Kids Pet Snakes | HiHo Petting Zoo | HiHo Kids

Kids Pet Snakes | HiHo Petting Zoo | HiHo Kids

– Oh my gosh, that feels so good. – Is he giving you a nice massage? (laughter) (curiosity music) – Hi. – Hi. – Hi. – Hi. – Today, we are meeting snakes. – Yes, yay. I wanna hug one. – The snake’s gonna bite us? – [Anna] Open your eyes. – Oh my goodness, it’s so cute. – So you still wanna hug it? – Yes. – You guys can pet her. This is Spotty. – What type of snake is this? – He is a Brazilian Rainbow Boa. – It’s so soft. – He eats a mice and rat. – He’s trying to lick me. – Where does he live? – So these guys, they do have bones all throughout their body. You see all these bones in here? – It’s heavy also. – What do they do for protecting? – Do you see these spots
on this side of Spotty? What do they kinda look like? – Eyeballs. – It’s a special kind of warning. Can I feel?
– Let me feel. – Soft, lumpy. – Soft, a little slimy. Gigi, you’re not really scared anymore. – I love that stew.
– How do you think he eats a rat? Our mouths open like this,
can you do that with me? His mouth opens like this
and has a stretchy hinge and can go like this. – Is that their skin? – And this is a snake-shed. – Eggs. (laughter) – I’m giant– – [Anna] Gotta be careful. – Bye Spotty.
– I don’t want you to unfree me. – Okay, open your eyes. – Okay. – Which one’s fake? – This one.
– Which one do you think? That one’s fake. So this is Milkshake the Milksnake. (laughter) – Good name. – What is that snake? – I thought this was a real snake. – You know what kinda snake this is? – I saw this from Wild Cut. There’s a yellow kind, and a red kind. The red ones are really venomous, the yellow ones, nah, they just pretend. – So you’re kind of right. This one right here,
looks like a Coral Snake which is a very venomous snake. And Milkshake is a Milksnake, which is a non-venomous. So can you say the rhyme with me? – If red touch yellow,
you’re a deadly fellow. – If red touches black. – You’re okay Jack. – Coral snake apart from
a harmless Milksnake. – He’s gonna bite me. – Bye Milkshake. – Oh.
– Wow. – He’s a big snake, huh? – What is that snake? – This is Levander, he’s a Corn Snake. Okay, open your eyes. – Oh my goodness, it’s so cute. – His eyes looks so cute. – When you touch the
back of it, it’s like. – So yeah, his belly’s got
this really smooth scales. You guys wanna hold him? – Me first, me first, me first, me first. – Here you go.
– Whoa. (laughter) – He feels very smooth. – Where does he go poop? – So snakes, they have a
little opening right there between their scales, so
this part is his tail, if he has to go to the bathroom. – No.
– Bye, I wanna take home soon. – Open your eyes.
– It’s a Boa. – The same kind of snake.
– Holy cow.
– Yeah, this is also a Banana Snake. – That is big. – Oh that snake is adorable. – We got double snake. These guys are Ball Pythons. – Why do they call it Ball Python? – So they’re called Ball Pythons
because if they get scared, they’ll tuck their head into
the middle of their body and wrap around it like a helmet, to protect themselves. – He’s saying bye bye. – He’s a wiggly snake today.
– He’s heavy. – Snakes. – but you can see their tongues. – Is this a boy or a girl? – So Monty is a boy. – But how do you know this one’s a boy? – [Anna] It’s hard to tell. – But how do you know? – [Anna] We have to look
for different parts. – Are they poisonous? – These guys are not
venomous or poisonous. – Do snakes eat other snakes? – There are some kinds of
snakes that eat other snake. – Feels kinda cold. – [Anna] Is he kinda heavy? – Yeah. – Do you like my new scarf? – I think your scarf could be alive. – Hope I’m not holding his booty. I wish. – Do you wanna try holding him? – It likes my shirt. (laughter) He’s going straight. – Bye. – Bye.
– Bye Monty. – Thank you for watching
HiHo Petting Zoo Snakes. – I love a snake. – Don’t forget to subscribe. See you later. (curiosity music)

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Kids Pet Snakes | HiHo Petting Zoo | HiHo Kids

  1. big chunges says:

    I have a python and a milksnake

  2. meh says:

    Cute huh very weird

  3. Michu :3 says:

    1:03 its the amazon rainforest

  4. Summer Breeze says:

    Crystal loves everything I LOVE HER

  5. UDITA THANKI says:

    Did the zookeeper have any cool bro

  6. AngelaKate O.Fabre says:

    Kids not scared of snakes adults scared of snakes

  7. PixellPython says:

    I want a snake so bad but my family hates snakes :')

  8. Angel Mendoza says:


  9. selenitedoll art says:

    i live in nz where there are no snakes but i have a photo of me on vacation when i was like 6 holding a little python. i was literally smiling like it was christmas, i really really want to see another snake. i want one so much

  10. Ug Gam sea says:

    Ok, so I just have a single question.
    Where do I get a Desmond of my own?

  11. Detectiv L says:

    Funny how these kids call something else cute 😅

  12. james iris says:

    Their laughs r pure joy….

  13. kris ohma says:

    do snakes have penises

  14. Lavender Animates says:

    3:48 aw man why not straight up lavender

  15. Pastel Highlights says:

    I have to ball pthons, I love snakes SOOOOOO much!

  16. Kelli Wright says:

    I wish I was there I love snakes

  17. IzzyB Splits says:

    When she says “so now you know how to tell a venomous snake from a non venomous snake
    Me:I just now go near snacks I’m to lazy to move anyway

  18. -The W Squad- says:

    When He Said:I saw dis On Wild Kratts

  19. Starry Nana says:

    I hate snakes but i get through the whole videos because it's helena, ethan and desmond ❤️

  20. AINO CHIU says:

    2:14 that will be me😂

  21. Aca Ava Gaming says:

    King cobra eat ball phyton because he is a king

  22. Adriel Lara says:

    The kids:”aww it’s so cute”. Me:*runs*

  23. Fajrin Mahyuddin says:

    Oh god.. I don't wanna touch them… I have a phobia

  24. julla says:

    crystal looks so young there

  25. haleybrooke says:

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  27. A B says:

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    Get it
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    It's a boa shed, ok I'll stop now.

  28. tegrisco 070 says:


    Crystal: Oh my goodness its so cute

    Justin: 😨😨😨😨😨

  29. Ritu Mondal says:

    Harry Potter with the Boa constrictor.

  30. Miftahul Jannah says:

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  33. JyNx LilBull10 says:

    I have 6 ball pythons, a Nicaraguan boa, and a green tree Python. But when he ripped the shed he was like I messed up but I don’t think he realized they shed a lot.

  34. Shavik Austa says:

    These kids are savage

    More than me and you.

  35. Jordan Younger says:

    This channel is just so very pure

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    I love snakes xd

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    5:00–5:03 "Thats what she said!"

  43. Yvonne Echols says:

    Bro, when he said i saw this on wild kratts i was watching wild kratts

  44. Randy Schultz says:

    Gordon just ate a beating heart of a snake in Vietnam.

  45. Jasmin Zolhairi says:

    Crystal is so pretty , cute, and adorable i live her

  46. bubmah axr says:

    The python was named Monty because if you know, you'd know.

  47. thaliaa quintessa says:

    she tries to lick me!

    me: shoot

  48. 7th cloud says:

    Oh my god how can they find snakes cute And adorable 😨 I can't even stand there for a sec

  49. A1A Adventures says:

    What A Great Display of Good Example Pets for Kids! Ball Pythons Are The MOST DOCILE and Easiest To Keep For enthusiasts newer to the hobby and pet trade! Boa’s can be a tad more aggressive, so for a FIRST… I wouldnt…

  50. Tyson Wiggins says:

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  51. Bethany Lingle says:

    milkshake is such a cool name for a milk snake tho awww <333
    love snakes so much~ makes me happy to see the kids enjoying them!
    too many adults are afraid of them lol, makes them look like complete fools of themselves xD

  52. Daemon Skycloak says:

    Lol where is the fear response? These are some brave kids.

  53. Little Crab says:

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    Cool video I like it a lot

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    The other childs: HIIII

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    Boy: Hi!

    Other Boy: Hi.

    Girl: …….hi..

    Me: :3 all kids are depressed

    jk i just liked the way she said hi from the start of the video x9

  66. Panna Chowdhury says:

    My father put a python 🐍 and a milk snake on his neck in the carnival 🎡

  67. Nicholas Lienandjaja says:

    3:37: Is the corn snake albino or leucistic?
    4:58: Two color morphs at the same time! (One natural morph ball python and one albino ball python)

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