Jurassic Quest for Dinosaurs! Giant Life Size T-Rex at Dinosaur Event with Kids Activities & Toys

Jurassic Quest for Dinosaurs! Giant Life Size T-Rex at Dinosaur Event with Kids Activities & Toys

(screams) – [Aaron] It’s a… (LB laughs) (dinosaur roars) – Are those big teeth, or what, dude? Okay Park Ranger LB, we’re back at Jurassic Quest, and we’re gonna work on our dinosaur identification
skills today, okay? – Yeah, I almost forgot. – There’s so many
dinosaurs to keep up with, and we’re gonna learn about a
lot of them here today, okay? – Okay. – And then I got a challenge
for you at the end, okay? – Okay. – Okay, let’s get going. (upbeat piano music) Okay, what is this one? – [LB] Apatosaurus. – Apatosaurus. Okay, this was in the Rocky Mountains! – Whoa. – Wow, this is a big dinosaur to be in the Rocky Mountains. You want to see how big it is? Let’s go see if we can find
the end of its tail, okay? Wow! Look at how big this tail is. Man. Oh wait, oh wait, oh wait. I think the tail’s coming back. – [LB] Oh. – [Aaron] It’s coming back. It’s oh, oh, oh! it’s gonna hit us! (LB laughs) – Oh, man. – Okay, let’s go find something else. – Yeah, before that thing hits us. – Whoa, man, look at the size of this– – Spinosaurus. – Yeah, it’s a spinosaurus. Man, I can’t even fit it. I can’t even fit it in my picture. – Okay. – Okay, all right, here’s
my challenge for you. We’re going to try to learn as many dinosaur names as we can today, and I’m going to take pictures, and then when we’re done, I’ll show you three pictures, and if you can get two
dinosaur names correct, we’ll go over to the gift
shop, and we’ll buy a toy. How’s that sound?
– [LB] Yeah. – All right, let’s go.
– Let’s go. – All right, so what is
this feathery guy here? – [LB] It’s a U-Haul raptor. – [Aaron] Not a U-Haul raptor, man. It’s a Utahraptor.
– [LB] Oh. – Remember you sent me to Utah to look for bones from this thing, and I ended up in the Grand Canyon? – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] Okay, well, it lived in Utah, and it looks like it does
have some sort of feathers, so we have to be on the
lookout for that one, okay? – [LB] Okay. – Okay. And there’s our Utahraptor, okay? – Yeah.
– All right. We’ve got a lot of
dinosaurs for you to learn. (LB yelling) – [Aaron] It’s a– – T-Rex. – T-Rex, from? – North America. – (laughing) North America. Okay, yeah. We know about T-Rexes, don’t we? – [LB] Yeah. – Yeah, that’s an easy one. Till it comes up to bite you. Okay, let’s see how many photos out here. What, Park Ranger LB? (LB whimpers) What, what, what? (Aaron screams) Are those big teeth or what, dude? – [LB] Wow. – [Aaron] Wow, man.
– [LB] Many cavities. – [Aaron] You think he’s got cavities? – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] Oh, man, I’d
hate to be the dentist working on this bad boy, huh?
– [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] Okay, what do you think it is? – [LB] Uh, Giganotosaurus. – [Aaron] Yup, you got it, Giganotosaurus. – [LB] Yeah. – And gigantic teeth,
like bigger than my hand. – Yeah. – Awesome, dude. Big teeth, huh? Park Ranger LB, you’ve
got company back here. (both scream) – You need cavities. – [Aaron] Ooh, that is mean. Some mean-looking teeth right there, huh? – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] Okay, all right. I’m going to trip you up this time. What is this dinosaur? – Yutyrranus. – [Aaron] Man, okay. Where did it come from? – [LB] China. – Okay, you’ve been studying up, haven’t you, Park Ranger LB? – Yup. – [Aaron] Okay, we’re going
to go find another one that I know I can trip you up on, okay? – [LB] Okay.
– Okay, let’s go. What is that flying dinosaur right there? – [LB] A pteranodon. – Pteranodon, yup, that’s good. Where did it come from? – U.S.A. – U.S.A., okay. You’re doing better at this than you are at your spelling words. – Man, that pteranodon’s big. – Yeah, I wonder how he stayed
up in the air there, huh? – Yeah. – It would be a lot of weight. – Yeah. – Much more than a bird.
– Yeah. – Okay, more dinosaurs. Oh wow, look at that velociraptor. – [LB] Whoa. – That’s how big
velociraptors really were. – I know. – They’re not as big as
they were in Jurassic Park. Those are really more like utahraptors. They’re kind of more like this. Like your size.
– [LB] Yeah. – So they could just come
and eat Park Ranger LB. – Albertosaurus. – Albertosaurus, yup, that’s right, and– – Canada. – Cana–
(Aaron laughs) Yup, Alberta, Canada. – [LB] Yeah. – [Aaron] You know, okay,
you’re going to do really good when we get back to the
dinosaur park, aren’t you? – [LB] Yeah. – Getting all these dinosaurs figured out. Okay, we’ve got to find
a really hard one now. Whoa! Look at the size of this flying dinosaur. Do you know what it is? – It’s a Pretzel-oractus. (Aaron laughs) – I don’t think it’s a pretzel. I think it’s a Quetzalcoatlus. – [LB] Oh, so it’s a quetzal. Not a pretzel.
– Quetzal, yeah. Quetzalcoatlus. And it’s the largest
known flying animal ever. – Whoa. – [Aaron] And guess where it was. – [LB] Texas.
– [Aaron] In Texas. You know everything’s bigger in Texas, even the flying dinosaur. Okay, we got that one. I don’t think that thing really could stay in the air, do you? – No.
– It’s too big. This is a tough one to
say, Park Ranger LB. Can you pronounce it correctly? – It is a pares… – [Aaron] Parasaurolophus. – [LB] Saura, parasaurolophus. – [Aaron] I can never say it. – [Both] Parasaurolophus – Okay, here we are. Here’s our picture. Okay, you’re a parasaurolophus. Remember it. Wow, it looks like that
dinosaur’s going to eat this one. Oh wait, maybe this one
coming out of the water is going to eat that one. – It is a pterasaurolophus. (Aaron laughs) – [Aaron] Close, but not quite. It’s a tylosaurus. I thought it was a mosasaurus at first. – Yeah, me too. – It’s not big enough. All right, you know
what this one is, right? – [LB] It’s an ankylosaurus. – [Aaron] That’s right! And where did it come from? – It came from U.S.A. (Aaron laughs) – [Aaron] As you quickly look at the sign. – Ankylosaurus. – [Aaron] All right,
LB, which one is this? – [LB] It’s a triceratops. – [Aaron] Yeah, that was
easy breezy, wasn’t it? – Yeah. – But, which one is the mono, mononykus? – [LB] The furry one. – [Aaron] You think that one
that looks like a monkey? – [LB] Yeah, yeah. – [Aaron] You think
it’s the monkey-osaurus? – [LB] Yeah. – Could be. Hey, Park Ranger LB. I think we need to take
a break from learning and come over here to this tent, and see what kind of fun activities we can find, okay? – Okay. – Okay, come on, let’s go. (dinosaur roars) – Okay, Park Ranger LB. It looks like you can ride a T-Rex here. That’s going to be pretty cool, but it’s windy, so you
better turn your hat around and put it in high-wind mode there, okay? – Okay. – All right. Okay, go for it. (T-Rex roaring) – Whenever I turned the bar side to side, if I turned it to that side, it would go like “Yeahaar,” and then that side, “Yeahaar.” And that’s all you could do. (upbeat music) – [Aaron] Hey, Park Ranger LB. What kind of dinosaur
do you think this is? – I think this is a Pterodactyl. (upbeat music) – Okay, Park Ranger LB. It’s time for the big challenge to see if you can get two out
of the three dinosaur names, and we’ll go get a toy, okay? – Yeah. – Okay, here we go. Here comes the first one. What? That’s you, man! (LB laughs) (intense music) – Parasaurolophus. – Yeah! Awesome, dude. Okay, you learned something today. Cool, okay. Here we go. (intense music) Ah, you can’t get it. – Pretzel-saurolophus. – Ah, no. It’s kind of similar to pretzel. I’ll tell you what. I can’t remember the name either. – Queztal-olorophus? – Maybe the people watching at home can tell us in the comments
down below what it is. Okay, one more. If you get this one, you get a toy. (intense music) – Utahraptoclaw… – You know, wha? I’ll give it to you. Utahraptor. That’s it. You got it! Let’s go get a toy then, okay? – Okay. – These are the dino toys. Let’s see what you can pick
out to take back to HQ, okay? Hey, you want to do this? Build your own dinosaur sword? – Yeah. – Pick one of these. Gonna pick green? “Slide connector down.” So, you want what kind of connector? Red? “Push hand guard onto bottom.” Oh, this is your hand guard. Do you want silver or purple. Silver? – [LB] Silver. – Step four. You twist the handle
onto the connector, okay? – [LB] Okay. – [Aaron] So, get yourself a handle. – Whoa. – [Aaron] Put a head on top of it, okay? – Okay, so… – [Aaron] So pick which
one are you gonna do? Gonna do that one? – Yeah. – [Aaron] Oh, there’s one
more step. “Twist end cap.” Oh, something goes on the bottom, so you’ve got to pick one of these. – How about red again? – Red? Okay, screw it on, Then you’re all done! Okay, show us how it works. – So, that’s mode one. – Mode one, okay. And then mode two? – Mode two. – Oh, it flashes. Awesome. (sword swooshes) – Okay, then mode three. You said there’s a mode three, right? – Oh, it kind of glows. Cool. – Hey let’s take it back H–
– And mode four. – Oh, there’s mode four? Oh, it’s off. Hey fans, if you know what dinosaur Park Ranger LB missed, can you tell us in the comments? And give us a big thumbs up, too. – [ToyLab Speaker] Hey fans. Tap the ToyLabTV smiley face to subscribe and find out
about our newest videos. You can also tap the pictures to watch more fun videos right now. Don’t forget to give this
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