Jurassic World: Dinosaurs Rule Again – Unseen Video!

Jurassic World: Dinosaurs Rule Again – Unseen Video!

– It was tough! The minute I heard about this, I wanted to run straight to
social media to be like, guys! You’re never gonna
believe what happened! We officially made
a partnership with– – No, no, no, no! ♪ Fire ♪ ♪ A fire on the mountain ♪ (folk music) – What’s going on, coyote pack, and welcome back to Base Camp! Now, today’s episode is going
to be something special. Because not only do we have a world exclusive
video premiere, but we also have a massive
announcement to make! – A huge announcement! – Dinosaur sized! – And, it’s something
we’ve been working on all year, as a matter of fact. And, I must say guys,
I’m really impressed that none of us have spilled
the beans on this yet. – Especially this guy. – Yeah. – What? It was tough! Like, the minute I
heard about this, I wanted to run straight to
social media and be like, guys! You’re never gonna
believe what happened! We officially made
a partnership with– – No, no, no, no! – Yeah, and we’ve
had a couple videos based off of this content, And every time, I’d
be watching him, being like, don’t say
it yet, it’s not time! But, now it is time. – Now it is time, so I
think without further ado, it’s time to let the coyote
pack in on the big secret. You guys ready? – I’m ready.
– Ready. – Alright guys, we have
officially partnered with Universal Studios to become the Jurassic World Explorers! (cheering) T-Rex sized roar! – It’s official!
(toy roaring) And this is pretty awesome,
like, this is real. We are officially part now,
of the Jurassic franchise. – And I feel like it’s
a long time coming, in fact, 25 years
since I first saw Jurassic Park in 1993. I always knew, that
at least myself, and now you guys
certainly as well, were destined to be a
part of this franchise. – Absolutely, and thinking
about it, as a whole, the DNA of Jurassic is
really heavy influential to Brave Wilderness, I mean, a lot of our film-making
knowledge and ambition is coming directly from
Steven Spielberg and his team, what they did 25 years ago. – So, let me ask you,
when was the first time that you saw Jurassic Park? What was your memory? – I saw it opening day, I
did not know about the film prior to seeing it, because I went with my
next-door neighbors, and they were like, you gotta
see this dinosaur movie, I saw it in a local theater
outside of Delaware, Ohio. It was pretty awesome.
– Nice, how about you, Mario? – I remember I was
in the living room, and I passed by the TV,
and I saw the trailer, and I saw the T-Rex
foot just hit the mud, and then Jurassic Park;
In theaters near you, And I was like, oh my gosh,
mom, dad, you gotta take me, and he took me opening
week, and I saw it twice! – Alright, how many
times did you see it? – I saw it twice. – Oh, rookies! Guys, I saw Jurassic Park in
the theaters twelve times. – Did they start giving you
a discount after the tenth? – If they had a punch card,
I probably would have gotten a free dinosaur stuffed
animal or something like that. No, the first time
I heard about it, I was playing at my neighbor
Randy’s house across the street and he’s like, I’m going
to see a dinosaur movie, Jurassic Park! I had no idea what this was, so I ran home and
told my mom, like, mom, I gotta go
see Jurassic Park! She’s like, the
Michael Crichton book? I’m like, no! They
made it into a movie! She gave me my
allowance money early, and I got to go with
Randy at a theater, I’ll never forget that moment that the T-Rex burst
through that electric fence, and I was hooked. – Absolutely hooked, I mean, it changed the course
of my life in terms of, I wanted to be a paleontologist, I wanted to work with
animals, and so on. I think it got us to the
point we’re at right now. – Yeah.
– Well, it was the first time I ever really thought about a
special effect in the movie. It actually had nothing
to do with the dinosaurs, you guys remember the time that the water ripples
in the cup, in the SUV? I remember watching that, being
like, how did they do that? Honestly, it was the first time I ever thought about
special effects, and it kinda led me on a
path to be a film-maker. – Right. I would definitely
say that 25 years ago, when Jurassic Park came out, everybody’s life was influenced. Not just us, but a lot
of the people out there watching as well,
in the coyote pack. Now, for us, this is
an incredible honor to have teamed up
with Universal Studios to become the Jurassic
World Explorers. So, what does that mean? Well, we were producing– – We get free dinosaur toys! – Oh, we do get
free dinosaur toys! – That’s what it means!
– This is one of the most important parts of
the partnership! No, I’m just kidding,
that’s actually with Mattel. No, so what this means is
that we are now producing exclusive content for
Universal Studios, that we’ll debut on our channel, the series is launching
on Brave Wilderness, but it will primarily be seen on Universal’s youtube channel, and we’re producing a
number of different episodes to follow the whole
course of paleontology, and fossils, reptiles, birds, and ultimately,
the technology that brought dinosaurs
to the big screen. – So yeah, Jurassic
World Explorers, think of us as the real, live
Jurassic World adventure team. – Yeah, we’re gonna
be out in the field, in the front lines,
bringing to you anything Jurassic, and
anything dinosaurs. – Yeah, it’s gonna
be pretty exciting, and this is just coming off
the tail of Fallen Kingdom, so I’m excited to see where all of this is
ultimately going to go. But, we certainly
feel as if we have an incredible opportunity
out there before us, we’re so excited to be bringing
this to the coyote pack, and trust us when we say
we are going to be putting our a-game effort
into this series, because there’s a good chance Steven Spielberg might actually
see some of this content. – You think he really will? – I’m sure he’s watching
this video right now. (laughter)
– Shout out to you, Steven, thanks for all the influence. Alright guys, so in celebration of Jurassic World: Fallen
Kingdom’s digital download, today we’re going to
debut an exclusive video on the Brave Wilderness channel, called “Dinosaurs Rule Again.” So if you guys are ready, I
know the coyote pack’s ready, let’s dive into dinosaurs.
– Ready! Here we go! – Well, we’re just relaxing
here at camp T-Rex. – Dinosaurs are cool! – Who’s a good boy? (purring) (mock screaming) (determined music) – Standby, everybody,
here we go. – I think it’s been
great to have real sets, and real dinosaurs. – Stop that truck! – It’s just a thrill, because
it’s the way I started, everything was real
back in the 70’s. – [Man] Action! – It’s always, for the actor, important to have
something real, so they can interact
in a more organic way, and for them, it’s great,
having a puppet of baby Blue, or a T-Rex, or Indoraptor. (screaming) – [Director] Right there,
that was great, guys. – Fortunately, we’re making
the movie in England, Neal Scanlan, who does all of
the Star Wars animatronics, happened to be available, and all of the things that you
see in the Star Wars movies, he’s bringing to
this Jurassic World. (roaring) – Sounds fantastic. The fundamental requirements
in an animatronic is that ability to be able to
touch it, to interact with it, and that’s brought
out of Stan Winston’s incredible work
on Jurassic Park. (roaring) – If I remember, they were
true to size, and actually, because of the puppeteering
and the mechanism, which could sometimes
get out of control, they warned us
things go haywire. Even if not for human error, and that’s the last thing
you want to have happen, is be killed by an
animatronic T-Rex. – Hey! (roaring) – The T-Rex in the
Jurassic Park movies, they all look different. They just evolve. (roaring) This one is just so huge. Been around for a while, so
I’m treating it more like a humongous
dinosaur-crocodile, that also had the little bit
of a feel of an elephant. (snoring) – This character is
like any actor, really. It requires make-up,
there were times when it used to feel over-moist, so
we would spray it with water, we would add dry patches. – Adding girth, adding
roughness, and bring
the realness in, so we actually believe that’s
living, breathing creatures. – One, two…
(grunting) (groaning) It’s working! – That was really
the one scene that J.A. just wanted to
see in this movie. The blood transfusion
with the dinosaur, and Owen and Claire had to
get up close with this animal, in a way that no humans ever
have in these films before. – Okay, here we go. – For Blue, we had print
from IM, a digital 3D print. We then remolded that, and
cast out in a sculpting wax, the sculptors then
picked up all the detail, then it was molded and then
produced in foam latex. She was always going
to be lying down, so we knew we could get
puppeteers and lift. And three, two, one, and lift. That’s it. – When we knew what we’re doing, he’s tried to play out the
action that J.A. wants us to, but also interpret the moment,
so that we can react to that. – Shhhh. – This is Mike standing, and
this is Daniella standing, and they’re out there right
now just setting up a shot. So, if I lift this up, watch. We kinda choreograph a few
beats when she’s feeling pain, when she’s reacting to
the motion of the boat, these are all things
we’re trying here, and it’s been the result of collaborating on the
ideas in rehearsal. – That’s where the bullet is. – It’s kind of a little
bit claustrophobic with so many people
in such a small space, but at the same time, being
confined really allows you to make a connection with
everybody around you, and because everything
comes, in the creature, from its breath, you
all start to move and feed off each other
almost subconsciously, and you can all feel the
emotion at the same time and hopefully bring that out
in the creature above you. – Excellent. That’s great! – It’s theater, you know, it’s like live theater,
it’s incredible. You can see the hand, yeah. (laughter) – Okay, thank you. – This thing’s not real, and yet I’ve grown a
major attachment to it. – You’re my girl, Blue! (threatening music) – Indoraptor is the result of a velociraptor and
Indominous Rex. (roaring) I came up with an idea that
he had to be very different from the other
dinosaurs, so I thought, let’s create a very black suede where you can see, very
clearly, the teeth, where you can see
clearly the eyes. – We want it to look a bit
serpent-like, it’s like a snake, and the teeth come
out of the gums, there’s no lips, as such. Slime! – Our job is to make it as realistic and
natural as possible. We look at an existing animal that has the closest
resemblance to this. So, for the eye,
what a crocodile has is this nictitating membrane to protect his eye
when he’s in the water. – What I’m looking to do, is
actually find the character within the facial features. There’s always a reason
behind their actions. You hit that moment,
and it lives. – Bigger, bigger,
bigger, bigger. – I personally think we’ve
got it, it scared me. Won’t sleep tonight. One, two, three. (scraping) – That’s the elbow,
basically like that, and the wrist is controlled
by this arm beneath, and there’s a lever for
each finger and thumb, and there’s two levers
for the index finger, which is so he’s
got two movements, so it’s got up and down, and then the end is
on a separate cable. (screaming) – In one of the tests, we actually managed to rip
Robin’s jeans. (laughing) So it’s good that we did
this here in the rehearsal, and not on the actual day. (foreboding music) (thunder) – Three, two, one. Action! (screaming) – This particular
dinosaur is a theropod, which means it’s bird-like, so personally I like to go
and do a lot of observations, and mirror certain,
different birds, like a starling has a very
muscular way of moving, other lighter birds have
a hoppy way of moving. – I think when you
get into puppetry, and to practical effects, you have to invest in that
as an audience member. You have to invest
in believing in that. So you can’t not connect
with that element, because you’re putting
yourself into it. (toe tapping) – And you end up making
some very funny faces, and very funny sounds, (snarling) as you’re really trying
to project that character all the way through the
operation and into that puppet. – That’s it, that’s it! (dramatic music) (clapping) – This is the crew that
really brought this to life, I wanna say thank
you to everybody, and
well done everyone, it’s been absolutely fantastic.
Can’t wait to see it. – [Coyote] Thank you,
Neal, you’re the man! – [Mark] Yes, he killed it! – That was awesome! – Wow, that video
was incredible! Well, it officially feels like we’re part of the
Jurassic franchise now, getting to watch exclusive
footage of Dinosaurs Rule Again, hope you guys all enjoyed
this world premiere. Man, that was so cool! What was your favorite part? – Oh man, I loved the whole
thing, but I have to say I was so impressed by the
behind-the-scenes footage. You could see the lights, you could see all the crew
that helped make the scenes, and how seamless
it was in the film. You couldn’t tell any
of that was there. – Yeah, absolutely. I would definitely say, for
me, it was cool just seeing how they worked all
the animatronics, because as you guys all know, reintroducing animatronics
to Fallen Kingdom differentiated it from
just Jurassic World, and I definitely think that
for the actors and the crew, it certainly made a
huge effect and impact having those real-life
dinosaurs on set. – You could definitely tell
the actors, even in this, were saying how
emotionally connected they were feeling
to the animatronics. How about you, Mario? – I loved the insight into how
they created the dinosaurs. In particular, like
the Indoraptor, right? They were mentioning how it’s
got the nictitating membrane, just like a crocodilian. – I knew you’d like that part. – I thought that
was pretty cool. – That was super cool. – Well, it’s
certainly cool to see how the Jurassic
science is so unique, the way that they
blend different animals to create some of the hybrid
dinosaurs, like the Indoraptor, but of course keep
it more classic with the T-Rex and
stuff like that. Man, what an awesome video! So cool that we got
to premiere this on the Brave Wilderness channel, for everybody out there in
the coyote pack watching. – So, you guys
ready to go explore? – I’m ready to explore,
now remember guys, Jurassic World Explorers
premieres this holiday season, and stay tuned, it is
going to be an adventure sixty-five million
years in the making. You guys ready for an outro? – Let’s do it! – Alright! I’m Coyote Peterson. – I’m Mark Vins. – I’m Mario Aldecoa. – Be brave, – Stay wild! – We’ll see you on the
next Base Camp adventure. Let’s watch it again! – Yeah. – [Coyote] On behalf of the
entire Brave Wilderness team, we want to give an
extra special thanks to Universal Home Entertainment for allowing us to make
Dinosaurs Rule Again, a youtube world-premiere. And don’t forget that
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is now available on
digital download, and will be on blu-ray
and DVD on September 18th. If you love dinosaurs
as much as we do, make sure to go back and
watch the episode of Base Camp where we unbox a whole shipment
of Jurassic World toys. And don’t forget, subscribe, so you can join me and the
crew on our next big adventure! (coyote howling)

Randy Schultz

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