Insane Man Who Lived With A Crocodile (Emotional Animated Story)

Insane Man Who Lived With A Crocodile (Emotional Animated Story)

Late one afternoon in Costa Rica a farmer
discovered a large crocodile near the watering hole used by his cattle. Fearing for the safety of his livestock, the
farmer shot the crocodile through the left eye, leaving the crocodile to die of his wounds. Swimming away from the site of his shooting,
the exhausted and mortally wounded crocodile clambered ashore and lay on the cold mud,
preparing to die. Then, suddenly, a local man named Chito stumbled
across the dying beast. Wary at first, Chito saw that this crocodile
was in bad shape- it hardly reacted to his presence and was a very skinny 150 pounds
(69 kg). Without hesitation, Chito contacted several
of his friends and convinced them to help him load the injured animal into a boat to
transport it to Chito’s home several miles away. For six months Chito hand fed the injured
crocodile- now named Pocho- chicken, fish, and even medicine to help bring back the large
beast from the brink of death. To encourage the five meter long crocodile
to eat, Chito even took bites of the same food he was feeding Pocho and pretended to
chew it, then fed it to Pocho by hand. Chito was feeding Pocho and tending to his
wounds, but deep down he felt that this wasn’t enough, that Pocho needed more. As the weeks passed Chito began to make physical
contact with the giant crocodile, at first petting him but then eventually giving the
croc kisses and even hugging it. Pocho reacted to the affection, quickly making
a full recovery from a wound that should have been fatal. As Chito would go on to say, “Food wasn’t
enough. The crocodile needed my love to regain the
will to live.” For months Chito kept Pocho a secret from
local authorities and hid his presence by caring for the crocodile in a remote pond
hidden deep in the Costa Rican jungle. Eventually though the authorities discovered
the strange relationship, but rather than try to separate the two they issued Chito
special permits to keep caring for the croc and allowed him to do so on condition that
an official veterinarian monitor Pocho’s health. Also, Pocho would have to eventually be released
back to the wild, something Chito agreed to despite his growing affection and deep bond
with the crocodile. Chito dedicated the bulk of his life to Pocho’s
recovery, even going so far as to sneak out at night and go to the pond that was Pocho’s
home. There he would swim with the giant croc in
the pitch dark, cuddling with the animal and napping alongside his prehistoric companion. When he snuck back home early in the morning
he would explain to his wife that he’d been drinking with friends and fallen into the
water. As Chito’s night time excursions mounted though
his wife became deeply suspicious of just how many times he seemed to ‘accidentally’
fall into random ponds or the river. At last she had enough and divorced Chito,
claiming that he spent more time with the crocodile then with his family. She wasn’t wrong either, as by now Chito spent
nearly every waking moment with Pocho and sometimes slept with the animal until late
in the morning. Chito would later say of his divorce, “Another
wife I could get. Pocho was one in a million.” Chito was probably right, as there have never
been any recorded accounts of humans living with a crocodile as intimately as Pocho and
Chito’s relationship. The two were a fully bonded pair by now, and
despite having the power to easily devour Chito and rend him limb from limb, Pocho displayed
an incredible tenderness with Chito, and even allowed Chito to lay on him and ride him through
the water. Yet to observers it was obvious that Pocho
wasn’t just putting up with Chito’s antics, he was actively enjoying them. Eventually however the day came for Pocho
to return to the wild, and with a reluctant heart Chito led Pocho to a local river and
shooed the massive beast away. Brokenhearted, Chito turned his back on Pocho
and the magical relationship the two had formed, knowing that in the end Pocho would be happier
in the wild than in the small pond he’d been living in since his injury. Yet the next morning as Chito awoke, he was
shocked to discover Pocho asleep outside his doorstep- the big croc had somehow managed
to track Chito for miles through the jungle all the way back to his home! More than that, it was obvious that Pocho
had made a decision- he wanted to be near Chito, not alone and living in the wild. The bond between the two was firmly cemented,
and from that day on the duo was completely inseparable, with Pocho taking up residence
in the water right outside Chito’s home. In July of 2000 word of Pocho and Chito’s
relationship spread across Costa Rica and Costa Rica’s Channel 7 aired a special showcasing
the unusual pair. The duo became instant stars, and visitors
and scientists from around the world traveled to observe and study their relationship. The two even put on their own act every Sunday
afternoon in an artificial lake at Finca Las Tilapias, drawing packed clouds who couldn’t
believe a man could not just swim with a crocodile, but cuddle it, ride it, and even hand-feed
it without being devoured! Scientists took the opportunity to study this
incredible relationship, and Pocho and Chito made modern biologists rethink their assumptions
on the behavior and characteristics of an animal that was for millenia seen as nothing
more than a cold-blooded killer. Reptiles have long been thought to not be
particularly nurturing or caring animals, and certainly nobody ever thought that a reptile
was capable of developing as deep a bond and relationship with the member of another species
as say, a dog or cat was capable of. Our own mammalian bias has for a long time
cast reptiles off as uncaring, as emotionally distant and cold as their blood, but Pocho
was living proof that crocodiles could not just form deep emotional bonds with people,
but actually choose that bond over their own freedom. All the while Pocho and Chito’s relationship
blossomed, Chito knew that crocodiles are capable of living for an extremely long time,
sometimes upwards of a century or more. Chito on the other hand was already in his
50s, and in all likelihood Pocho would outlive him. In this case Chito did not want Pocho to live
alone, and though he didn’t doubt Pocho’s ability to live in the wild, the thought of
his best friend living a lonely life was enough to break his heart. Therefore Chito began to train his young daughter
on how to handle Pocho, gradually acclimating her and Pocho to each other and preparing
her to eventually be Pocho’s caretaker after Chito’s death, something she looked forward
to eagerly. Then, tragedy struck. One morning Chito woke up and strolled outside
to greet his best friend, but Pocho was nowhere to be seen. Chito checked the water around his home but
couldn’t find him there either. Walking to the river where the two frequently
played in, he spotted Pocho’s large figure hidden deep in the bushes. Rushing to his best friend, Chito was dismayed
to discover Pocho dead of natural causes. A relatively young crocodile, Pocho should
have lived for decades more, yet ultimately it’s thought that he likely succumbed to the
injuries he suffered nearly twenty years ago. Whatever the cause, Pocho seemed to have known
that his death was close, and maybe it was instinct, but maybe it was the desire to not
have his best friend have his heart broken that led Pocho to try and hide in his final
moments. Given the extraordinary relationship between
the two, science now has to consider the possibility that this five meter long crocodile did just
that in order to spare his human friend the pain of finding him dead. Will you ever look at crocodiles the same
way again? All are animals capable of these deep emotional
bonds, or was Pocho somehow unique? If you found this video interesting, make
sure you check out our other video: Somebody Is Watching You Right Now! As Always, don’t forget to like share and

Randy Schultz

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