Jurassic Park T-Rex & Giant Life Size Dinosaurs! Islands of Adventure Universal Studios Family Video

Jurassic Park T-Rex & Giant Life Size Dinosaurs! Islands of Adventure Universal Studios Family Video

(dramatic music) – Okay, Park Ranger LB, we
finally made it to the– – Yay!
– Original Jurassic Park, ok? We’re gonna see how this compares to our dinosaur park back home. See if these rides are any good, okay? – Okay.
– All right, let’s go! Hey, you know what, Park Ranger LB? We should go inside and
get some better dino gear before we go on the rides and
check out the dinosaurs, okay? – Yeah!
– Okay, let’s go, come on. In the Dinostore!
– Cool, oh, yeah! – (laughs) All right, Park Ranger LB, we got our new outfit, our new hats. Let’s go find some dinosaurs! – Yeah!
– Cool, let’s go. It’s time to go on the
River Adventure ride. – Yeah!
– Ready? I think we’re gonna get wet on this one. – Yeah.
– Let’s go. (crowd chattering) – [LB] Oh, it’s our turn already? (dramatic adventure music) (dinosaur moaning) – [Patron] Oh, oh, my goodness! (dinosaur roaring) – [Announcer] (speaks
faintly) your boat off course. You are entering the
raptor containment area. Please stay seated. We’re sending (speaks faintly) dock ahead. We’ve gotta get those people outta there! (alarm blaring)
Do you copy, CP-25? Grab the boat before they get too far! (suspenseful music) (patron shrieks)
(crowd chattering) (dinosaur hissing) (patrons shrieking) – [Man] (laughs) We got wet, man. – [Child] Wow, that’s our– (waves roaring) – Whoa. – (chuckles) All right, Park
Ranger LB, did you have fun riding the river ride?
– Yeah, it was awesome! – Awesome, dude, I thought
you were a little scared when we were going down that big hill. – Yeah.
– You were like, ah! – No, I just closed my eyes and I went. – You said you didn’t
even see that big T. rex at the end, dude.
– Yeah. – Okay, hey, I got a
really good idea, though. – What?
– Why don’t you go stand right over there, okay? – Okay. Ooh (shrieks), okay, that
time I got wet (laughs). – (laughs) You got a little
wet on that ride, huh? Did you cool down?
– Yeah. – Okay, let’s go warm you back up, then, okay?
– Okay. (dramatic music) All right, Park Ranger LB, looks like this Jurassic
Park jeep had a incident with that T. rex there, huh? – Yeah.
– Yeah. Let’s go see if we can
find some rides, okay? – Yeah.
– Come on. – Yeah!
(animals chittering) (loud growling) – You see right over there, that’s where the raptors are kept, okay?
– Ooh. – But they have it set up
so you can go do, like, a little photo opportunity
with the raptors if they don’t bite you
and eat you first, man. Okay, you ready, okay,
could be scary, though. (dinosaur growling)
(patrons chattering) Man, I don’t know if
this is such a good idea, you know, having like people
take pictures with a raptor. – Around, okay?
– It’s kinda crazy, man, huh? – Yeah.
– Okay, we would never do this back at our park, would we? The raptor might come in and eat you, huh? – Here, stand right here
for me, buddy, right here. Here we are, I’m gonna grab the camera. Just don’t turn around, okay. Sunny, come here! – Okay, you ready?
– Good girl! – Okay, LB, you ready? (laughs) – [Guide] Everything’s fine,
just don’t turn around, and you’re totally safe. (camera clicks) Awesome, you guys ready to
turn around and say bye? (dinosaur purring)
– You ready? Turn around.
(dinosaur roars) (both screaming) Okay, I think I got a little
scared there, didn’t I, when I turned around and that
raptor was right there, huh? – Yeah.
– Okay, you weren’t scared, though–
– I wasn’t scared at all! – Not at all, that’s ’cause you see that every day at work, right? – Yeah.
– Okay, let’s keep going, see what else we can find. – Yeah, awesome! – We’re going into the
Jurassic Park Discovery Center. I think this is where they
have the dinosaur eggs. – Oh, is there real dinosaurs in there? – Yeah, this is like the
lab where they make ’em! – Oh, yeah!
– Cool, let’s go dude, c’mon! – [LB] Hey, maybe one’s moving! (lively music) I wanna see the T. rex,
I wanna see the T. rex, I wanna see the T. Rex! (crowd chattering) Doy, doy, doy. (dinosaur roars)
(LB hisses) – [Aaron] Okay, hey, LB,
hey, man, I think they have some dinosaur eggs
around the corner, dude. You ready to go check it out? – Yes, yeah!
– Let’s go. – [LB] That one’s starting to hatch. – [Guide] Okay, yes, you are. Thank you so much for your
time (speaks faintly), volunteer.
– Oh, wow, it’s a dinosaur egg, wow, can’t wait. Now what does this do? Oh, it stays there. Okay, now that. – [Announcer] Please use extreme care when handling our eggs. – (gasps) It was moving! – [Announcer] Handled during this crucial stage of incubation. – Whoa, check out the dinosaur here, cool. Dino tooth. – Okay, Park Ranger LB, we’re about to go into the scariest part of Jurassic Park. This is where the kids are, dude! – Yeah! (laughs)
– Let’s go. (upbeat music) – C’mon, Park Ranger Aaron, that cave! – [Patron] This is a squirrel? – A squirrel?
– Why? – Squirrel.
(patrons chattering) – Look at all those logs. Okay, I’m gonna go across here, okay. Maybe we should find
where it leads to first. Where does that lead to? I wonder what that does. C’mon, Park Ranger Aaron! – [Aaron] I’m coming, I can’t
stand up very well here. – Ah (grunts), what was that? – [Aaron] Neither can you. – This way. Ah, mm! – [Aaron] Hey, Park Ranger LB,
it’s starting to rain, man. We need to go get some shelter, okay? – Yeah, what is it– – [Aaron] C’mon, hurry, go in here. I don’t think the rain’s gonna stop. Looks like a rain out for
the rest of our visit, huh? Eh, let’s go home, we can come back and look at the dinosaurs some other day. Or we’ll look at the dinosaurs
at our own park, huh? – Yeah.
– (laughs) Okay, let’s go. I still had fun, did you? – Yeah.
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