Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? (Official Music Video)

Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? (Official Music Video)

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? (Official Music Video)

  1. Lazarbeam Fan says:

    I’m unsubscribed cuz your rude to your fans😡

  2. Bassoulet Martin says:

    Cats : meow meow
    Dog : wouf wouf
    Idiot : 2019/2019

  3. Renáta Bogdán says:

    I love you

  4. adixes30 says:

    I like your song and I love you girls so much more than anything in the whole world and I want you to kiss me and i want you to hang out with me and I want you to have a sex party and I want you to have a sex with you and I want you to twerk on my lap and I want you to lick your bobs and I want to lick your face and i want you to lick face I want you to shake your bottom and I want you to strip for me and I love you Justin Bieber and my name is Xavier shaw

  5. gladys pastuña says:

    esta musica esta horrible hijo de **

  6. Hidden Kard says:

    Who’s watching this right now just to see the “unplanned” kissing scene??????? Gahdddd

  7. Joe Joward says:

    What do you mean?

  8. Was King says:


  9. HASAN ALI says:

    ايري فيكن كلكن

  10. winfred nyakio says:

    Listening to this song in year 3014. And Honestly this guy was a legend.

  11. Sarahi Velazquez says:

    I am crying for you Justin Bieber I love you

  12. Fans de los polinesios POLINESIOS says:

    Watching 18 October 2019?

  13. Patricia Neves says:

    CASA COM MIGO ??????

  14. Gusti Taufik says:

    MasyaAllah ganteng banget

  15. Rad Games says:

    who watching in april 2020??? 👇👇👇

  16. Mehak Malik office says:


  17. Thaila Aranha says:

    Aqui pela milésima vez Por que o Justin perguntou se queremos album e turnê no insta

  18. blanca.aguilera aguilera says:

    Esta canción es la mejor y todas de el gran Jostin biver 💪❤❤❤❤💙💋💖💖👌👏👏👐👋

  19. Laura Scherr says:

    Who is watching in2019 October
    18 👇🏼

  20. NASIM ALI says:

    Who listen this song in October

  21. NASIM ALI says:

    I love this song so much that I have listen this song thousand time♥️♥️♥️♥️

  22. HAMDAN STAYLES says:


  23. Funky Mr Taco says:

    Who is watching this right now Oct 18

  24. TONE RION V4 says:


  25. Hi Ikonikboy says:

    This song is so weird hit the like button if a gree👎

  26. trashcanzart says:

    remember when youtube comments weren't a calender?

  27. luvz2spoon says:

    I'm not gay but Justin Bieber is Justin Bieber

  28. Kade森 says:


  29. 123 Ohcac says:

    come back jb

  30. I am Fjorela says:


  31. ろずぴ【Advance】 says:


  32. jalalaldeen Ali says:

    I love you

  33. ICE Za says:

    Too many comments. Who watch this with me in….

  34. Асхат asfgh says:


  35. Kulvir Kaur says:

    her boobies and her new Justin bebir close your eyes

  36. Zammy Zoom says:

    I like how he promotes Calvin Klein

  37. Andre Martinez says:

    why justin why you have to pus sex in it really

  38. Allo Arjun fans clubs says:

    There are others that are the only ones who watch this song four times a day Below is the Like and Comment

  39. Husen Meman says:

    I Don't Know Why This 2019 Commenters Get So Much Likes.

  40. Kajal Panchmatia says:

    What do you mean

    I need to do my homework huh?

    Anyways whos reading comments while hearing and watching this in October 2019?

  41. zainul arfi says:

    Yang Nyasar People +62

  42. Suroto sudiharjo Sudiharjo says:

    Sangat cocok

  43. Stella Lee says:

    Uhh no one is gonna talk about what the girl did to Justin did in the bed right ? Eww

  44. はるぴよ says:


  45. Mehedi hasan says:

    Watching this on 19th October 2019?

  46. Techi Gamer says:

    Who all are here in OCTOBER 2019?????? JB FAM……


  47. اليوفي اليوفي says:


  48. Riki Ray says:

    i love justin beiber

  49. Yusuf Kayra says:


  50. Yusuf Kayra says:

    A** koyduğumun yassı

  51. Vivi Mark's says:

    Oxi sera q so.eu sou BRASILEIRA vendo justin bieber

  52. テテLove says:


  53. Lorde Botton says:

    Como um vídeo de culinária é semelhante a isso.

  54. เดย์ กิ่งจันทร์ says:

    2019(* *)

  55. Teodora Martsenkova says:


  56. الصاحب ساحب says:

    والله شغلتك شغلة يا بيبر مدري شو 😂

  57. Juan eduardo Chininin says:


  58. Nayely Garcia laime says:

    lo escucho desde bolivia justin bieber sigue asi te quiero😍❤

  59. Matteo Perinetti says:

    how many times his hair moved.

  60. jai singh says:

    justin b
    justin bi
    justin bie
    justin bieb
    justin biebe
    justin bieber

  61. Georges BREBANT says:

    Oh what do you mean

  62. Jose Arimatea says:


  63. yakında anlarsın says:

    Mk Türkler bi diss like atmamiz yokmu

  64. sarra jaoudi says:

    I love this song so much <3

  65. nguyễn hải says:


  66. Antonia Neira Contreras says:

    esta canción no se puede superar

  67. Orso-_-Bianco says:

    Press This Shit If This song is crap

  68. Noemi Glex says:

    Cometarios en español ? Alguien

  69. Daniela G says:

    Tb to the best JB era 😭😍


    please come in sri lanka justi biber

  71. • Chocolate • says:

    E eu pensando que o único que mendigava era o brasileiro kkk kkk enganada está a

  72. Jose Vasquez says:

    Soy el unici que habla español me siento solo

  73. oliee0 says:

    zawsze słuchamy tego z babcią przy obiedzie. pamiętaj babciu kocham Cię!!!!!! <3 ja + babcia + ta piosenka = szczęście!

  74. Jose Vasquez says:

    Ala verga no estendi nada

  75. Shivendra pratap singh says:

    Whatching 19 and 20 October😍

  76. Predator 12 says:


  77. Arturo Vilchis says:

    En el minuto 1:50 parece que dice "Jugar al Fortnite"

  78. alexandra stamate says:

    Justin , the Selena is the best…………((((But and Xaily is ok….;)

  79. chocho lgobda charaf says:


  80. Lenja Technic Ltd says:

    বাংলাদেশের সালমান মুক্তাদির এই গান রে ফলো করি ভিডিও বানাইছে

  81. Anastazei Lok says:

    الله يحفضكم خاوتي حبيت نشوف اكبر عدد من جام زعما نحطم رقم القياسي بفضلكم..؟

  82. Anastazei Lok says:

    الله يحفضكم خاوتي حبيت نشوف اكبر عدد من جام زعما نحطم رقم القياسي بفضلكم..؟

  83. avantika Mishra says:

    Everyone talking about who is watching in Oct Oct can you plz talk about the song

  84. carlos cano says:

    Stupid justin

  85. Asil Miozec says:

    وااااو الاغنيه ولا اروع والاكليب احلا 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  86. Renegade Emperor says:

    Anyone here because of Rewind

  87. Tímea Gulyás-Kis says:

    You look fucking good😘

  88. The Gaggle of Garbage says:

    Wat Dai Yee Meen

  89. Nera Beauty says:

    Like this when it hits 2 billion


  90. ONLY MOVIES says:

    where do i lean oo where do i lean

  91. adro adra says:

    Jesteś nie miły

  92. adro adra says:

    Bardzo 😭😭😭😭

  93. Nurdan Zavalsiz says:

    Ohh shes very lucky very very i love justin

  94. Bloodgamer Pro says:


  95. Easy Tutorials says:

    99% comments are ‚who here with me in october 2019

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