Keeping a Bearded Dragon : Bearded Dragon Diet Supplements

Keeping a Bearded Dragon : Bearded Dragon Diet Supplements

Now this is a supplement I like to use, it’s
called Dragon dust, it’s made by T-Rex. Now you can buy several different types of supplements
from your local pet store. Most of them are not species specific and since lots of different
reptiles, the different varieties and all the different types of reptiles require different
amounts of vitamins, different types of vitamins and different quantities, I thinks it’s really
really convenient that this T-Rex has come out with species specific vitamin supplements.
So this one is for Bearded Dragons. What this does is it completes the nutritional value
of the vegetables. This is made to be used on a daily basis. This is not a supplement
that’s going to be overpowering if you use it to much. In fact, the jar says the more
the better. It does have vitamins and minerals in it but not in such quantities that it’s
going to be harmful if you give them a lot. Some people like to try manufactured food,
such as this. I just picked this up the other day, my dragon has not tried it yet, but I
do have quite a few customers that come into the pet store and purchase this type of Bearded
Dragon food. Now it is recommended that if you use this type, you may want to moisten
it with Fruit Juice or with water to entice the dragon to eat it. Some dragons will simple
refuse and if you plan on switching a diet over to something like this, definitely start
in small quantities. Just sprinkle a little bit on top of the vegetables. I’m going to
go ahead and try that here. I don’t plan on switching the diet over, I like the diet I
have him on but I might as well try and use these up and see if he likes them a little
bit. So I’ll just throw some on top there and these are his vegetables. Place this here
in the cool side of the tank so the vegetables don’t wilt underneath the basking light.

Randy Schultz

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18 thoughts on “Keeping a Bearded Dragon : Bearded Dragon Diet Supplements

  1. flyingscience says:

    I inherited a big aquarium ,I might take 2 large, tame, 10 year old beardies .How much will this stink up my bedroom? I've read so many horror stories is the smell really that bad?
    Thanks for any tips or info you might have .
    Greg .

  2. zx21300 says:

    how many crickets should i feed my 8 inch bearded dragon a day

  3. zx21300 says:

    my beardie wont eat no more i even try handfeedingg him and he wont nothing

  4. zx21300 says:

    once every two days and whjen its super hot in san diego i carry him on my shoulder

  5. pankinyek says:

    …no way 8inch. beardie would eat 50-60 crickets a day,… 8 inch. dragon is about 1 month old, and up to 60% of their body-lengh at this age is tail- it is not possible for any animal of this size to eat that much, this 60 crickets would be a size of 2 or 3 beardies like that…

  6. MrBinty1440 says:

    boog2k9 read about reptile lighting on uvguide,co,uk ONLY use megaray combo lighting its the only safe reptile lighting you can buy now every brand sold in petstores is made in china now & has been blinding reptiles its junk! check out reptileuv,com for the best u can buy also u can get a uvb meter to check ur lights & nutribac df to help them digest better they wont sell anything that could hurt a reptile or thats low quality their lights last 10 times longer

  7. MrBinty1440 says:

    check out megaray lighting at reptileuv,com & read more on their caresheets, also read more at uvguide,co,uk on good and bad lights

  8. Myles Tilley says:

    ita not that small but i peferr not to use it

  9. Jeremy Divona says:

    hey guys i need some help. my beardie is around 8 months and hes about 9 1/2 inches is that normal? he also hasnt shed scince xmas.

  10. cameron weimorts says:

    my dragon is about a foot long and i have xl crickets for him and he just wont eat this morning i tryed to eat and only bit off the leg and he hasint bin doing mutch at all i only got him yesterday so if anyone can give me a lil hand am new to all of this i and love him to bits and i dont want to see him die 🙁

  11. sam3d says:

    pretty chick!

  12. Scarlet Foxx says:

    @weimorts12345 if you get a harness for your beardie you should take it outside to get natural sunlight. just like us all animals need sunlight to grow and remain happy. also, if you don't hold your beardie enough it could start becoming sad. secondly, if you have other animals in the house jumping up by his cage that could also cause him to stop eating because he's scared or stressed. i hope this helped. =]

  13. MegaJJ1999 says:

    what webside is the taNK FROM

  14. mistercoolieman says:

    syndicate should have done this

  15. Buy Bionic says:

    @viciouscavecow animal killer.

  16. Buy Bionic says:

    @Stevesheart1 the biting super/mealworm inside is a myth, its not true. you dont need to cut their head. only internal worm parasite can eat a lizards insides

  17. GeckoMan425 says:

    Almost all of these things are true. Except one thing. I personally don't cut off the super/mealworms head because she can digest it properly. However, I have a friend who had a baby Bearded Dragon and he fed it a wax worm. Well it ate it. He went somewhere and when he can back, the wax worm crawled through his little body and made a hole inside if it's stomach.

  18. GeckoMan425 says:

    You have a lot of questions but I'll just sum it up for you. Your baby bearded dragon may not be ready for mealworms because he was probably raised on a staple cricket/salad diet. Even though Crickets are more expensive, your Bearded Dragon will most likely eat them. Just remember to buy crickets that are as long as from one eye to one eye of your bearded dragon. Don't get to big of ones.If for what ever reason you can't get crickets, cut off the mealworms head just to be safe. 🙂

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