– Guys, I was so worried
about Elvis the other day. I mean, I love Elvis so much. He is one of my favorite animals. But then he just kind of sat there and he didn’t move for, like, 20 minutes. (intense rap music) Hey, good morning everybody and welcome to the vlog from me and Nova here. I absolutely love this animal so much. Of course, he’s an Indonesian frill dragon and he is absolutely incredible. Of course, he’s like my
dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park. Regardless, this is the
first kind of normal day back after a handful of trips to Italy and Mexico and all kinds of stuff, so we’re gonna have an
absolutely amazing day. And I hope to start your day
as absolutely incredible too. What do you say me and
Nova and everyone else has a great day together?
(popping transition) One of the first things I wanted to do was actually weigh Salt and Pepper. It’s been a couple weeks
since I weighed him. If you remember last time,
Salt was actually 123 grams. She is chunky as can be and
today we haven’t fed her yet, so she’s probably gonna gain another five or eight grams after we feed her. She is doing so well. She is starting to really
click her train well. I just love this animal so much. Let’s go ahead and see
how much she weighs. There you go, sweetie.
(claws scraping) There you go, sweetheart.
All right, she is 152 grams. That is awesome.
She gained 30 grams in the last, you know, week
and a half or two weeks. So, oh my gosh, Salt is doing so good. But I tell you what, Pepper
has gotten extremely big. That thing is just a beast.
Let’s go ahead and get him and see how much he weighs. (laughs) Take a look at
this monkey right here. Oh doggy, he is absolutely incredible. He was 231 grams last time we weighed him. I have a feeling he’s
gained a lot of weight, cause like I said, he has been a monster. When these guys first
came in I was feeding like six or eight pellets every other day. Now they’re eating like 20, sometimes even 25
pellets every single day. Let’s go ahead and see what Pepper weighs. He is 283 grams. So he gained over 50 grams
just in the last two weeks. I’d say he’s well on his way. And again, he’s about six
weeks older than Salt, so like I’ve been mentioning, six weeks from now Salt will
probably weigh 280 grams. But this guy, who knows? He’ll probably be five,
six hundred grams by then, so all right that is absolutely
incredible. (popping) Let’s go ahead and feed the dart frogs. (relaxed rap beat) And like I’ve mentioned in the past guys, I don’t know, it’s really therapeutic for me to feed these guys.
They’re just so beautiful. They literally look like little toys. It’s something that you would think you would find at a toy store. Like little plastic, vibrant
frogs that you can buy. They are absolutely incredible so feeding them every day
just kind of makes me happy. So it’s pretty nice to be back here at the reptarium and
get back in my routine. – (Brian) Eric, what is going on, man? – What’s happening?
– It’s nice to be back, man. – Yeah! It’s good to see ya! – I haven’t seen you since Mexico! – I know it!
– Do I look different? – You do, you look nice and tan. You’re looking good.
– I know, right? Actually, I only was in the sun for like one day but I burned. The entire time I was
there I had a shirt on because I am really white and I burned. – (laughing)
– I don’t tan, I burn. And so literally, Lori and
myself went in the ocean literally like two or three
times for like five minutes, and I got a sunburn on my chest. – Ow!
– I was out there for like, I was out there for like 15
minutes without a shirt on in the water and still got a sunburn. – They say that the moisture
in the air from the ocean, man it just cooks ya.
– Is that what they say? – So, half of me is from Britain, so I don’t even go in the sun. I burn too, I’m really white and pasty. – (Brian laughs) Yeah,
I stay away from it. I see you have a bunch of food out today. What are you feeding?
– Yeah, we’re gonna be feeding all the clue birds
today, razors and stock. So, we’re just go
through, feed everything. – (Brian) Nice.
– Yeah. – You do realize that
we’re only about two weeks away from clue birds coming up. – I’m so excited.
– You’re actually excited? – I’m so amped, man.
– That’s awesome. – It’s a stairmaster 10 thousand, but we’ll get it, we’ll get it. – (laughs) It is funny, I will say this, when you go to put clue birds down it’s almost like a relief. Like, oh, finally we get
a little bit of a break. But once they’re down for a short while, you can’t wait to get them back up because it’s exciting.
Gonna breed them, get eggs, all that stuff. It’s gonna be a really fun year. Oh, and by the way, I have some surprises about the clue birds, but I’m not gonna share
that with you guys now. It’s probably gonna be a
week and a half, two weeks and then I’ve got something
to surprise you guys with. Hey, Lori, what’s going on?
I’ve gotta ask you a question. Can you help me out with something? – No, I can’t help you out right now. I’m too busy.
(wheels rattling) – What the heck is wrong with her? What in the heck is wrong with your mom? – I don’t know, I was in
there like 10 minutes ago and she was just screaming
at me, I don’t even know. – That’s crazy!
I wonder what’s going on? – One of the main reasons I love drinking coffee is I do love the taste, and I also enjoy just the smell and the whole experience
of having my coffee. I like to drink my coffee black. Before trying Trade,
sometimes I had a hard time wanting to try new
flavors, new experiences. Today they sent me Irving Farm. This one sounds interesting. It has a blend of milk chocolate, toffee, Clementine, and it’s a medium roast. Because Trade deals with over 50 of the nation’s best roasters and has over 400
different kinds of coffee, I can go ahead and go
online and take a quiz and they’ll send me coffee
specifically for me. The reason they sent me the 71 house blend is I went on their website and
I took a really short quiz. Three or four questions telling
them what I like in coffee, and they thought this would
be a perfect match for me. All I have to do is taste it and enjoy it. (humming happily) That’s really good.
I like it a lot. I think they did a
pretty good job matching. I feel like a new person. (knocking on door)
– Lori? – Yeah, hun, what’s up?
– You in a better mood? – Yeah, everything’s great.
You know everything’s better when it starts with coffee. – You know coffee is something
that makes Lori really happy, and we actually are teaming
up with Trade right now. The first 100 people that
use the link down below and actually use the coupon code BrianB will get 50 percent
off their first coffee. That’s right, click the link below. Use BrianB promo code
and you get 50 percent off your first order of coffee. Pretty good deal, right?
– It is a good deal, and I really like this coffee. – Go ahead, click the link below. (laughing) Really been working
these alligators a lot. (clicker snapping sharply)
As you can see. Look at this guy.
(clicker snapping) There you go, buddy.
(clicker snapping) (smooth rap music)
(water splashing) (clicking and splashing) There you go.
(laughs) I absolutely love these animals. They are so absolutely incredible. Look at this little guy.
(water splashing) He’s like, “Come feed me some more!” (splashing)
That’s one thing I will say, if I ever get a bigger reptarium
built for stuff like that, I definitely wanna do more crocodilians because I absolutely
think they’re amazing. Alligators are cool, don’t get me wrong. I really love my alligators, but I wish I had like 10 or 12 different exhibits of
different crocodilians. – Eric, what do you got
in your hand there, bud? – Shh, this is Mary’s taco, okay? – What are you doing with someone’s taco? – I’m a little hungry, okay?
She has a leftover. I’m just gonna say Phoebe got it. – You can’t blame it on Phoebe, dude. You’re not gonna really
eat Mary’s taco, are you? – I mean, you know we’re married. What’s hers is mine and mine is hers. – Oh my God. – Okay, just cover me.
– No. – I’ll put a couple of little
wrappers on Phoebe’s bed. I do it at home all the time.
– No! – The dog got your leftovers. – Don’t eat Mary’s taco.
– (sarcasm) I’ll try not to. – Oh! (laughing)
Okay, we gotta go. Guys, I was so worried
about Elvis the other day. I mean, I love Elvis so much. He is one of my favorite animals. Just look at how absolutely
incredible he is. A couple days ago I did the
same thing I’m doing right now. We always open the door and we always let Elvis come out on his own. We never actually take Elvis out. We always just open it up. If he wants to come out,
we let him come out. If he wants to stay in his cage, we let him stay in his cage. But the truth is he
always wants to come out. He did exactly what he’s doing right here, but then once he got out
he’s always cruising around. He’s always on the go,
He’s always super curious. But then he just kind of sat there and he didn’t move for like 20 minutes. At first I thought, “That’s kind of weird, maybe he’s just chillin.
I don’t really know.” But the truth is it
seemed like he was just kind of having a problem where, it’s almost like he couldn’t
move the way he wanted to move. I was stressed out like you can’t believe. It was all in his back legs.
His back legs for some reason were just kind of a little stiff. You could see he was
trying to straighten out and move a little bit,
and I thought, “Oh my God, something is
going to happen to Elvis.” I was stressing out. And then you’ll never guess what happened. He actually pooped all over the floor. I think he was maybe a little
backed up or something. I’m not a hundred percent sure, but every since then he’s started
moving around really good. The last few days I’ve kept
a really close eye on him. He seems to be completely fine, but oh my gosh,
I was so stressed out. Because this animal is
absolutely so special to me. Right, Elvis?
You’re a good boy. Go ahead and have some fun, buddy. And like I’ve mentioned before, we typically let him
just kind of run around for a while every single day, because he needs his kind of enrichment. He loves cruising around and exploring. Go ahead, bud.
You can have some fun. (bubble popping)
I was pretty excited I had my friend Matt Ron-it come out. He actually is a zookeeper. He worked a lot with amphibians
at the Mystic Aquarium where he was talking about
lighting and what we can do here. He said that we should add some bromeliad, some java moss and stuff like that, but the one thing he really talked about is we actually replaced
some of the light bulbs with LED light that just
looks a little bit better. Noah and Lori seem to really like this one’s light bulb right here. This one is pretty cool right there. It really makes the cage look different. – It makes the cage look different, but I also can’t open my eyes anymore (laughing)
because I’m going blind. – That light just draws your eye to it and then you’re like (laughs). All you see is that light
when I close my eyes. (laughs) – But the light looks
cool when you look at it. It’s like red, white and blue.
– Yeah, it is. – But it hurts so bad
so you can only look, it’s weird.
It is really weird. – (Brian) (laughs) It is true. It’s like the cage looks
absolutely incredible but the light kind of draws you to it, so when you’re looking in the cage you’re like, “Oh, that
light is really good,” but then it blinds you.
– Yeah. – (Brian) I don’t know what we should do. – Do you think the
frogs feel the same way? – (Brian and Noah) No! – (Brian) They’re staring at it right now. (laughing)
– (Lori) Yeah, I know, maybe! – (Noah) Look into the light! (bubble popping) – Take a look at this Solomon
Island skink right here just kind of laying so crazy over here. These two Solomon Island
skinks are absolutely amazing. As a matter of fact like I had mentioned my buddy Matt was here.
He was actually head keeper over at the
Mystic Aquarium for Reptiles. Now he works at another
zoo in the New York area. He gave me a lot of ideas about our zoo. One of the reasons he came to visit was just to kind of give his insight when he was running an
institution that’s an AZA, which is an accredited zoo, and basically he said
with this cage right here, it would be perfect to change
the bedding out a little bit and actually add some
Solomon Island toads, which are the ones with the little horns that are really cool.
He said that they can live right with the Solomon Island skinks. A lot of zoos do that. They’ll do multi-species exhibits as long as they come from the same region and they won’t eat each other and they’ll all co-habitate. He said in this particular enclosure it would be perfect because a lot of times these skinks will hide, not like this one out right now. That way people could actually see the toads cruising around
when it’s open on exhibit. He actually gave me the same idea for some dart frogs and some other things, so I don’t know.
We might do some changes here. As a matter of fact,
one of the first things I think I’m gonna do is change out some of the bedding for what
they call ABG bedding in some of our tanks
and start to kind of see if that’s gonna work out for us. It’s always cool to have cool friends that can come in and give us ideas of how we can improve the zoo. (swooshing transition) Let’s
go ahead and feed Toothless. Toothless is back there saying, “What do you got for me, Dad?” Here you go, Toothless.
(metal clinking) Ah, yes.
(laughs) He is such a good animal.
(tapping and clinking) We’re gonna give him a big one now. Here you go, Toothless.
There you go, bud. Ah, yes!
There you go. He’s got his big old roach. (smooth rap beat) There you go, Toothless. Whoo!
(crunching) (rustling) Good job, buddy.
Okay, now another small one. (snapping)
There you go. Munch it. (crunching) (rock clattering) There we go.
Oh, oh oh oh! (rock clattering)
Where’d it go? Where’d it go? There it is.
(thumping) Where’d it go, bud? There it is! You got it. (crunching) (laughing)
Toothless is amazing. I tell you what,
what a cool, cool animal there and again I always talk about variety. Bugs are really good for
little monitors in particular. Feeding those insects
is really great protein but it’s not bad for them. Feeding them too much raw meat and stuff like that and rodents can actually really be bad for them. He loves roaches.
We do crickets. We do a whole bunch of other stuff. What a great animal. (popping transition) With that said guys, I think I’m gonna go
ahead and end the vlog. Again, you can go down and
link in the description. You can get 50 percent off
of your coffee from Trade. Again, the coupon code is BrianB. Go check em out.
They’ve been a great supporter of us and
I really do appreciate it. You know Lori absolutely loves coffee, so it’s a bonus there as well. As for now, I just wish that you guys have an amazing day, evening, whenever you happen to be watching. As always, your support
means the world to me and I truly do love you guys so much. Can you do me a couple favors
before we get out of here? Can you strike that
like button? (swooshing) Can you turn those post notifications on so you know when I upload a video? Make a comment down
below because as always I love reading about your beautiful faces. Be kind to someone and I promise I will see you guys tomorrow. (smooth rap music)

Randy Schultz

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    Donโ€™t end the vlog๐Ÿ™

  96. JayClare says:

    I love Toothless's feeding session today. I was just thinking that you guys should let them chase after their food did that they get to exercise and not lose their hunting abilities.

  97. scu11slayer says:

    Hey Brian when salt and pepper get to big are u sending them to ur friends alligator farm

  98. Stephanie James says:

    I love all your animals, they all have such personalities

  99. Dakota Heitman says:

    Omg the taco part made me crack so hard gosh big E you r hilarious love the channel keep it up guys

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