Is A Turtle Without A Shell NAKED or HOMELESS? | Dolan Life Mysteries

Is A Turtle Without A Shell NAKED or HOMELESS? | Dolan Life Mysteries

– From the largest bird that has ever lived
to questions about turtles and their shells, we answer several of your most burning-
– Yeah-yeah-yeah! You do the facts and I do the nonsense, we
get it. Let’s hurry this up people! I’ve got places to be! 10. I Love Old School Games – Is it possible to
be colorblind in only one eye? – Sure it is. I once got into a fist fight with some guy
after I told him his ears were too long and that he looked like a girl. He punched me so hard that he knocked one
of my eyes out. I couldn’t see any colors with it! Actually, I couldn’t see much at all. – Hellbent, that’s not colorblindness. Besides, you have both of your eyes. – Oh, I replaced the missing one. – Replaced!? How!? – *
– * – Melissa! I think I’m half colorblind! Colour blindness is genetic and affects the
color receptors in the retina and can only occur in both eyes. To be colorblind in just one eye would be
unusual and would likely be due to an acquired disorder of the optical nerve. 9. Tyr Daf – Why did photos and film used to
be in black and white? – To save money. In fact, I think Super Planet Dolan could
do with some cut-backs. From now on, only *I* get to be in colour! – *
– Ahhh, I can feel the money piling up. – Gosh, you’re right Hellbent. Hey, maybe we should cut-back on animation
too? – What do you mean? – *
– I still look fantastic. Don’t deny it. Originally the material needed to capture
an image on film was only sensitive enough to capture the amount of light but not its
colour. Colour photography was experimented with as
far back as the 1840s but colour film was not available on markets until the mid 1930s,
thanks to the development of kodachrome. 8. Red Gaming – Why did France give the statue
of liberty to the United States? – Oh France, you sly dogs. I see what you’re doing. Trying to set me up with your Lady Liberty,
huh? I gotcha! – *
– Well bonjour madame-moose-ell, I don’t usually go for larger women but I’m proud
to do my part for French-American relations! – *
– Er… No thanks. France wants no part of this. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the
French to commemorate the alliance of France and America during the American Revolution. Edouard de Laboulaye, who proposed the construction
of the monument, hoped that the French people would be inspired by the achievements of the
United states to create their own democracy. 7. Wardawn123 – What did people brush their teeth
with before toothpaste? – Back in the day, people weren’t so soft
and pathetic as they are now. They’d scrape their teeth clean with rocks
if they had to. Heck, it’s what I’ve been doing for years! Check out these pearly whites! – *
– *Melissa gags* Ohhh geez! Before the invention of the toothbrush, techniques
of cleaning one’s teeth have varied across cultures. The simplest of practises was rinsing your
mouth with water or rubbing your teeth with a piece of cloth. For tooth whitening, some people would rinse
their mouth with vinegar and salt. 6. Jasmine Iam – Would we feel pain if we didn’t
have nerves? – Ha! Pain is all in the mind, my friends. In fact, I’ve actually been training Dolan
to overcome pain using my own special form of acupuncture. Once you’re used to it, it’s very relaxing. How are you doing there, buddy? – *
– I have never been in more intense pain in my life. – Do you feel relaxed? – …What part of intense pain sounds relaxing
to you? – The part where you hand over a hundred bucks
to stop further “acupuncture sessions”! – *Dolan sighs*
– * – Hey wow! It worked! I feel very relaxed! The sensation of pain as we understand it
requires a nervous system. If we had no nerves we would feel no pain
but we would also not be able to control our bodies. There is however, a rare condition known as
congenital insensitivity to pain, which prevents a person from feeling physical pain. Experts believe this may be caused by irregular
brain behaviour. 5. Alexander Jennings – What was the largest
bird ever? – Probably Melissa’s mother. – Excuse me!? – Yeah I saw her the other day at the Zoo. She just kept squawking away about something
and trying to bite my fingers when I was trying to feed her peanuts. I hope the rest of your family aren’t like
that, Melissa. – Oh ha ha… Let me guess, your mother must have been the
world’s largest goat. What with those horns and all. – HEY – HEY! You watch your mouth! – *
– It’s ok, mom. You look great. – * The largest bird fossil belongs to the extinct
Elephant Birds of Madagascar. They grew up to 3 metres in height and weighed
500 kg. They sadly died out about 300 years ago. The largest bird that was capable of flight
was the Argentavis Magnificens, with a wingspan over 6 metres and a weight of 72 kg. 4. Panda123499 – What is Werewolf syndrome? – Well Melissa here suffers from bird syndrome,
it’s pretty similar. – Bird disease, actually. – Whatever. She was pecked by some diseased bird and then
became some kind of human-bird monster. – That is not what happened! – Werewolf syndrome is the same thing but
with wolves. So remember kids, always pack your silver
bullets, just in case some “human/animal hybrid” goes feral. Hypertrichosis, known as Werewolf syndrome,
is a condition which causes excessive hair growth on a person’s body. It is very rare but it can affect both men
and women. A person can either be born with Werewolf
syndrome or it can develop during their life and can be passed on through genetics. 3. Jesslyn Wijaya – If tears are salty, why don’t
they sting our eyes? – They do sting. It’s just that humans have gotten so used
to crying that they don’t feel it anymore. – You cry as babies when you don’t get your
milk. – You cry as teenagers when your parents don’t
get you the the new xbox. – You cry as adults when you realise you’ve
wasted your life. – You cry when you put the barrel in your
mou- – *
– Most bodily fluids contain a small amount of salt, including tears… Salt only begins to sting your eyes when concentrations
of it exceed the normal amount for your body. For example, if you were to swim in the sea,
you may find that your eyes being to sting as the concentration of salt in the sea is
higher than that in your tears. 2. Android Gamer 01 – If a turtle loses its shell,
is it naked or homeless? – Well let’s find out, shall we? I happened to find this little guy crawling
around Nixxiom’s house. – *
– Let’s crack off that shell and see what happens! – *
– Woah WOAH WOAH!!! Easy there buddy, let’s not do anything
hasty-AHAAA! – *
– GO ON PUNK, TAKE THE FIRST SHOT, LET’S TURN THIS SHOW INTO A PARTY! Turtles are physically incapable of separating
themselves from their shell. A turtle’s shell is a part of its skeleton,
consisting of both dermal and skeletal bone. Removing it would pull the poor creature’s
body apart. – *
– What was that!? Hellbent, are you ok? – *
– I’m fine. 1. Ultra umbreon – Who was the first female ruler
of a civilization? – Heh. Heh heh. Female rulers… – *
– OH COME ON! CAN’T A GUY MAKE A JOKE AROUND HERE?! The first known and confirmed female ruler
was Sobekneferu, reigning as pharaoh of Egypt from 1806 BC to 1802 BC. There is also the claim that a woman known
as Nitocris, ruled Egypt over four thousand years ago. Historians however are still sceptical as
they lack sufficient evidence of her existence. – *
– Are we done here? I need someone to give me a lift to the bar… – Hellbent!? What happened to your body? – The idiot bailed on me the second we were
separated! I don’t know where he’s got to. He better not be doing anything stupid! – *
– You know, without that big mouth, you’re actually a pretty charming guy…

Randy Schultz

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