JAPANESE language SCHOOL TOUR in Tokyo! (Eng subs) | Yuriko Tiger

JAPANESE language SCHOOL TOUR in Tokyo! (Eng subs) | Yuriko Tiger

Hello Tigers! Today I want to go in a Japanese school to show you how to study Japanese in Japan Because you asked me but I don’t go to school in like… Four years This is why I make mistakes And I wanted to show you my first Japanese school The Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin We’ll do a little tour so I can explain to you How does someone learn Japanese in Tokyo using only Japanese There’s a lot of news and a new place, so it will all be great So let’s go, today I dressed like a school girl I feel a lot stupid but also a lot cute Ok, let’s go! I remember the very first time I came here I got lost for two hours on the first day of school It was so sad.. You know like in those anime scenes where the protagonist is always late Of course it was me. But it was an awful experience But it’s actually really easy.I’m showing you the way so you know where it is It’s like five minutes from the station, JR of the Yamanote And it’s a beautiful zone because you’re in Shibuya centre You can find everything, like everything I especially love this zone because there are a lot of cherry blossom So it’s very beautiful in the spring But there are a lot of live house, music stores, restaurants, manga… Beautiful! Ok, so we are in the place we’ll find our school So the school was even further but now it’s closer It moved there Now we see exactly there is written Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin Here I am! Good, now we’re entering, this is the entrance Y: Hi Fabri! Hi!
F: Hi! F: It’s been so long
Y: So long! Oh god wait, wait! What is that? This is new, the first thing I noticed in the school So, our Fabrizio is going to be our caretaker for today He’s part of the staff so he’s goin to open all the magic doors And he’s going to explain us some thing because I haven’t been in here for four years So, what is this beauty? This is simply a screen to show the students where are class being held And what the professors are going to be Ok, so cool! At first sight it’s so awesome Because when I was here there was the paper sheet written in pen, with today’s lessons And now they’re so technological How much do things change in five years? By the way, while our Japanese stuff is goin to greet us Being all cute wit “Irasshaimase”, welcome I also wanted to explain why I chose Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin with GoGoNihon When I came five years ago, I didn’t know english, like zero, zero So I was afraid to go completely alone, without I didn’t know anyone So I relied on GoGoNihon, I spoke with them, done meeting And Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin was the best choice for me Because it gives you free time, and you’re in centre Shibuya wich was my dream And the staff speaks Italian So you’re always helped from this angle Because I was like “I don’t know english or japanese, how do I communicate?” Instead with the italian staff and GoGoNihon helping me I came here easily Good, let’s take our elevator We have the cool lift, now we’re going to? F: To the fifth floor
Y: To the fifth floor What is there in the fifth floor? Because before there was only one floor So to just say “fifth floor” it’s really cool Firstly there’s a lot of space Yeah, because it’s a thing that usually is there so guys Go ahead I already see some beautiful interior Oh god it’s so cool! There is already this big space That before was even impossible to think about it What is this? What is the magic door for? This is the hall door *whispers* The hall door *whispers* It’ really dark but I think you can still see it We have our beautiful hall. You can also do some concerts Wait is that a piano? F: Exactly
Y: It’s so beautiful! We have a hall to do concerts pianos, important speeches And here we have some small rooms, but not regular small rooms Because I see some… music stuff? Exactly What is this thing? Teacher, open the door Thank you Here’s another piano Am I wrong or is this room soundproof? Exactly. This room is for lessons practice music, musical instruments, singing… Y: Obviously these are separate from the language, right?
F: Exactly These are separate, they have separate music courses A thing that before was unthinkable Do you accept students that are not from your school? F: Of course
Y: Perfect, because I’m probably having lessons here then How does it work? Do you do lessons? Do you rent the room? For the moment it’s only a rent of the room But we’re planning to expand our lessons curriculum To include music lessons and more Ok, I’ll subscribe as soon as it’s available And I recommend you this a lot because music schools in Japan are expensive And to have it here, while you study Japanese you can also study music Guys, we’re in the futureee Ok, let’s look for the other rooms Look I have a weird request What is the best looking bathroom? Are all of them beautiful? Yes, this is the least used one so maybe it’s best to look at this I’m curious about the bathroom, I know it hasn’t anything to do with the school but It’s really important for me Oh yes! They have the seats, the talking seats They have all the button and if you press them water comes out, they do a massage to you… You know where The sinks too! The soap and… I would do a lot of selfie in here *laughing* Let’s see We also have books in here You can take these or Exactly, the students can take them for free And as you can see there are various languages Since this is not only a Japanese or music school It’s right, you also do Italian and German classes, right? F: Exactly
Y: For japanese people Exactly, but if they want also foreign too Oh, so cool. So it might happen that you have a japanese That wants to learn German or Italian Or if you want to learn German while you’re learning Japanese If you’re a little masochist, you can always do that And here we have the other classrooms Right, let’s do a little tour here Small classroom. Can you do private lessons here? Exactly, private lessons in little classroom, soundproofed too So cool! Small but for private lessons works fine This tv here? Do you watch Tv or? What is this? If you want but it’s mainly a digital whiteboard Oh god! So much for chalk F: Do you want to write something?
Y: Yeees! Oh god it’s so beautiful Oh god it’s beautiful! You can write or draw however you want It’s actually better this way I’ll sign because it’s the only thing I can do Let’s write it in Japanese because it’s cool Katakana It’s so cool! Oh my god! Meanwhile I met a schoolgirl that is on a break, so I’ll just take two minutes to ask a few things Y: Hi Christina! Hi!
C: Hi So tell me something about you So I’m Christina, I’m Italian, I’m 20 And right after school I came to Japan because I like Japan and I want to try to live here Y: Ok basically my same dream at 20, courage to go
C: Yes Exactly To Japan. How did you get here? With GoGoNihon’s help, I came after graduation In September I did a trip to see if Japan really was like I dreamt it I went straight to their office and then You went to their office and went like Hello gentlemen, from tomorrow I’ll be staying here bugging you all day No, I’m joking I emailed them They gave me an appointment and I went there I also came with GoGoNihon, you email them to attend this school and they give you all the information, right? Exactly How have you been here? Well I’m doing fine, I’ve been fine in the school How are you doing with the japanese Compared to the beginnig it’s been 9 months and it changed completely Because at the start I didn’t know a single word in japanese Y: Zero? You arried with zero knowledge
C: Zero I didn’t know how to read anything. Hiragana, katakana, kanji. Anything Now I can handle myself pretty good Y: In nine months?
C: In nine months So now you can live here easily Yes, I can’t talk like a japanese guy obviously But I can make myself understood perfectly Well she’s definitely smarther than I was Nine months you already talk, do shopping, whatever you want So also japanese friends? Y: Do you talk a little?
C: No, but at work I manage Y: At work? So do you already work?
C: Yes Well guys, nine months and working, she already has a life set up Y: Thank you by the way
C: You’re welcome Have fun! Thank you so much Give me a final wave C: Hi mum!
Y: Hi mum *laugh* Madam We found another brave student That wants to be interviewed so Y: So let’s ask him some questions. Hi, you are? Simone
S: Hi. I’m Simone Simone you did my same path: 3 months with a turistic VISA Then you came back with a student VISA How did your life changed When you come here as a student you don’t have to worry about bureaucracy Meanwhile with the student VISA you have to register. It’s a little bit harder But having a passion for the language and the country it’s a doable problem It’s a doable problem Ok, so it’s better because you live and breath Japan So you live it, definitely How have you been doing? S: Great
Y: How is your japanese now? It’s pretty “ciotto”, so and so It’s pretty “ciotto”, I’ve never heard that. It’s pretty “ciotto” I do fine in daily life but if I have to do a complicated speech Well a complicated speech I can barely do it myself and I’ve been here for years When they start talkin in “Keigo” I’m like I don’t even know what he’s saying But now you’ve been here for? In total? In total six months now Six months but you still manage to live your daily life Done How did you get the VISA? How did you arrived at this school? I came here both times with GoGoNihon Y: Ok so both times?
S: Exactly, yes They found me a school the first and second time The house, they did paperworks for the VISA So you send the emails and they did abracadabra Y: Right?
S: Exactly S: It’s their job to do that
Y: It’s their job So I would say that he’s doing fine here Now they’re more efficient and have a lot of staff They’re super fast so Y: You can stay calm, if you want…
S: Super calm The school, house and bureaucratic stuff like the VISA S: They do that
Y: They do that! Everything. We dump everything on this poor poeple Y: Good so. Thank you Simone
S: Thank you Have fun with your japanese I’ll keep studying Keep studying. Go! S: Ok, bye! Thank you
Y: Hi! I hope you liked this video, that you are more sure about come to study japanese As you saw the school is amazing They upgraded everything, both GoGoNihon and the school Because guys, the classrooms, the TVs, the music classroom the german and italian classrooms, the private lessons Are things that five years ago, even answering all those emails to all of those students was really difficult Now it’s a well rounded service Let me know what you think, if you’re planning to come to study japanese If so, where? Or if you have questions regarding GoGoNihon’s service You can write them directly to them below, I’ll leave the link I thank them for letting me visiting the school and I send you lots of kisses

Randy Schultz

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