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  1. Brian Barczyk says:

    TONIGHT at 5PM we have a PODCAST with the entire family! We have a lot to share! So please join us 5PM EST!! Thank you! Brian

  2. SourRudy says:

    this video was so good, super entertaining transitions

  3. Nadir Guliyev says:

    Lol first time I see his wife not being mad at him 😀

  4. happyfeet 3 says:

    I thought he said Eric has cornavirus

  5. john rosciolo says:

    Looks so much fun brian! Hope you guys are having a amazing time

  6. Brandon Lankford97 says:

    Steve Irwin would either kick your sons ass or die from laughter idk bout bear though

  7. Ryan C says:

    Brian I'm happy that you had good trip.
    I can't wait to see what you add to the Reptarium.
    I also want say sorry for your loss of your great friend Forrest.

  8. Jake Darnell says:

    Okay! I think Noah should do a 24 hour challenge with Ivy! Who’s with me

  9. Lucretia Wallace says:

    Mary, You're GORGEOUS! <3 <3

  10. Roger says:

    😁 loved ths vid Brian n Jay theres so much on it to just ?ike one part that its all good thanks. have a great day !!!

  11. JG32 says:

    When you get back, show us Verdi. I know you love Ivy, but Verdi is your first anaconda.

  12. Thomas Vetor says:

    U both should enjoy yr vacation , off camera n utube …

  13. The Kerbalist says:

    Why Is the pond so bubbly?

  14. The Kerbalist says:

    Why Is the pond so bubbly?

  15. LongRodVonhugeNdong says:

    Lol noahs on some extra shit today 😄

  16. La Lady De Serpentine says:

    Has everyone heard about Forrest?!. Omg rest in peace Forrest 😭

  17. Bbad14 says:

    If they didn't use human heads then how did the myans make rubber for the 8 lb rubber ball I think her theory is more believable.

  18. Nikolai Andersen says:

    Have a nice day everyone

  19. ID Indiana Davis says:

    MARY, where did you get your earrings????

  20. Thomas Vetor says:

    Crazy Goofball Noah !!

  21. Thomas Vetor says:

    U all r fun n crazy , is why all, yr watchers, love ya …

  22. Pablo Ortiz says:

    One of the best vlogs, from the music to obviously the content!! You should link the music you use on the description.

  23. shayla johnson says:

    Can we get an animal room tour or showing Bruce and Jessica’s animals as well?

  24. Amanda Z says:

    I'm soooo glad you guys are back, but I hope you had enough time to catch that breather. I can only imagine how badly you needed it. Once the Reptarium is completely up and running, you and Lori should take a nice long trip ❤🐍🐍❤

  25. Brandon Noriega says:

    More slightly lit up Bryan 2020!!!!!!

  26. Gaming DJ B says:

    You look to young to be married

  27. Nova Del Fuego says:

    only brian would vlog while hes supposed to be having a break from work 😂

  28. jane british snek licker ! says:

    Brian im a little drunk ^ I so wana tell u iv never come across a bloke like you I fancy u big-time that wil never change ! Wow is all i can describe u children, hot pants & drunk people tell the truth lol I don't drink as a rule coffee freak me x

  29. Chris s says:

    Lori on the way back; he's snuggling something in his butt. Best joke ever!

  30. Dee H. says:

    Nice tan, Brian!

  31. Pewdiepie Fan says:

    Not hating but has anyone else while whatching had the thought that almost all the reptiles at bhb are sex slaves?

  32. Danielle McCullers says:

    Very nice vlog, Brian. I just saw Brian Kusko's tribute to Forrest Fanning. I'm absolutely shocked to hear about his passing. Forrest was definitely an asset to wildlife and reptile conservation. I'm so sorry about his passing. I knew he was a good friend of yours, Brian. My sincere heartfelt condolences to you. What happened to Forrest? If you can mention something about it in your next vlog, maybe in a tribute, that'll be nice. Much love to you, Lori and the crew.😔❤️

  33. Jonpaul Russell says:

    Hi Brian I got a caramel corn snake a little bit scared of holding him how can I get used to holding him I let him slide through my fingers and he’s a little bit heady shy

  34. Deuce Willett says:

    I rarely comment but I find the croc Hunter bit alittle disrespectful to Steve Irwin

  35. Chey storey says:

    Just watched the vat 19 collab!! It was awesome!!

  36. Niels Lotterjouk says:

    where is the link to the mexican tour guide guys?

  37. Emma Parker says:

    Mary is glowing, so beautiful.

  38. Antônio R. Pinto says:

    Excellent episode. People seem more relaxed just with Jay on camera. Putting Brian back together by taking takes alone will be great.

  39. La Araña says:

    Has un canal en español!😃

  40. Lisa Tomsky says:

    eric and mary made there house Aaaaaaa mazing!So Cool mary looks so pretty with her home look !

  41. Clare Williams says:

    Honestly Mary is ALWAYS smiling I love you girl never stop shining! ❤️

  42. Youknowthevibez _YT says:

    I feel like you and Laura got somthing going on

  43. Bea Butcher says:

    Great to see you Guys taking a break.Fab to see you Eric and Mary like this!, you Guys are great👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻🇬🇧

  44. VTeR1 says:

    Thank you!!!! This is good content! Love the crew their all awesome! Feel free if you have really busy days just give the camera or camera guy haha to the crew like you usually do. That’s much better than old content in my opinion and content with NERD. Hope you and Lori are having a good time!

  45. Judith Youngquist says:

    Awesome Brian! Thank you so much for taking us with you!!

  46. Michelle Morningstar says:

    what an epic vlog this was amazing along with ERic place then mexico so sweet thanks so much wow your back already hope you have a great time thanks

  47. Hannah Martin says:

    I love seeing Mary in videos. She has such a kind and beautiful smile.

  48. Just Austin says:

    6:17 was just too cringe so I skipped 70 seconds.

  49. wrang says:

    Very nice to have people to show you around the place, those Mayan ruins are absoulutly stunning…. Also really like to see Eric's things, never seen his 'collection'……

  50. MarxzHD says:

    Brian, they did used to use human heads when the tribes would sacrifice poeple

  51. Twisted says:

    i l ove the crazyness of this episode

  52. Greg Stevens says:

    Mary is Beautiful! She looks so nice with her hair down. You guys are awesome!

  53. Zarenna Angel says:

    Oy vey! Noah loose in Ivy's cage. Smh! Beautiful tour as well Brian! Try some street tacos while you guys are there.

  54. JenJenMusicLver says:

    It was so good to see you in a pool relaxing Brian I've never seen you stop lol

  55. JenJenMusicLver says:

    Mary you look so pretty x

  56. JenJenMusicLver says:

    So good to see Lori so happy and relaxed you deserve it Lori you're amazing xx 😘

  57. Val G says:

    I'm from Mexico

  58. Joe Joe says:

    Those guys= ripped

  59. Jake Genocide says:

    Are you going to work with crocodile skinks in the future? I was hoping to get your thoughts on them and how you would set up an enclosure for them

  60. Mike C says:

    So, that means spending less money on thse nice shoes that you wear?lol

  61. BuG Eyes says:

    Lol at the symphony music and Eric saying " what the hell you doing here."

  62. Jamie Breez says:

    My favorite highlights: 1)The whole video!!!!2) Lori all happy, having fun w/ Brian 3) Mary glowing beautifully! 4)"IN THE WA TAH"Noah might need to work on that accent tiny bit! 5)Eric being very MAT TURE! A 1st,wow, didn't know he had it in him, classical music im not buying that! 5) Brian back but still in full Vacation mode (the tan & the 5 o'clock shadow) but on the trip it was funny to see him kinda turn into little kid playing with Lori & the snakes!!! Thank you editor or camera guy for a fresh fun video! Someday I'm going to get off this island & come to Michigan for my vacation!!! You guys are great for showing people some good shit about how to live and work and play hard. Can't wait for the 13th!

  63. J T says:

    Noah needs to find another career. He’s annoying and does not help this channel what so ever. He’s just about the clout

  64. Paul Elguera says:

    Eric really needs to make a YouTube channel!!!!!!

  65. Angel Smith says:

    Eric has my dream emerald tree boa

  66. Christine Carver says:

    You and Lori’s relationship is something to be proud of❤️ good luck at the grand opening! What everyday from Kansas.

  67. Emma Blanchette says:

    Hi I’m Emma and in 10 well I’ll be 11 March 14, next week. I’m very interested in snakes and my favorite is lucy. I have a interesting question I’ve been wondering for a while now, if u didn’t have snakes and they weren’t in your life what do u think you’d be doing?

  68. jonikq says:

    Love your videos Brian! And your crew is so awesome! I hope I'll be able to see your reptile zoo and meet you all in person one day. But there is one thing a wanted to ask. Is that possible to for the Noah to make videos just for his own channel? I mean at least untill he'll be mature enough to stop doing those strage-awkward things? No offense of course. I know he's your son and stuff like, that but honestly, when does this wierd shit like this with the anaconda, or talk like he is half stoned half on meth wiggling his arms around all the time, it's really embarrassing to watch. I hope you won't ban me, I tried to be as constructive as possible but I know it's a hard question no matter how gently you try to ask it…

  69. Stephanie Smith says:

    Mexico looks amazing Brian & Lori 🥂🥂🥂🥂

  70. Deborah Alvey says:

    I'm glad you and lori were able to get away and enjoy some of the history and historic monuments in Mexico. It was awesome seeing Eric and Mary's collection of animals. Mary's hair look beautiful down. Noah was extra silly talking about ivy. This vlog was a nice change of pace.

  71. Spencer McGall says:

    Hey I just found a garder snake in my house (I like in New England). I don't really wanna let him outside due to the fact that we are still in for some cold weather. I was hoping to keep it in my class room (science teacher) I do have a 10 gal tank for now, he is a little guy, I was wondering what kind of substrate I should look at getting him and what kind of food is best? Or should I just find a spot to release him. (I say he like I know the sex…) Ideas?

  72. todd moore says:

    Awesome video! Mexico is beautiful, as well as Mary and Eric's collection of creatures. The crew are great and you and Lori having fun in Mexico is really wonderful stuff. Noah was, well, I could have done without that part. But overall a very good watch!

  73. Jay Robles says:

    I liked how Mary's hair turned out. Always in a bun it's nice to show beauty

  74. Tricia Abrams says:

    You look a lot better! You were really tired looking! Usually I need a vacation after my vacation! Glad you and Lori had a great time!

  75. Jay Robles says:

    Mexico looks beautiful

  76. Tracy Bagwell says:

    I want all the colors of tree boas.

  77. Nathan Estrada says:

    The people who disliked are just jelly

  78. MiLaws says:

    Viva 🇲🇽!

  79. MiLaws says:

    I love you Jess! I’m coming to Michigan to sweep you off your feet.

  80. Tracy Bagwell says:

    I omg Noah!!! That was actually cool. As acting goes. Sure hect is funny.

  81. Bear In A Dan Suit says:

    That Steve grills but was lame. Barely funny

  82. Tracy Bagwell says:

    Thanks Brian, I will call those guys. As along they can keep up .

  83. Tracy Bagwell says:

    Are you trying to grow a beard or your still to tired to shave?

  84. TheHookBoy says:

    Hmm, good thing you don’t have stingrays.

  85. indigogoldfish says:

    Brian leaves…Noah literally goes wild on us all

  86. Chris F. says:

    I really wish the anaconda tried to snap at Noah ( not bite but scare him lol ) I love watching him go from Mr. tough guy to just scared shitless screaming “dad dad dad dad” Dad Ain’t here to save you today kiddo haha 🤣

  87. Julie Berlier says:

    I'm so happy you have a great staff, and you're able to take this time off!
    I hope to see some of the tropical and Mayan influence when you return to decorate the zoo!

  88. Karla Peterson says:

    Great video. What a gorgeous view! Noah is hilarious. Mary and Eric have an awesome collection. And…..Lori's arms are amazing!!! 🏋️‍♂️🐍

  89. Rick Gottshall says:

    Noah, sorry buddy. Your acting needs a ton of work.Lol. Just my thoughts. lol

  90. Olivia Bohall says:

    Oml Noah is so stupid 😂😂😂 I’m dieing. Love you guys watch everyday

  91. Margaret Walton says:

    So glad you enjoyed your vacation, you both deserved it. When are you gonna open your mail? I sent you and Lori a little something. ☺️

  92. Spiritual Amethyst says:

    What was that accent, Noah 😂😂😂

  93. Jessica Bradley says:

    I have to say wish I could be there on the 13. U guys open the day before my bday XD

  94. 1softkiss says:

    Incredible mix of topics in this video Brian and great to see you and Lopri enjoying your trip it's long overdue my friends and love Mary and her hubby tons 🙂 Really cute skit with Noah and the Anaconda :o)

  95. Gerardo Zwieger says:

    Hey Brian, you should try visit Ik Kil and Calakmul. You'll love it

  96. Lauren Hall says:

    Mary is so pretty!

  97. Gay Skelton says:

    I love when Eric mentions Mary he'll say "my beautiful wife" before saying her name❤❤ There's not enough men who do such a thing when mentioning their own lady, although they should, at least from time to time. Even if the woman has self confidence, calling her beautiful when you mention her helps give that confidence a boost.

  98. Jack Mehoff says:

    Noah is so dumb, he's bout as funny as dogs dying. If not for his dad no one would like him. Even is schtick is stolen from Eric, but Eric's actually funny. Noah reminds me of the kid we all knew who tried to hard to fit in. When it came down to it tho he just wasn't funny n wasn't cool.

  99. Gay Skelton says:

    Also, I hope you and Lori have enjoyed your trip, and have a safe trip back home!❤❤ That area of Mexico looks sooo beautiful, another place added to my lists of places I'd like to visit but won't ever get too, lol. I can't stop laughing at Noah's little clip with Ivy though😂😂

  100. Hoptoit says:

    What's with the bad english Cockney accent Noah 😂

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