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  1. Jonathan Gaetano says:

    Yay, there names r salt and pepper!! I gave that suggestion!

  2. Meinke Weerstand says:

    What the fuck is noah doing to that bunny?!?!


    Fantastic work your doing keep it up look forward to my daily fix of your videos such an inspiration over here in the UK.. out of interest if you do see video what size box do you keep your sub adults and adult ball pythons ?

  4. Ben Douglas says:

    Hey brian, Glad you and the guys have had a great time today and hope it get better for guys. I'm always happy watching your blogs and glad to see your still going strong guys.

  5. Charonda Motley says:

    they r amazing tfs?

  6. Tammy McCeig says:

    Was The Perfect Storm of visitors…

  7. Murphy Entertainment Studio says:

    I gotta check out this Reptile zoo! I love these videos! Keep up the great work Brian!

  8. firdaus cuzzy says:

    Almost Christmas,, cant wait?

  9. Don't Do Novacane says:

    How Does The Conversation Go From Touring To Miming And A Walkman ?! Lmao I Love Noah . Thanks Brian For Being So Positive Every Morning !

  10. samasia skipperable says:

    Just curious Brian do you bathe the snakes after they have BMs to insure they’re clean prior to handling? Primarily at the zoo of courseI too many at BHB?I have seen snakes that poo ? anywhere and those that only use the corner of the enclosure and avoid it.

  11. Chihuahua fam says:

    I will hold any animal or reptile you put in front of me I love animals and reptiles they are so cute

  12. ranelle manning says:

    Salt and Pepper are such great names.

  13. David Stanley says:

    You, Noah and Eric crack me up.

  14. Phil Cammarata says:

    Brain i have reached out a couple times I know your a very busy person but really would like to talk to you about a few things with the snakes i have in want to make a couple purchases please call whenever no matter the time 4109056546

  15. Phil Cammarata says:

    I been following you seance snake bites it would mean a lot to hear back from you

  16. Joseph Miller says:

    Brian I love your family they are funny when you asked them for help. Wife is the best as your forever Queen. Thank you Brian for your wonderful channel. Luv you too Brian B

  17. Elaine Smith says:

    I love you an you're family thank you for making my day so much better…..
    yesterday an today was bad…. you make it so much better

  18. R3PTILE GUY says:

    Brian, this vlog was epic!??

  19. Pat Smith says:

    I wish Carl was my teacher growing up. Talk about a great teacher!!

  20. shilohtlw says:

    Everytime i see someone handle the alligators i think theyre gonna drop them.

  21. animal and nature tv says:

    My ball python is so cool i have him out all day everyday i can take him in the Mall and people can hold him all day and then I can bring him back to the car go to the shop get a mouse and feed him right in the car and he will take it and eat literally he will eat any place any time he has no stress about him I'm not sure if it's because I have held him all the time I mean a lot since he was a baby he's still a baby only about 6 months 7 months old but I know that he is amazing and I wonder if all snakes are like that probably not but ball pythons have definitely proven that if you hold them a lot I don't mean for an hour or night I mean keep them out constantly all day with you they tame down so much that you can do anything with them !

  22. rprincess73 says:

    Would really love to come visit! What other things are up there to do? Or can I sign up for a weekend ‘working intern’ spot?! ❤️❤️ the vlogs! I’ve learned so much this past 2 years, watching and following your channel:)

  23. Christina Kinch says:

    Noah and Eric are the best, they always make me laugh. Brian if I lived in America I would without a doubt tour your zoo. This channel is sooo amazing. Btw love from Barbados

  24. LyshB says:

    How’s your anaconda doing? Haven’t seen her for a while?

  25. Stephanie Corbosiero says:

    Brian what are you going to do when the gators get huge?

  26. poshtopcoat says:

    Love watching! Love the positivity! Thank you for sharing your love and passion for animals! It’s contagious! ?

  27. NotYourLyn28 says:

    Hey Brian I know you've done a video on sexing snakes before and I can't find it again but how could tell if a ball python is a boy or girl?

  28. My E'klectic Life says:

    Great vid! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!

  29. Jacob Hemer says:

    Love you all, and
    Wow…lori is getting some huge arms! Look out!

  30. TheRealcripto987 says:

    Im happy that an actual school is putting funds into a breeding program!!! Thats the type of education everyone should have access too!

  31. Cathleen Baldwin Maggi says:

    I absolutely have become a HUGE fan of your VLOG. Your energy, love of the animals, and enthusiasm combined with your wife's down to Earth reality is a perfect combo… oh, and add in Noah and Eric, the comedy duo, and what a perfect mix! One of the things that Kenan does on Camp Kenan videos, and he has a lot of subscribers as you do, is to mention that if everyone even donates 50 cents or a$1 per month the total can make the difference and help to feed and house the animals and to get new animals too. Just a thought. It works well for him. His subscribers recently provided so much money to an alligator/crocodile rescue that a new habitat is being built with it! That's pretty amazing. I think most people don't realize that such a small amount can make such a huge difference when mltiplied.

  32. saratogathedragon says:

    Get a Rainbow Boa for the reptarium!!

  33. Samantha Jones says:

    I want to go to your zoo so bad! I’m planning a visit to reptiland in allenwood, pa which is only an hour from me! Very excited

  34. Black Pirate says:

    Love the videos man. U got me into snakes dont have one yet but can't wait to get one.

  35. Gage Rexroth says:

    Just tried to buy a spotted python on sale and price changed while putting in my info and making sure I had what I wanted back to original was really excited but now just disappointed I won’t be getting it since the sale ended with no warning wish they had exact time posted for when it ended really sucks was so excited to get a snake from bhb maybe next year I guess

  36. Jason Irelan says:

    I didn't need you to inspire me to get a snake because I'm a big fan of snakes. You asked how we would like to be in charge of a few hundred snakes, and I would have to be extremely rich to consider it, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like the snakes.
    Take care and God loves you.

  37. Olivia Pig says:

    Salt and pepper I did not keep up to well but now I know the names

  38. Rafail Georgiadis says:

    Can you show more boas ? ? Greetings from Stockholm ??

  39. _ Bryanz333 says:

    AYYYY nice name is subbed

    (Not because of your name but because of your content) ?

  40. Sandalio Chavez says:

    Jessica looking beautiful like always and have a great day

  41. Diane Aylesbury says:

    Hi everyone, thanks for time and effort and videos, AWESOME AND AMAZING. Diane Southampton U.K.

  42. Grace Schroeder says:

    Uhh Brian what are you gonna do when those baby alligators aren’t babies anymore….?

  43. ogfergi says:

    1.8 million subscribers wow?

  44. Sophia Quintero says:

    I have a pet snake, her name is Cocoa. She is a ball python, I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! Please give me some advice for Cocoa remember she is a ball python! ???

  45. Alien Games Roblox etc. says:

    10 more years

  46. LightYerPipe says:

    Barnum & Bailey Circus would've been proud of you as that's what you are now a home for mutants who you can exploit. That's my opinion.
    "Come one and all to see the two headed snake ( 1 deceased), the two headed Turtle (Deceased), the white Alligator, the Black Alligator, the three legged Alligator. Not forgetting the giant snakes that he tries feed a meal that's far to large.. "Roll up, Roll up, Roll up".
    Not forgetting the Big hairy spiders from the Amazon. (that he has no idea of how to keep.) Etc, Etc. Etc.

    Brian I've watched your videos that you make since snake bytes started but, now i'm not sure this is what i want to see. You can come back saying they're in bigger enclosures etc, call it habitat its not, its just larger smaller cages. For those Retics i would suggest at least 4 x what you have now.
    Yes i know they prefer small places and can live happily but if you want them displayed surely you could give then an area where they can soak they're whole entire body in not just a water dish its more like a puddle. Of and increase the humidity that way you wouldn't have to spend so much time dragging them out of the cages and stressing them.
    I'm not going say anymore and i presume that you'll be pleased about that. Its my opinion and own that opinion.

  47. Jhimber FromPh says:

    Hi brian

  48. Hannah 1 says:

    U should keep salt and pepper

  49. Game Time says:

    Show us salt and pepper’s cage

  50. Janet Batchelor says:


  51. Melissa Vines says:

    It sounds like Salt squeeks! You all do an awesome job. Will for sure stop by if I'm in souther Michigan. I love the cold weather anyway!

  52. ruralismo ecológico vivendo no mato says:

    Watch this video!

  53. Godzilla Gtr life says:

    Such a positive vibe it amazing

  54. Maelene Riehl says:

    Love the hat and hoodie Noah!!!! Go Lions

  55. Taylor_Ladu23 says:

    Hell yah, War Eagle

  56. John Rennick says:

    Do you guys ship to Canada?

  57. victor paulino says:

    Muito legal seu canal

  58. CHIN CHIN says:

    RJ's a STAR!

  59. Dilip Mishra says:

    Meaningful video, thanks for sharing. I also recommend you to watch #ReptilesAnimals

  60. sheila tennis says:

    So cool Brian!!

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