Introducing the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 for PlayStation 4

Introducing the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 for PlayStation 4


Randy Schultz

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48 thoughts on “Introducing the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 for PlayStation 4

  1. David Mizen says:

    Got the 520s and was kinda disappointed but got use to them but these 600 look cool

  2. george christodoulou says:

    I was considering the 700 premium. Which is better ?

  3. xxnike629xx says:

    This looks awesome.
    Is it compatible for certain with PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro?
    Does it have a 3.5 mm headphone port so I can use it with my desktop?
    How do these compare with the official, Platinum Wireless headset?

    Currently I have a Gold Wireless Headset and I got the crack on the headband part and one side now snapped where the plastic connects to the ear cup.
    So for now, I have it taped up using Gorilla Tape.
    It works and it holds fine.
    But I think it's just unsightly and I really have been thinking about replacing my headset for PS4 gaming.
    I've had this for a few years now.

  4. Saime Acar says:

    Cool heatset👍

  5. Fugasnaya says:

    In the product description it lists the 4 audio presets, but do these have Game/Movie/Music/Stereo mode as well? I have the 520s and have used them for hours each day since they came out, I use all those different modes but these look like they might fit my large head better with the rod design.

  6. PowerCert Animated Videos says:

    Dr. DisRespect's new headset.

  7. HalaalMuslim says:

    Definitely getting this later today

  8. Wampa Stompa1996 says:

    I'm definitely getting this headset. It's not too expensive either thank god. My old one finally croaked. I mean it won't even work anymore, I can't hear game audio from it or anything except for my voice. It also makes this annoying buzzing sound

  9. Trey_Dizzle says:

    does it work on PC?

  10. oobert _ says:

    I saw these at Best buy for $100 and ive been waiting for a vid on em

  11. Isaac TUT says:

    I'm Getting These . Currently I Have The Stealth 400

  12. John Dooney says:

    Help! What audio output settings are correct for this headset on ps4?

  13. Mcwuvin says:

    Got them

  14. Echo One says:

    So are they better than 500s?

  15. Montadar Almasseri says:

    Does it have 7.1 ?

  16. RobinMaes2300 says:

    Please anyone help: is there really not a single way I can ajust the chat audio independent from the game audio with this headset? I cannot believe it but I've been searching for hours now… Can't hear my friends when i shoot a single bullet or any CPU starts talking.

  17. Nicola Basile says:

    is better this or sony 2.0?

  18. Spurgeoaguero says:

    Don't bother they are totally rubbish, bought direct thought they were defective, returned them (customer service like dealing with a kindergarten) got a second pair, equally rubbish.  If you are judging these by the video you will be VERY VERY disappointed

  19. Kevin Chau says:

    Will it work with PS3 as well?

  20. BinFameHabAim says:

    I hear myself pls help me

  21. Bale Boyka says:

    Whats the name of this song track

  22. Bale Boyka says:

    I highly suggest to get the hyperx headset it work on anything you want

  23. Duforêt Romain says:

    Which is the best between the 600 and the 520 ??

  24. Wakane says:

    I've checked the web, it never mentions the tech behind the "virtual surround". "Turtle Beach surround" doesn't cut it for me.

    So does it actually receive multi channels through the USB or jus stereo when producing the 2.0 virtual surround?

    Stealth 700 clearly states its using DTS:X (thus getting 7.1 multi channel, assuming the game supports it, then outputing 2.0 virtual surround)

  25. Jh Hj says:

    but does it have 2 separate knobs, one for voice chat and another for game audio?

  26. MikeVids says:

    I cant control my chat and game volume that goes with one button instead of two

  27. Mads Winther says:

    I already have these (or, I Got Them yesterday) and I’ve used Them on My ps4 but Can u use Them on iPad?

  28. Jeremy Marks says:

    I can’t figure out how to use these lol

  29. JC-S DISCIPLE says:

    Just returned my second pair and theirs a static noise when the mic is unmuted.. Really disappointed in Turtle beach for this anyone know how to fix the buzzing sound on the mic

  30. Anthony Diaz says:

    Yes ' beautiful everything again ☺ what is the song Track !!

  31. Pj Shade says:

    What the game at 0:51

  32. JJBREEZE says:

    Okay I got this headset as a gift and I’m in the party chat where my friends hear me but I can’t hear them I returned them thinking it was something wrong got another pair and it does the same thing I’m confused can someone help me I even called turtle beach themselves and they were really no help

  33. Daddy80sCool says:

    Max volume is really low. Disappointing.

  34. 671JH says:

    What is the game at 0:36??

  35. Abel says:

    what kind of music is this?

  36. ßeyonder says:

    How cna i pair this device to an iphone, ipad or ipod??? none of these detect this headset, help please!

  37. Bale Boyka says:

    Song track?

  38. MRWHITE3535 says:

    I just got a set of these and are very disappointed in them the volume is way too quiet and the mic monitoring is practically non-existent yes I have both wheels turned up and I have updated the firmware looks like I'm going to return them and get something else

  39. I.T.S says:

    what game is that at 0:52, also could these replace my Elite 800

  40. aman dad says:

    Best headphones ever

  41. Easypickens says:

    But does it connect with optical?

  42. God Of The Beast says:

    I refurbished this headset and its pretty cool. One thing i dont like this is about volume

  43. Derrick W says:

    Just picked them up for $85 fuckin sleal haha ive never owned a headset for gaming, curious to see if it will help on COD

  44. rain Patterson says:

    Can any turtle Beach stealth transmitter work with any of the stealth 600 headset so that if broken can I replace it?

  45. LesHeadBoy says:

    Can i use this for my psvr headset ?

  46. Abdullah Ashour says:

    How big are the speaker them self

  47. Icy Ketchup says:

    It wont charge for me

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