♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (Vince) Today, you’ll be eating this. – I’ve seen these before,
but I don’t even know what this is. – What is this? – Oh, I love these. They taste really good in a smoothie. Pitaya? Pitaya, is that it? – Oh my gosh.
They’re so weird-shaped. – They’re pink with spike-a-ma-jigs. – It’s kind of like avocado. Kind of hard, but kind of squishy. – It smells like a radish. Like fresh fruit out of the garden. – It looks like a mini-pineapple that’s pink. Dragon fruit! – Why am I eating dragon fruit? I’ve just seen it before on YouTube and TV. – It’s like a dragon fruit, I think. So I’m not scared to eat this. – (Vince) We have a freshly cut
piece for you to try. – Ewwwwwwww! It looks disgusting inside of it. – This looks like the inside of a kiwi. – I didn’t expect it to have seeds. I thought it would be
something you’d actually bite into. – It’s a completely different color scheme, and it looks more gelatin-like
than it is on the outside. – It still had to do this,
even though I know it’s sorta good. – Deeeh. Get off! Tastes like a watermelon. I’m not a big fan of watermelon. – Not as good as I expected it to be. (anxious sigh) (nibbling) – Oh, that’s mushy! It tastes kinda like a pear. – Okay, yeah, it’s good. I’d say a cantaloupe
kind of tastes like it. (fork clinks glass) – It really doesn’t taste that bad. Like, if you put chia seeds
inside of a kiwi, that’s what it tastes like. – Hmm! Pretty good. – It’s yummy. It’s really nice how the seeds
are popping in your mouth. – It’s good. The texture is like a strawberry
’cause of the seeds. It’s good. (chuckling) – I like it. I could see me going
somewhere like Hawaii or the Amazon and be eating this. – I don’t like it. Why don’t you guys just let me
eat spaghetti or something? – (Vince) You just tried pitaya.
– Wha–? – What? – (Vince) Better known as dragon fruit. – Oh, that’s what
the other name for it was. – It kinda looks like a tropical fruit
’cause of the weird shape, like a pineapple’s
kinda shaped weirdly like this. – (Vince) They’re called
dragon fruit in America because their names in Asian countries
translate to things like “dragon scale” or “dragon crystal.” – Okay. – Wait, were dragons real? – (Vince) Why do you think
they call it those things? – Looks like a dragon egg
with a leaf sticking out of it. – I totally see scale. Because there’s some full scales here. – If it was called “dragon crystal,”
I would just take it home and I’d be like, “See my crystal?” – (Vince) Finally, do you
recommend people try dragon fruit? – Yes. – Yes. – No! I don’t like the taste. – Yes. I know it looks weird, but try it. – Yes. It’s kind of bland,
but it has an okay flavor. – Yes. Even though it does not look
very appetizing on the outside, it actually tastes pretty good. – Yes. It’s a different taste that probably
you have never tasted before. – Totally. It’s one of the most exotic fruits
I’ve ever tasted. I want more of this! – Thanks for watching us eat
dragon fruit on the React channel. – What food should we eat next? Let us know in the comments. – Subscribe. Our episodes are fire-breathing! – Goodbye! See ya. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪

Randy Schultz

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