Jurassic World Alternate HISHE

Jurassic World Alternate HISHE

this week’s episode is sponsored by blue
in an apron I mean blue apron Owe! My butt. What are you doing?!?! Getting more teeth!! Dude! That thing is part raptor and can talk to the other raptors! Yeah…Soooo? It’s also part T-Rex!!! Hey! You ready to fight? Yeah! Let’s go- Wait, you can talk too? Yup! Oh no. You know what? Today has just been the best day. Those little people finally let me out of my cage. Oh no way! They just let me out of my cage too! And I’ve gotten to meet and eat all kinds of wonderful things. Hey I wanna eat stuff! Well there’s a few people in here but I can’t reach them. Oh. You just gotta use your head. Like this! Awe Nuts. Wow! That was so smart! Do you want team up? Sure! Awe, great! You know I’m picking up a bunch of
thermal radiation in the buildings across the water over there. I bet there’s just tons of people in there just waiting to be eaten! You can do that! Wow, you so crazy! Hey! Wait up! What do you want? You guys… wanna go… swimming?? Nope! Awe come on man! It didn’t eat them. It’s killing for
sport. It’s kind of weird how they’re all right next to each other though. I wonder how that happened? Aaaaaaah! It’s so painful! It feels like my skin is on fire! Shouldn’t we run away? NO! We must watch. I see a light… BLEH! Really?! Because I think we’re wasting valuable time just stand- Aaaaaaah! Aaaah! We must watch this one too. We also want to thank Blue Apron for sponsoring this video! Check out the link in the description because Blue Apron is offering the first 100 people to sign up a $50 discount off their first two weeks! Mmmmm… Yummy! Blue Apron delivers all the farm fresh ingredients you need right to your door steps! In exactly the right proportions, no trips to the grocery store, so they make it super easy! If you’re tired of the same old boring meals Blue Apron’s got you covered with lots of chef-inspired recipes to make you feel more fancy pants in the kitchen Just look at all these meals I can make
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choose what you want each week! So check out the link in the description to sign
up now! And since about half of you are gonna ask this question anyway, yes the infinity war HISHE is coming! BYE!

Randy Schultz

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100 thoughts on “Jurassic World Alternate HISHE

  1. GamingwithAl Xxnyeimx says:

    I dont get why t rex fought i rex now

  2. TheGamingBendy says:

    T-Rex is also a cannibalism.

  3. Logan Jarrett says:


  4. Wylie Anderson says:

    When you realise rexy is a girl and the mosasaur can speak trex…

  5. Kyle Davis says:

    1:55 my team in every shooter game I play in a nutshell

  6. Eshaa Desai says:


  7. MovieMuto9000 AwsomeMUTO says:

    W e M u s t W a t c h

  8. Stayed Rex says:

    it’s blue in a apron

  9. Mathias Pedersen Explained says:

    Does videos are amazing!

  10. pillay vaden says:

    Mosaruas: I such want to play
    Why everyone is so scare of me 🙁

  11. Dr.DeadMeme says:

    well the T-Rex was a solitary dinosaur so this can easily be disproved. sorry but it is funny though.

  12. Famiglia della Cava de tirreni says:



    I feel like I’m having Mandela effect rn because I thought I saw rexy and I rex get eaten by mosaurus in this

  14. Steve Wiggett says:


  15. Michael Yu says:

    both the t rex and I rex are female though…

  16. BebaBoop10 says:

    Next Jurassic world HISHE comes out
    Apatosaurus: We must watch this one too

  17. Fredy Mejia says:

    They have deep voices, but they are women.

  18. J Bruce Feynman Niccolo Bentulan says:

    Why can't it be that the reason those herbivore dinosaurs died beside each other is that they tried to defend or attack together?

  19. Mea Ages says:


  20. Sharp Design says:

    Blue in an apron…best sponsor.

  21. Maria Q says:

    I ship it

  22. Joshuainimation :3 says:

    Gvgvgvgvgvgbgvgvygn fgchgvghhugyycgj f gracias yvgbyv hgvgyvghvguvghjctjyftyjcyjfcrtjctgzsvfxtthxrthdytjfyujftthdcyrjcytjcyfjcfjycfjydtjyxrjyjfyxjfyxjyfxjgfxjhfxjytjytxjxyttjycyjtcrhtdytfhfytjtjyftjydjtydjrycjyrxryxjjytxtjydtcjyhgjcjhyfjhgcjhgcjhgcmhgc7fyu,kuyfhykfjyfuhtjfjhtcjutfcjutkutcckhgckutkytffuykkuyfuylgkuyfkuyfkuyfluyffuykluyfiylfkuyfkutftkygykykuvkugcghkguij😣😏🙄🙃😖😷😢😖🙃😢🤕😛🤓😤😖🤒🤓ftykgyiogyukcfjydyjhuilii
    igiyvliijjkgjkhcgygyvuyhjmggkjgyugyujvukhiulh cliuhccuekihrkudiehkiywxedhexkwdiuh3xfekihx3efkiyhcrfykurcfbukhrcf3hujedx2huid3gui3d2gkiu4x2dsyujxwyjywdcgwdcgyjv2cdhwec😁😶😘🙄😙😚😣😑😘🙄😙😚😣😘😂jhxe😅🙂😶😘😁🙄😶😙😘😚☺yugedyedxi3uwdxgyjCdwvdyyjrfcegyyfcetjgfcegyjerfvgye3rcrfcejyvrfcegyvrfcjyjytfrvcrgfvyrfygfefjytefrgcvrfgjeyecjrgyyygjr3fcyreccgycrygccecedygjdeccjcgyrdcgejyrcgejycjygcrf3jygcdecjygjreyg

  23. Ty Edwards says:

    0:40 if this was fist fight, T. rex has short arms and lose easily

  24. ɱყɱųŋą ąƙɬɛཞ says:

    0:56 but I thought trex’s were like lone wolves and don’t team up like raptors (who are more social)?

  25. Hιʀoツ says:

    Blue in a apron
    Xd you got me dying!!

  26. Andy Morales says:

    Soo rulde t rex and indonmus rex

  27. krithik sankar says:

    The only mistake….. The Dinos didnot have a female voice …. All Dinos are supposed to be female

  28. Jack Sitas says:

    Blue in an apron 😄

  29. Dottore Strano says:

    WE MUST WATCH…this video

  30. Mr. Best says:

    The end with that we must watch dino got me😂😂😂

  31. Marosha Nawaz says:

    Why is there 2k dislikes it’s awsome

  32. Michael Bays says:


  33. ODST Ninja Thorn says:

    0:55 Indominus rex: There are few people in here but I can’t reach them
    T-rex: oh you just gotta use your head like this
    destroys roof

  34. D. B. says:

    Hahahaha-HAHAHAHA!! :'D
    Just saw what was coming next when Owen brought up the Indominus controlling the Raptors. :')
    "Aw, c'mon man." Nice running gag with Mosasaur and that fake-Sidious guy from '09. 🙂
    Heh-heh. I laugh seeing the two Rexes bond! :'D :'D

  35. Shamell Michaels says:

    This is not altarnate

  36. Edzio Evan says:

    1:56 No, She's part Trex… she can't sees us if we don't move

    2:08 Still, don't move a muscle

  37. Harien Gradford says:

    So Indominus Rex can plan her own escape but it can't figure out how to reach people

  38. Eshaa Desai says:


  39. Kevin Goswami says:

    Ever think about How Home alone should have ended

  40. DiegoS Da boi says:

    What did you use to animate this?

  41. Jeremy Calvert says:

    Trex ate each other and were not friendly with one another though

  42. Jaimie Galarza says:

    They sound like such nice dinosaur

  43. atopodentatus says:

    T rex x indominus rex

  44. Liam Francisco says:

    I like the voice of idominus rex

  45. Liam Francisco says:


  46. Shin Godzilla says:

    Not a fighting

  47. Dennis 2ooo says:


    Blue:just speak and then roar


    Blue:I wonder why I love batman

    Batman:Cuz I’m batman!!!!

  48. Chris Griffin says:


  49. Dragwolf_ Assassin says:

    I eat human for breakfast

    literally my Oc eats human skin for breakfast

  50. Qui-Gon Brick says:

    Remember from Jurassic Park 3 they talk about velociraptors being the only dinosaur that can communicate.

  51. Jurassic Floy says:

    Dude that thing is part raptor and talk to the other raptors and that’s also part T. Rex Oh no

  52. Fire RED/FORTNITE says:

    What word

  53. Weena Pfohl says:

    “BLUE IN A APRON! I-I mean Blue Apron…”

  54. PC__ ' says:

    i think the mosasour wanted them in the water so he/she can eat them

  55. Mr Dead says:

    You guys wanna go swimming

  56. Good Bendy! says:

    Is indominus rex is a girl or a boy?

  57. AC 13 says:

    Use Head. Lol Toy Story 2 reference

  58. king ksd says:

    0:49 use your head😂

  59. suffian johari says:

    Rexy and i_rex eating food by blue arpon.

  60. Demoman 374 says:

    2:05 we'll be right back

  61. Iris Elefane says:

    0:22 XD

  62. Jeriah Torres says:

    Make more

  63. Zac brick studio 1 says:

    The mosasaur looks more like the Mattel one (in my opinion)

  64. Leterius O'neal says:

    T-Rex voice sound like Patrick star From Spongebob

  65. Alley41972 says:

    Rexy:Hey wanna team?
    Dom:No eats Rexy
    Dom:I never team
    Dom:Hey Mos want to team?
    Mos:No eats Dom You said you never team with dinosaurs

  66. Turner B says:

    Should IR be in the villain pub?

  67. Новый Индоминус рекс says:


  68. Новый Индоминус рекс says:

    Im love.😍😍😍😍😍

  69. Brian Michael Finn says:

    This week's episode is sponsored by… SKIP!

  70. Icedominus Rex Alpha Mega says:

    1:02 ;-;

  71. Luke Aumen says:

    Tree Rex don’t have alphas

  72. Iris Elefane says:


  73. Mary Harriger says:

    This is funny

  74. Kenneth Knudsen says:

    Apato2: shouldnt we run away?
    Apato3: No… We must watch
    Apato1: I SEe a light died
    Apato2: really? Becuase i think were wasting valuable time just sta- AAAAAAHHHH
    Apato3: we must watch this 1 too…
    Apato4: nods

  75. Zachary Ramirez says:

    This video is so funny 😂😂 10 out of 10

  76. The crazypickle plays says:

    You guys… want ta swim? Nope. Oh come on man!

  77. Deathkid Gaming says:

    Indominus sounds like a sassy man or a man acting like some girl

  78. Harley Brown says:

    Do fallen kingdom

  79. Dakarai Oliver says:

    When they screamed I laughed so hard

  80. the.nerd.knight says:

    T rexs where very aggressive towards each other

  81. Kaizer Emperaiga says:

    wait, how the t-rex can talk with mossasaurus? maybe is reasonable if indominus rex can because she maybe have mossa DNA, but t-rex don't have any other dino DNA

  82. Anmol Ratan says:

    Wait… The Indo – rex and T rex talked to the the mosasaur…. So they both are a part mosasaur??!!

  83. knight meh says:

    2-3rds of this video is ads for blue apron

  84. Voltaic Fire says:

    40% sponsor spot, yikes.

  85. Daniel Santiago says:

    The White Trex is so funny and that Brown one that is exactly what I'm gonna do when I make a friend

  86. Flying Catz says:

    What`s Indy`s Accent? I love it.

  87. GLaDOS says:

    lol Blue in an apron

  88. [GUN] Ceratos says:



  89. carlos black says:

    😄😄😄 so these guys dont get a secret coffee shop or pub like heroes and villains?

  90. Antony Standen says:

    I'm not even stoned yet but that was so fkin funny

  91. Fahad Alqahtani says:

    Wow how do dinosaurs eat people and pen pineapple apple pen

  92. Shannon Gutierrrz says:

    Indominus: oww meh back
    Me:dab on it

  93. Caitlyn Pearl says:

    The apatosaurus is gonna get killed just sitting there then running

  94. Daniel Gergis says:

    Its doesn't make sense in the movie that they didn't communicate maybe the director was bored so that's why

  95. Felishia Durrance says:

    how can the trerx and the indoms rex talk

  96. Panda with a Plan says:

    when the ad is longer than the actual video

  97. Ivan Phyo Lwin says:

    Blue in an apron

  98. Palps says:

    Shouldn't we Run away?
    -No, We must watch.

    Hahaah im dying!!😂🖤

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