Jason Momoa Was Naked When He Found His Missing Pet Python

Jason Momoa Was Naked When He Found His Missing Pet Python

[CHEERING] Well, you’re just
fabulous is all you are. You’re just like a giant
thing of fabuloustiosity. [CHEERING] I’m so nervous. Why? Because I’m on Ellen right now. My mom is going to be
so– my mom’s so stoked. Everyone in my whole family. Oh, well that’s–
hi, mom and family. Hi. It’s so nice to meet you. It has been– I don’t know. We’ve been on 16 years. I’m just wondering
where have you been? If you like me so much,
why aren’t you here? It took a long time
for me to get famous. I’ve been doing it for 20
years, and finally, just– this last year has been good. It has been a good
year though, right? It has been a good year. So congratulations. Thank you very much. Yeah. [CHEERING] We have a tradition. If you watch the show,
you know what it is. First time here, we need
to show a shirtless photo. So we’ll start with– It’s basically my whole career. Yeah. [CHEERING] it’s the whole [INAUDIBLE]. That was Baywatch, right? That’s the reason why
I wasn’t on your show. Now, come on. That was Baywatch. That’s fantastic. I drank that away. That wasn’t me. Those memories are gone. Oh, well, it was you. Well, first of all, you are
starting to grow it back, but man, did you cause
shockwaves around the world when you shaved your beard. It was trending– I think it was the same day
the Mueller report came out, and it was over-trending
the Mueller report. Yeah, sorry about that. That was an accident. Yeah. You know what’s
actually interesting is I had a dream that I wanted to
come on here and let you do it, but I was in Vancouver
finishing my show. And I literally finished,
and I flew straight to Jordan to start a movie. And I had no time to
even see my family. I’d been away for a month. But I called, and I was like, I
have 12 hours, and I can come, but you guys were on hiatus. And it was some
ridiculous day, but I wanted to come on here because
I thought it would just be– I just wanted to be heard. And it was something–
it was important to me. And I was like, this
is the perfect place, and I’ve never ever– and
we I know we’ve tried. And I tried on Aquaman, and
it just didn’t work out. But I was like, I wanted
to come be here, and– Oh, I would have shaved it,
and that would’ve been so fun. I know. But you know what? Aquaman 2’s coming, and
there’s some other parts. And I mean, we’re going to
have to back to that, yeah. Oh, good. Well, I waxed tWitch’s
legs, so I’ll wax– I do it all. Yeah. I think Aquaman 2, I’ll
come in and we’ll– wow. Yeah, it was bad. It was bad. Yeah, whatever
you need me to do. It was bad. I’m more of a shaver. A clipping, a clipping. OK I’ve never waxed before. Really? But there’s a first
time for everything. You know what I’m saying? Look. And then I did Edelman’s. Wow. Yeah, it’s turned
into a salon here. Yeah. I do mani-pedis,
anything you need. Let me know. Pretty nasty. Do you need a mani-pedi? I’d probably need a lot. What are you doing,
working in the garden? What’s happening? Actually, I was
working in the garden. I was working all day, yeah. Your house is kind of like– I’ve heard a lot
about your house. Explain it. You’ve got an ax throwing area? Yeah. I built a huge
rock climbing wall, and now we’re building a
bigger rock climbing wall. And there’s half pipes,
and tomahawk throwing, and bow and arrow, and
Airstreams, and tepees, and skateboard– Wow. It’s sort of like what
you do for a living, but you’re just doing it home. Yeah. Yeah. And then you have animals
all over the place. Yes. What do you have? My wife has a donkey, and we
have to half wolves and a dog. Another just passed. And then we have a snake. What kind of snake? Is a ball python. It’s the oldest in the family. She’s been around
for a long time. And where do you keep the snake? Inside or outside? I’ve actually got a really
funny story about the snake. OK, I love funny stories. This snake actually got out. Because there was a little
crack in the glass, it got out, and we thought it was
completely gone forever. It was the summertime. And it was gone,
and we just left it that it was eaten up
and out in nature. And on Christmas Eve, six months
later, the dogs are going off. I come upstairs
naked and I’m trying to scare whatever’s outside. And all the sudden, I
hear some rattle inside, and the dog’s growling. And I turn around, and it’s
just something on the floor. And there was a balloon
that had went down, from my kids birthday, and
the snake had come out– and it was in the
house for six months. What did it eat? It was underneath
the refrigerator. That’s the only
place we didn’t look. How big is the snake? It’s– you don’t want
to let it out of the– Yeah. Yeah. We looked everywhere. Didn’t go under the fridge. You clearly did not
look everywhere. I didn’t. Anyways. What did it eat for six months? Do you know? We have a lot
acres, so a couple– couple of field mice
around there maybe. Maybe, yeah. Wow, that’s incredible. That’s scary too. Yes. OK, so let’s talk
about the beard. Because you shaved it,
and you didn’t just shave it for vanity,
you shaved it because– I just wanted to
bring awareness– To? I’m Aquaman now, and I have
all these little beautiful kids coming up to me. And I’ve never thought
I’d be a role model, and so I’ve got to do that now. And I wanted to save
the save the planet from single-use
plastics, and I just felt that I’m
making this water– and I was looking at
all these statistics where it’s like 91% of all
the plastics we’re using aren’t recyclable, and there’s
like 500 billion bottles a year that aren’t recycling. And so aluminum is– To put the water in aluminum. Yeah. because this thing can turn
back into a can in 60 days, where I didn’t know– I was very ignorant to this,
but a plastic water bottle couldn’t be a plastic
water bottle again. It just goes into our
landfills and fills up. And so this is totally reusable. That’s fantastic. Yeah. Yeah, that’s fantastic. [CHEERING] But just being able to– I carry my canteen, we
have a well in our home. And when I travel
so much, it’s just– even though I’m
probably trying to live the best that I can to
protect the environment, it’s still getting made. And so I just wanted to
put an option out there so people could have– could use canned
water, because this is 100% recyclable and reusable. And we can do it in American,
and glass and plastic, we can’t. Yeah, fantastic. Well, I love that you’re doing
that, and that we would have– see? Us talking about it
when I was shaving you. But we’re talking about it
now, so it doesn’t matter. Yes, it doesn’t. All right, we’ll take a
break, and we’ll be back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things– like ball peen hammer– and also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing. [BLEEP] God [BLEEP]

Randy Schultz

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