thing's skinny; wants some food!

  5. Steve Terry says:

    I thing that iguana likes her XD

  6. Mr. Muffin says:

    lame ass shit video so stupid they have to bait it to get views

  7. Berdacia Johnson says:

    he look a little mad

  8. Chris Vargas says:

    iguanas are very aggressive and do not make great pets

  9. Chris Vargas says:

    well green iguanas don't make great pets

  10. Ignotum per ignotius says:

    If the iguana went in the pool, there would probably be poop and fart bubbles minutes later floating on the water.

  11. Juan A Rivera Rosa says:

    Killer iguana? Yeah…

  12. Tyra Jeneen says:

    He killed her with cuteness 😊

  13. Jana Delgado says:

    hfjgdgf CTN in gym y onto minim TT hv gig in I'll guy

  14. Jana Delgado says:


  15. Rachel Moone says:

    Why is his tail like that that looks un natural

  16. BIG BOSS says:

    i wish it would of bitten that fucking annoying aussie in the fucking dick

  17. DragonSlayerYT 11 says:

    ya there nice creachers

  18. Gracie Fitzwater says:

    he didnt attack anyone lol!!!

  19. Arkeeny says:

    disliked for false title.

  20. Reptile Flow says:

    Haha, 'Killer Iguana' Nice!

  21. LtlRed Hen says:

    Will sit there and slobber over a book about a sociopathic abusive boyfriend and his Stockholm Syndrome woman slave, but they scream and squeal about an iguana?
    Clueless pampered little powder puffs

  22. Java Lava says:

    Well it's not really a killer if three retards are annoying it

  23. Dan Sents says:


  24. Malvis L says:

    At 2:09 the iguana was like "this girl is mine now, get away!"

  25. Reptlie Guy says:


  26. Hector Berlioz says:

    I was sailing in St. Thomas and one of these guys and his friends very nearly killed me.

  27. B Ecks says:

    That iguana is most likely tamed because iguanas in the wild dont act like that they are aggresive trust me i have 2

  28. jonathan alquicira says:

    these dumb asses

  29. Kalee Tupper says:

    It is not attacking her it's observing her I know because I have my own iguana but it's a green iguana it's almost as big as that one but if it was attacking it would have whipped it's tail and bit her alot

  30. Steven Higbee says:

    It didn't attack her. It was being friendly!

  31. Kairo Gaming says:

    Okay you god darn blind idiot I wanted a iguana eating someone not asking for leaves.

  32. Sonny Reneau says:

    too funny

  33. elvarg72 says:

    this is my number 1 fave video on youtube. the iguana trolling. im going to be mad if it is removed.

  34. Nancy Becerra says:

    that iguana is very very very very very very funny

  35. Panthatva says:

    "Attacks girl"

  36. Solace Creat says:

    I have been misled. I was promised an iguana brutally murderering people. But, i suppose that was kinda amusing.

  37. Zesty Shrimp says:

    All my Iguanas HATE Hats, bright colored clothing, and the color yellow.. So she is like a walking target. Bright yellow hat.

  38. HÏPPΓŒΔ–_ HΓ…PPΓΓ‘Γ‹ΕšΕ  says:

    So cute and funny when lizard hops on the girls lap

  39. blanchelincoln says:

    I wish I was in Tijuana, eating barbecued iguana….

  40. Karmen Kathleen says:

    Is that a wild Iguana???

  41. HeyaItzJada says:

    how the hell was that bloomin thing attacking her! its not fucking daedly

  42. jeff theriault says:

    He's not getting nearly as much to eat off these humans as he was led to expect.

  43. Megalodon64 says:

    I should get a pet iguana and walk around the park with it just to pick up chicks

  44. H恡美子 says:

    I don't like how they think they can play with him. He's A WILD ANIMAL!

  45. Ryoh says:

    Who needs a dog when you can get an iguana

  46. aerski says:

    It wasnt an attack but i loved that hand wave at 2:09

  47. JustAnotherPlant says:

    I like lizards
    I had one on me when I rite this text

  48. Slade Xiong says:

    i realised one thing about pets there is never such a thing called bad pets just bad owners and this is a good owner that takes care of his pet good video! πŸ˜€

  49. Awesome amazing pets says:

    The iguana didn't even touch her! How can they say that it attacked her lol

  50. RatintGames says:

    "attacks" lol

  51. Goji- Chan says:

    The iguana is making a stance to show this is his territory and never try to interact with wild animals they could attack at any moment plus the girls were showing fear you never show fear to an animal

  52. Christianvalx says:

    The girl in the yellow hat is fucking beautiful oml

  53. Skyler Fox says:

    wouldn't say attacked more like uno play

  54. Jamie Dunn says:

    people are so ignorant.

  55. Tymber Holt says:


  56. John Shreffler says:

    She is very lucky. An iguana that large can easily bite off a person's thumb so fast you wouldn't even see it happen

  57. Metazare says:

    2:08 Get that camera outta here buddy.

  58. Opal Butler says:

    I think they are the cutest things ever

  59. Sara Maria Porquis says:

    oh no

  60. TheDubstepAddict says:

    He just wants a girlfriend…

  61. khmerbraveheart says:

    I like how she's scared of it when it got on her. But willing to take it. ~_^

  62. Jessy Forrest20 says:

    my iguanas name is igy to ha

  63. Zombuddy_731 says:

    Why would they fuck with it its dark green

  64. FXTrader says:

    0:53 The reptiles are not as the mammals. Caress them doesn't has sense because they dont decode the fondlings as a friendly signal

  65. cherish nettles says:

    That iguana looks so stressed

  66. Chantal Debontridder says:


  67. IRonikz_ Pro says:

    Man I would love to be that lizard at that moment
    And the girl in the yellow cap is beautiful

  68. Teighlin Leonard says:

    I have an iguana and he does the same thing when he meets new people

  69. TheDcgj45 says:

    Dumb ass humans. If You don't like lizards stay away and let them be.

  70. Jacob A. S. Rohde says:

    I came for ass

  71. Ninja Hombrepalito says:

    2:08 ''Go away, dont you see Im flirting with this girl?''

  72. Ninja Hombrepalito says:

    Attack time: 2:21

  73. Shadowdroid776 says:

    We gotta learn from this Iguana. He gets all the ladies!

  74. GallimimusProductions says:

    sees a iguana crawl on somebody

  75. Ryder says:

    Did she dieded?

  76. Skelly says:

    Damn, that lizard has more game with the ladies than I do.

  77. exilemike says:

    girl in the pink has a nice ass

  78. Mark Reilly says:

    Wow i would never pet a wild iguana. You realize they have very sharp teeth and can be aggressive.

  79. Pim Visser says:

    I don't see any attack but maybe next time he can attack this guy with his stupid laugh

  80. Bdeye0070 says:

    bait click

  81. Paul Moadibe says:


    so f*cking boring…

  82. Tæon says:

    I think I found the most click bate video ever! Better tell pyrocynical and leafyishere

  83. Emiyas says:

    Bulshit Video

  84. Amanda Shelton says:

    im dislike #804 !

  85. Anas Sharif says:

    Fuck the girl that said its gross.

  86. ReptiSavages Inc. says:


  87. kool aid man says:


  88. Fred Yeboah says:

    She's afraid of iguana yet she can stick dick inside her pussy. …naughty girl indeed damn

  89. Axell Ardi says:

    0:53 STOP IT

  90. The Guardian says:

    It was like damn baby nice legs give daddy a kiss

  91. J'Yanna Moore says:

    I was born is St.Thomas it’s an island

  92. J'Yanna Moore says:

    My mom works at that place

  93. The thicc Warrior says:

    This is one of the few times I'm glad the video I watched was clickbait the whole time I was cringing at the situation and was relieved at the end

  94. Hamo RBLX says:

    No wsy

  95. space unicorn says:

    Umm.. he's just being affectionate and cute, I feel like the girl scared of the Iguana is scaring the Iguana more then it's scaring her. The Iguana is pretty confused and is just trying to make a friend, and not making any signs of threat πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’ =>= :/ πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  96. McFrisko says:

    Fuk ur video

  97. CannabisMaximus02 says:

    β€œHe’s not gonna bite you”
    sees iguana that is pissed

  98. sunshine says:

    Aw why are they scared it’s just a big friendly guy

  99. Quay305 says:

    ya it’s cute when u feed it but i would’ve had a heart attack if it claimed on me πŸ˜‚

  100. Jeni Matin says:

    I'm glad she wasn't attacked. Why are people disappointed???

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