Kidding Around | Barnyard Babies with Dr. Pol

Kidding Around | Barnyard Babies with Dr. Pol

DR. POL: Now we have goats. (braying) (Dr. Pol brays) These are Boer goats,
they came from South Africa. Sounds funny, it’s
spelled B-O-E-R which
in Dutch means farmer. When goats are born they
get up as soon as possible
and follow mom around. Hold still for a minute. (braying) Yes, what, he’s coming.
Jump over, come on! That’s what I said. Fast fact is, when
goats are born most of
the time they are twins. Sometimes you can
get as high as six, but then they are many times
almost too weak to survive. Six is very high. Goats, goats are very social
animals. They live in herd. Many of the Caribbean islands
have wild goats, and you see goats in herds of 20 roaming
around over the islands, easily. Okay this is all for the goats. They’re cute, they’re fun,
they’re fast! Captioned by
Cotter Captioning Services.

Randy Schultz

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