KIDZ BOP Kids – Truth Hurts (Official Music Video) [KIDZ BOP 40]

KIDZ BOP Kids – Truth Hurts (Official Music Video) [KIDZ BOP 40]

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “KIDZ BOP Kids – Truth Hurts (Official Music Video) [KIDZ BOP 40]

  1. Haii People says:

    This has been seasoned with low fat low sodium Mayonnaise ?

  2. Diego Kiwi says:

    They say Minnesota Vikings,but they have scenes where they're on a damn baseball field.

  3. Matthew Matthew says:

    No no no

  4. Matthew Matthew says:

    Single they can say but not men

  5. Matthew Matthew says:

    They can replace men with boy

  6. Mełissa Chavez Cułcasi says:

    This video broke my heart??

  7. smill pupstick says:

    I hope they are fairly compensated for the molestation.

  8. Abel Frank says:

    I'm cringingggg

  9. Starfire Koriand'r says:

    They just had to

  10. Michaela Finazzo says:

    What is wrong with “ima hit you back in a minute” that they needed to change it to call

  11. Jonelle Foye Fernandez says:


  12. ginger sillavan says:


  13. junior campa says:

    This is so stupid

  14. junior campa says:


  15. Myriah Toyshow says:

  16. jake griffiths says:


  17. Amy-Louise Pullen says:

    love how they cut ‘men’ but kept in ‘you’re supposed to hold me down’ ?

  18. shannon jackson says:

    Ima say it those outfits are nasty

  19. vivian mcbride says:

    i feel so bad for the kids who have participate in this garbage

  20. vivian mcbride says:

    kidz bop literally ruins the meaning behind every song

  21. Monica Johnson says:

    Good job

  22. Mik Soumokil says:

    Copying Jojo Siwa with the cinema and the baseball what the hell…

  23. Keykey says:

    Why would you make this it's just know it's disgusting you have ruined the song for me thanks a lot by Kidz bop I hate you so much

  24. Grant Washington says:

    What is this stupidness

  25. Jaymk 92 says:

    Poor Lizzo.

  26. Dadi Shortlegs says:

    Not gonna lie that was fire

  27. CardboardLord says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. What did they do.

  28. CardboardLord says:

    So genders don’t exist anymore? Are we just not allowed to say men?

  29. Gary Mullan says:

    You suck kids bop

  30. Gthgames1 Is my username says:

    This just a copy of lizzo music but different

  31. Jessie Grace says:

    This makes me suicidal

  32. POP Vids says:

    Check this queen out if you need motivation

  33. Jim Schilling says:

    that kid is fatter then lizzo

  34. Kaeden Smith says:

    Cringe level 58284829582858274

  35. Kaeden Smith says:

    No one:

    Not even the whole universe:


  36. Emily Grace Baase says:

    Can’t say men or even boys, but can have 9 year olds say “Shoot your shot” smh?.

  37. Blandy McBlanderson says:

    1 question: Why are they wearing shorts while playing baseball?

  38. Cadince Art says:

    Karen: They can’t hear me because they’re listening to KIdZ BoP
    The kids:

  39. Jerome Wu says:

    This why I hate white people

  40. Monse Tellez says:

    U guys ruin every song for me?like what is even the point for kidz bop like tf

  41. Smøre says:

    Oh god no!

  42. TC LG JC says:

    Lizzos way more better were is swears when Lizzo gonna watch this crap??

  43. cherelle Smith says:

    I love it

  44. Pato Swag says:

    Lizzo: “men”

    Kidz bop: “you”

  45. Maryam Al Omari says:


  46. Mr Rashid kackot says:

    flex those dislikers

  47. Mystic CDabPrince says:

    So no DMs it’s feeling now

  48. Joanna Robinson says:

    Oh I thought you soupost to say b I t c h

  49. 12hifive YT says:


  50. Ana Robley says:

    What kind of mucis is this bad

  51. BabyUnicorn Gang says:

    So it’s bad to say men and boys ???

  52. Alicia * says:

    The fact that I’m actually wasting my time watching this ?

  53. tracy norman says:

    They sound like fricking CHIPMUNKS XDD that are high

  54. Gacha Gallery says:

    One word for this. Cringe.

  55. Shirwa Nour says:

    Awesome if lizzo sees this she would be proud.

  56. LavenderInk Productions says:

    No one:

    Kidzbop: Look, you cant just go around saying “boy”, “man”, or “woman”, such vulgarity!

  57. Jasmine Edits says:

    “New ones”
    Tf is that supposed to mean

  58. Alexander Hastings says:

    If they have to change Half of the words then they shouldn’t be singing the song at all

  59. IndieKid says:

    To sum up this video: Oof just Oof

  60. animation muffin says:

    100% THAT KID WHYYYY!!!

  61. Ayyy its me Kyderra says:

    Omg its amazing lol!

  62. Samuel Rodgers says:

    The song isn’t even in the correct octave. How can you make a mistake on that?

  63. Isabella Dloniak says:


  64. Ryker Irontooth says:

    I feel bad for kids who have to sing for kidzbop.

  65. JEJwitle19 says:

    The thing that got me the most is when they said “YOU COULDA HAD A GOOD FRIEND”

  66. Foxy Gaming says:

    This is completely shit

  67. LAAGI2 says:

    I guess I’m a bad word.

  68. tvram says:


  69. melina and christos says:

    They can sing 1:12 BC there single buy can't say men

  70. Dina _Yt says:

    This melted my brain

  71. Ğãčhå Şķý says:


  72. Julian Jay says:

    My kids can’t hear because they’re listening to kids bop ?

  73. Jessica’s World says:

    I love it

  74. Hype R says:

    I want to break their colon and eat their corpse

  75. davina burton says:

    my mom grounded me for saying m*n

  76. The lit gaming Kj says:

    What would Lizzo say to y’all

  77. Aubrey Flores says:


  78. Yui says:

    Why does kidzbob ruin every fucking song do they even have permission

  79. *pumpkin* *head* says:

    It’s so..bad? No that’s to much of a strong word..I HATE IT. You always ruin my favorite songs T-T

  80. Morgan Dedo says:

    that’s not even the right tune ??

  81. ITS TOFU CHAN says:

    So they change the bad words in the song but the dancing is definitely not inappropriate

  82. Xiaraz says:

    you could've had a good friend

  83. Mario Brien says:

    Kidz bop must take Aca bop as a battle

  84. AmberTheCat UwU says:

    They can't hear me because they're listening to KEDS BAP

  85. Beeble Bob says:

    Me when someone asks me where I live 0:04

  86. Thot Police says:


  87. Darkgrynade says:

    I’m fina cry

  88. Kathleen Jackson says:

    Can we go back to the good days and not these

  89. xXLeapsXx says:

    Why do you have to make everything terreble

  90. roselie says:

    Should I be a kidz bop kid I think I should because I can't sing at all

  91. Robin Farstad says:

    When Lizzos's kid grabs The camera

  92. Makayla Nieves says:

    Not so good

  93. Mason G says:

    This is ass

  94. Katsnkittins says:

    How can a good friend be non committal?????

  95. Catherine Green says:

    Most autotuned songs EVER.

  96. i look like shalissa says:

    My version:why test hard if they gotta be hard woah I just took a chemistry test turned's out i a 100%past it even when I'm going crazy yeah i got math problems that's the human in me oui oui then I solve em that's the French in me you could've had a good test none camiltle help you with your science just a little supossed to pay me back cuz I've been tutoring you and that's the sound of Harvard rejecting you

  97. Messiah Nichols says:


  98. Messiah Nichols says:

    Yeah maybe just saying but you really cannot sing the song in the vertical the regular lyrics series y’all please help me

  99. Lil Coreana says:

    What the fudge was that!?

  100. Raymond YT says:

    How is the word men illigial

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