Is Mark Zuckerberg A Lizard?

Is Mark Zuckerberg A Lizard?

Mark Zuckerberg; Millennial co-founder of
Facebook, multi billionaire, entrepreneur, Harvard dropout, husband, father, smiley guy,
lizard. Okay, the final bit might not be true… but
like…who knows really. Hello and welcome back to Life’s Biggest
Questions the channel that sure, discusses important topics like science, history, politics
and current affairs, but also likes to do a bit of hard hitting theorizing. I am your inquisitive host, Rebecca Felgate
and today I am asking Is Mark Zuckerberg a Lizard? Sounds like a bit of a joke, right but….hhhiiiii
don’t know, with everything that is coming out about facebook these days, I wouldn’t
be surprised. Mark Zuckerberg Lizard rumours have been tinkling
about since facebook’s inception, growing more popular by the year. Right now, amid the Facebook privacy scandal
of 2018, they are at a pinnacle…with many people meme-ifying his face off with congress,
saying it showcased classic Reptilian behaviour. Before we can decide of Zuckerberg is one,
I think we should get to the bottom of what a Reptilian actual is. Popularized by former sportsman and current
conspiracist David Icke, Reptilians are said to be shape shifting reptile aliens that control
earth by taking human form. The Reptilians are notoriously powerful and
gain influence in high powered jobs, often in politics. They allegedly of this in order to manipulate
the human population. Icke has claimed on multiple occasions that
the majority of the world leaders are lizard people, including the Bush family and the
British Monarchy. Other alleged lizards include Justin Bieber,
Taylor Swift, Lorde, Benedict Cumberbatch, Angelina Jolie and the Clintons. Sure. So basically, all well established people
in influential positions. It makes sense these Reptilian overlords would
want someone to head up the field of tech, seeing as it is becoming so imperative in
the day to day lives of us mere mortals. Or…indeed, the rise in tech could be a plot
from the lizards to infiltrate our minds. Either way…there needs to be a lizard in
charge and maybe Zuckerberg is that guy…or…er….reptile! Zuckerberg went from zero to hero very quickly;
his success with Facebook came practically overnight. In 2002 allegedly graduated from high school,
by 2004 he had infiltrated Harvard and launched Facebook. By 2006, it had gone global and by 2012 it
had 1 billion active users. That is quick work from a young man. Was he supported by the Reptilian network
in his rise to fame and fortune? In a 2016 Live Stream, Zuckerberg denied he
was a lizard….it was very bizarre. Although his answer wasn’t the most convincing
thing I have ever heard by any means. *eds clip* What is going on with the side
eye, also, was that a tiny lick of the lips I saw at the end? According to conspiracists, Reptilian people
drink blood. Sure. So, have we ever seen Zuckerberg drink blood? Well, no… but we have seen him trying to
convincingly drink water. Editors roll clip. Veeeeerrrry human. So human. Good human acting. Furthermore, during THAT very meeting with
Congress, Zuckerberg remained VERY COOL AND CALM…cool perhaps being the operative word. Some people even tweeted an image of Zucks
sitting up with a super straight back and perching on what appears to be a heated seat? Why wold he need one of those? Cause he is cold blooded, that’s why. Wait…doesn’t he live in California? Perfect lizard climate. Okay, so we may be clutching at straws, Mark
Zuckerberg may not actually be a lizard, but just because he is a smiling young, hip, tecchie,
does that mean we should trust him? Well if the situation with Cambridge Analytic
and his deflecting answers to congress are anything to go buy… I am not sure. A person doesn’t need to be part of a Reptilian
elite to be shady or to abuse power. Sometimes shadiness comes wrapped up looking
like your average bloke…which is why it is always worth being shrewd an discerning
as to peoples true characters. Asking questions and holding people accountable
to deliver answers is the only way we’re going to navigate the murky waters of the
social media era ahead. So is Mark Zuckerberg a lizard. Probably not. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep a
watchful eye on what is going on with him. in 2013, a poll revealed that 4% of registered
voters in the USA believe that “lizard people control our societies by gaining political
power.” SO, you know, if millions of Americans are
convinced, maybe they know something we don’t! That is all I have in this episode of Life’s
Biggest Questions – do you think Mark Zuckerberg is a lizard? Slyther on in to the comments section down
below if so. Also, don’t forget to leave a thumbs up
on this video and stay subscribed for more big answers. I am your host Rebecca Felgate, I’ll catch
you in the next video, but for now…stay curious, stay alert and never ever stop questioning.

Randy Schultz

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  4. Oscar Chitupa says:

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